Affordable SEO services for Small Business Website

We will check your SEO report, Update the keywords and search engine optimization as per Google webmaster guidelines.

We can help to drive organic traffic to your blog or website as long as you like the results. We do SEO using Google Webmaster guidelines, Yoast SEO Plugin recommendation, Backlinko tips, and own experiences. We will modify the existed content with keywords using creative phrases, website speed optimization, H1 and H2 heading optimization with appropriate character length and paragraphing and all other SEO basics in your website.

Currently, we are getting 2000+ visitors per day to my own blog website and 62% people are coming from Google organic search results and currently getting traffic from 14 sources.

We implement white SEO practices. We are always interested to work with clients who allow us to implement our strategies and ideas. You can also check the world wide rank of this

We are Shimla, HP – India based growing web design and Internet marketing company. And have 4+ experiences in SEO field. I am Vijay Sharma CEO/Founder leading the team with outstanding market skills and SEO is one of the expertise that we offer services for small business owners in Shimla and all over the world.

Specifically, We are expert in organic traffic (Google), We are expert in the optimization of WordPress Blog, WordPress Business Website, Woo Commerce and any other type of website created by using WordPress.

As you know search engine update often it’s way to rank websites higher on Google. So it’s important to keep executing the SEO strategies accordingly to the Search engine updates.

I will show you the details of our own website when you contact us. Each website needs different SEO strategies but the basics of SEO are equal.

There are many reasons why you are not getting traffic to your WordPress Woo Commerce website, blog or business website. Following are common errors:

  1. The website is missing meta description on the home page.
  2. Targeted keywords are not consistent throughout the website.
  3. Lack of family member on the website of the main keyword.
  4. The home Page title is not optimized with keywords.
  5. There are images in which many are without alt text or keywords behind images.
  6. No backlink or endorsement from other websites.
  7. Missing sitemap.xml and robot.txt file.
  8. Lack of strategies in links structure.
  9. File sizes and memory consumption is heavy.
  10. Java Script and CSS files are not modified or compressed.
  11. Inline us of CSS or custom code.
  12. Low loading speed of website or websites are taking more than 3 seconds of load(often depends on user internet speed)
  13. Too much use of symbol or silent words, length of the title.


These are common errors you will find easily on your website.

So tell me what you want?

Do you want to get a higher rank on Search Engines or more organic traffic to your website?

You can also tell me your keywords.

SEO is not mean that you can correct few errors and then wait to rank. SEO is all about how much you advertise your website across the web. You need to find out your competitors and their targeted keywords. After that, you can build right strategies.

Many website owners even not implement basics of SEO. Following is our basic SEO plan for small business owners and WordPress website.

  1. Complete optimization of your website with keywords (Any 5 keywords or more).
  2. SEO Error Free website.
  3. Blog title and paragraphing.
  4. Correct use of Sidebar to lower down the bounce rate on the website .
  5. Product optimization with keywords.


We will create the special strategy for your website after testing SEO on your website.

What do you think? What is your plan; tell us so we can do it.

There are two ways we can do it. One is that you can order me anything to do with your SEO strategy. And the 2nd is to allow us to use our experiences and knowledge. Afcoz, we will discuss with you before implementing SEO tactics and research report. We can do brainstorm and research, so you will get more traffic on your website with minimum cost. Our packages are budget friendly.

SEO is ongoing work, it takes 2-4 month’s minimum to start getting results. Even many websites take more than years (if there is higher competition).  But if people do it with honesty and according to Google webmaster guidelines then results will be outstanding.

Also if you already done the SEO with the old guy and not getting results or traffic to your website then you can please share your Google Analytics report and experience. So it will help us in planning and execution. It’s because your Ex-SEO doctor executed their knowledge, so it’s important to know what has been done or what’s working great. So we can start from there.

For small business website SEO play very important in the growth of the business. SEO is the key to open large market or capture more market share.

We provide Affordable SEO service for small business owners. We know that they will pay more once they earn money. And they will earn when we work professionally on the SEO. Our SEO service is very powerful that’s why our customers expanding and grow the business more quickly, we want our SEO clients in the Top 5 in search engine results.

We are always responsible for SEO work. And we deliver quality SEO work at affordable prices so everyone will get the opportunity.

So if you have a small business and you want to grow your business then contact us on following details:

Contacts: 0177-2844969, 9817663343. Calling Time: 9 AM to 7 PM

You can visit at Klient Solutech, Narayan Niwas, Ground Floor, Dhalli Tunnel, and Shimla-HP.

You can also send your website designing or learning requirements here or chat with us on Facebook


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