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Career Development Training | IT Consultancy Company | Leading Technical Training Provider in Shimla – HP – India

About Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd. Training Programs Unit:

Leadership Development, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Data Analysis and, WordPress SEO, Content Marketing, Online Customer Support, Blogging, Content Creation Training courses, Basics Computer-Internet training and various other on-demand customized training programs available for students, teams, and employees.

Little about www.klientsolutech.com: This website is the online unit of Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd. offline training programs and vision. In this website through blog/articles, we’re are trying to help in resolving the daily life, career problems of students & teachers that is most focused on creative, technical and educational development goals.

Passionate about technology and its uses in our daily life, we are adept at producing meaningful content that appeals to a wide demographic. Whether you are a student or businessman, a housewife or an employee – you will find a treasure trove of information on your niche here.

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We have also helped hundreds of people out of goodwill over the years, by providing guidance on studies, careers, jobs, businesses and even personal development. We genuinely care about our subscribers and are proud to see that many of them have become very successful in their lives.

We are a small team remotely working creative people based in Shimla, HP, India.


Word wizard. Electrical engineer. Himachali. Human.

Vijay Sharma: FOUNDER & CEO

Learner. Bringing innovative solutions using technology since 2006.

Despite being a small team in a small town hoping to make a big difference, we have reasonable hope that Shimla and Himachal will see a change in people’s perception in the coming years. Economically, politically and also Ideologically. With the singular aspiration of collective enlightenment and evolution, we keep pursuing our passions at Klient Solutech.