10 Benefits of setting goals in life

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Goal setting is important for students, organization and freelancers or for anyone. I think goals are the only method that make us serious for our work and duties. Goals setting help for personal development and in handling tough situation in business and in life.

Following are the benefits of setting goals in life

  1. Improvement in self-confidence:- The first benefits of setting goals in life is that it will improve your self confidence. Yes, goals setting improve your self-confidence because while you’re setting goals it looks real and achievable. You start feeling positive about yourself. For example if you set your goals to earn 100000 monthly then it looks possible after you set each step on paper or excel sheet to achieve this goal. Because on paper your goals are achievable but if don’t do the action to achieve your goals it will makes you tensioned and stressful. So, if you want to get confidence back, set goals and follow the guidelines and steps. It’s time to do actions.
  2. You do start focusing on actions: – You can’t achieve your all drams and goals without actions. On the paper life goals looks achievable and reality. I often feel my future in present and it increase the speed of thinking and I start acting on my goals immediately. Immediate actions are the results of clear vision. That’s the another benefits of setting goals in life.
  3. Clarity in vision: – A truck driver knows where they have to deliver the carriage if not then time is waste on to embark possible destination. So, we’re like a driver, life is our truck, dreams or written document of goals are our carriage and results are our destination. We embark our destination when we are writing goals. We need to fuel our truck to drive to the destination. Same we need confidence and focus in our life to achieve goals. A driver can drive faster if the vision is clear and driver knows where they have to go. Goals make our vision clear. We start doing hard work in the right direction with the hope of great results.
  4. Speed in thinking: – Our brain thinks fast towards goals. We start thinking to improve speed our actions. We think to reach the destination faster. On the highway we drive fast and on the tough road we are slow. Yes, in the beginning we’re slow to achieve goals but later we start moving towards our goals faster. Speed is important to reach goals within time. Because client accept delivery of carriage on time. Speed in thinking develop your personality and it is great for personal development. 
  5. We do enjoy the journey of goals: We do efforts to achieve goals with enjoyment. We feel happiness. Enjoy the process to achieve the goals. Goals setting allow us to be happy to achieve me. A truck driver often listening songs while they are driving. They are singing, playing and enjoying every moment to reach destination. We do similar after setting goals.
  6. Goal makes us disciplined: – Generally this is first thing to require achieving goals. Discipline is a practice to follow rules. We set up the rules in our goals e.g. 1 hour for exercise, 1 hour for reading etc. are the rules. The goals and rules can be different to each of us. But we all have required discipline and practice to achieve goals.
  7. We can’t waste time: – Without goals we don’t know what the value of our time is. Because we’re always thinking about our goals and rules that we need to follow daily and hourly. And it’s our duty and responsibility that we use every minute of our time to achieve goals. So, we stopped wasting time. If we want to reach destination quickly then we do not care about less important things. We have fixed time only 365 days in this year. And we have to achieve our dreams with peace of mind.
  8. Peace of mind: – It is one of the best benefits of goal setting. It is a satisfaction at end of the day. We use and manage our precious time. And proper time management improves our productivity. And by seeing the productivity makes us happy. Happiness is resource of peace of mind.
  9. You do focus on present: – You do focus on present: – After setting goals we know what will be our future. By knowing this we can focus on present and do hard work required to achieve goals. The more we focused on our present actions the great our future will be.
  10. Acting on intuition: – We do believe in own after setting goals. We become follower of our own intuition. Only goals motivate us to be your own follower instead of following 1000 people on twitter. Follow the great ones, and you’re one of those. May be you don’t know now about your greatness after you achieve your goals. Etc.


I think after reading the 10 benefits of setting goals in life you definitely serious for your dreams. Goals are so much important. Here is another post about importance of setting goals in life.

That’s all but don’t just focus more on benefits of goal setting. The benefits will come after your consistent practice. If you want to experience the power of goal setting, try to set goals for today. And stick to it and see the results at the end of the day.

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