10 things you should do when hire someone to build a Website

awsome tips to hire somone to build your website

Learn how to hire someone to build a website. What are the smartest things you can do when hiring someone to create a website for your business? How much you need to pay $50 or $300, learn everything from business idea to domain booking, hosting to the theme, content optimization to search engine indexing everything you will learn in this article.

1. Clarity about what you want to showcase to your customers

It’s beneficial if you’re clear about what type of website you want to build. It’s because there is a personal website such as portfolio website, business website, blogging website, e-commerce website, search engine website, social networking website, directory websites and application website. And also there are dynamic and static websites.

So it’s like if you want to build a home then you have to be clear what type of home you want to build, what type of design and style you’re looking for. For example, you can’t say that build a home for a lawyer or build a home for a doctor that is not specific yet, might be in future.

But in website building industry everything is targeted and based on requirement, specific style. Such as an e-commerce website need a payment gateway to receive payment. While blogging website needs subscription box so such things can be different based on the website.

So, the best method is to be clear and specific about what type of website you’re looking for, what you want to showcase. For that, you can search on Google for similar websites that are already running. You can search WordPress theme that is already designed specifically to a particular niche.

Things you can do: – Make a list of samples, make a list of things that you want on your website and create a list of option and functionality. After that create or post a job or proper steps when you hire a website designer.

Here is an example for you when you’re looking to hire a website designer:

Hi, I am looking for a website designer that can make responsive and professional looking website for my tour and travel business. I want to showcase tour packages, tour destination, and tour itinerary and booking form. I need a complete website from scratch even I need to buy domain and hosting.

I have few samples that I will showcase to you. If you’re ready please showcase your previous work with other travelers or similar websites you may have worked on.

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2. Price / Payment Details /Cost of building a website

If you buy Domain, Hosting packages from your own or want to host the website on your own server and you already have purchased theme and content + images than the cost of hiring website designer or web design agency less than hiring to build a website from scratch.

In this case, you only need to hire a website designer or WordPress developer to install the theme and demo content as it is looking on marketplace website. After that you want them to replace the demo content with your original website content.

Now website designer or WordPress expert only charge hourly, especially then if you post this job on Freelancing websites. Else tough to track the time. Or you can hire website designer on a fixed price.

Things you can do:

  • You can hire a website designer to build your website by posting jobs on freelancing website.
  • You can buy a domain, hosting and theme in advance even you can build a website on your own.
  • You can compare the cost and features between Website Builder versus hiring a website designer.
  • You can compare the prices and cost of building website.
  • Create guidelines for quality and do not compromise on it.

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3. Domain Booking

To build a business website or personal website or blogging website you need to buy the domain. So when you hire someone to build a website for you, then ask to buy the domain with your email id, name, and address. It’s because you have to be the owner of this domain. I saw that many website design agency buy domain or book domains on their agency name.

The problem will be when you want to change the agency when you want to change the host and if you will get any kind web design support problem then it’s tough to move to another agency.

Even in future, you want to sell, or you will become popular then everything is controlled by web design agency. That’s great in some cases.

But I recommended that buy domain with your own name and email ID. Do not give control of your website to others so that they can use you and your money.

4. Website Hosting

Website hosting is another step that is important to consider. After purchasing the domain, you need to host it on third 2nd party or third party server. Some website design agency provides complete packages including hosting and custom website designs. Website design agency has already purchased hosting plans. Most VPS hosting, Shared hosting etc. so they can place your domain or website there.

Things you can do:

  • If you want to reduce the cost then you can host your domain and website on the web design agency server.
  • The most web design agency has shared hosting plans they already purchased from a main hosting services provider. Now they wholesale hosting to clients in less rate. It’s because Shared hosting means you can host as many websites. Some agency has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage plan. So it’s a good idea to host the website on their server.
  • The benefits of hosting a website on web design agencies own that it will reduce the cost. They will manage and maintain the hosting. You can discuss these things.
  • I recommended you that if you’re building e-commerce website then its good that you have your separate hosting plan. And if you think that website Design Company is reliable and have very good customer support then you can use their plans.
  • Also, compare the hosting prices and features on excel sheet.

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5. WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are pre-designed websites templates. I have to say that they are a complete website for specific people. Almost all kinds of WordPress themes are available nowadays. Such as if you have travel business then you can buy travel theme. If you have a consulting business then you can buy consulting themes.

The problem is when you need custom option and functionality that does not exist in the theme and also when things are not looking as same as it is in the demo. There are also free WordPress Themes that you can use but they are not that much professional.

So what you can do

  • You can buy the theme by your own name and email ID. It will only cost $40 to $200.
  • Make sure that you activate the theme after installation to get automatic updates.
  • Always buy most updated functionality and designed themes.
  • Also, check and read support services before purchasing the theme.
  • Also, check that how many people already purchased the theme.
  • Also, check latest updates and bug fixes.
  • If you’re hiring website designer or web design agency to buy a theme for you then make sure that it is activated and you’re the owner of the theme not a web design agency.
  • Some website design agencies or website designer charge you for premium themes. They already have premium themes or themes with multiple themes licenses so make sure they are not producing you 2nd hand theme with premium prices or duplicate. This is possible, one theme without activation and license you can install or build as many websites. But that is not good practice if someone does not have multiple website licensees from the theme provider.

6. Plugins and theme have to be up to date

When you hire a website designer or anyone or doing it on your own, remember that the plugins used with themes are genuine and updated. And you need to keep checking that for new updates.

The plugin you use such as Yoast SEO plugin, captcha plugin, antivirus plugin, visual composer etc. have to up to date.

7. Place Search Engine Optimized content in your website

Search engine optimized content means that you will get visitors to your new or old website from search engines. In this case, you need to place keywords in between your content; you need to use keywords in the image, alt tags, categories and h1, h2 headings. So that for example, when people search “flower shop with the home delivery option”, your website display in search results. Now you need to use “flower shop with home delivery option” within your main content or home page.

You can create SEO friendly content on your own and you can also ask this for web designer or web design agency to optimize my content. Might be they charge for it. It’s depending on their or your selected plan.

But it’s really important before submitting websites to search engine that you optimize content with keywords your customer or readers are searching. So Google, Bing, Yahoo will rank it higher and will send more traffic or customer to your website.

Things you can do:

  • You can use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords.
  • You can discuss search engine optimized content with your designer or web design agency.
  • Make sure that the content on your website is unique and professional.
  • Some website design agency just copies paste or rewrites the content and then place it on your website. So be careful about black hat SEO content practices.

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8. Website Speed Test

High-speed loading websites rank higher on Google and other search engines. It can be around 3 to 5 seconds minimum. So make sure that you discuss the website speed with website designer or design agency before hiring or before giving them final payments.

What you can do:

  • You can use Google website speed test, Search Results, Pingdom Website Speed Test, GTmetrix Website Speed and Performance Optimization to check the speed and quality of your websites.
  • Some web design agency promises high-speed websites, but you need to check that by your own.
  • The speed of a website is depending on the theme codes, plugins, and images.
  • You can also use plugins to speed up your website.

9. The website is responsive or not

Website responsiveness means it will be customer friendly no matter what device or browser they use to open your website. For example your call to action in desktop get high CTR but in mobile the CTR (Click through Rate) is lower, images on tablet loading faster but slow to load in mobile, the layout need to scroll to right in mobile to read complete sentence etc. in these all cases the website is not responsive.

What you can do:

  • You can test your website responsiveness on Mobile-Friendly Test – Google Search Console. You can open your website on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop with a different web browser and then notice the problem. You can also test your website on screenfly
  • Most of the people now days use mobile as you too so that your website needs to be customer friendly.
  • Also, test and notice the things on your competitor’s websites.

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10. Search Engine Indexing with your own ownership

When your website is complete it’s time to tell the search engine about it. To communicate about your website with search engines you can Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools to index the website on these most popular search engines.  When you index the website to Google and Bing than Google and Bing crawler searches and visit your website and then it will rank for keywords your customers are searching.

What you can do:

  • You need to verify your ownership with your own email id. For that, you need to paste HTML file to your Cpanel. For more details follow the Google webmaster tools
  • You also need to submit the sitemap.xml file to search engine.
  • Also, you need to test your roboto.txt file that it is indexing or gates of your website are open for search engine crawlers.
  • To get visitors data and your website analytics you need to paste the Google Analytics code in the footer of your website.

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So, I think I covered all possible things and doubts. If you got any doubts and suggestions then please ask or comment.

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