Benefits of creating a own website for students

benefits of creating and running a website for students2

School and college time is very precious for students. It needs academic skills, technical skills, sports skills, information, data and knowledge for extreme survival situation in a career. Keeping that in mind learn about the importance and benefits of own personal website for students in this article.

1. Technical Skills improvement

More than one technical skill is very important. Each (driving, maintenance, designing, creative etc. technical skill has its own uses and benefits. Similar, when a student learns to think about websites, apps, technologies then they will build, design and use it for their personal and for national advantages various times in the career.

Specifically, in IT field, things change very dramatically and it’s important that you have multiple computer/internet skills or technical skills, So that you can use it whenever you will need in future.

Learning about website designing, website benefits, the website uses, programming skill, designing skills, SEO skills, and social media marketing in free time or after college is not a bad thing, but the most productive use of college time for students.


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2. Internet as Platform and Tool

Technically, you can understand that internet is a platform that is created by many connected computers. But we can use it as a tool. Yes, each tool contains its own powers, advantages and disadvantages.

But it’s highly important that human being knows what to use, hen to use, why to use it and how to use it such as spade, shovel, pen, brush, spoon and screwdriver etc.

Similarly, when students start learning, building, designing, running websites and apps, they will get the knowledge about various internet platforms, their uses and benefits such as social media platform, government portals, students websites, learning and teaching platforms, online income platforms etc. and these are very effective to survive and grow in career for students.

Why survival? It’s because demand for skills and knowledge in the employees, team member and machines are different than supplies. It’s important to update students mind earlier before they interact with external sources.

So that they get the job, income on the right time in their career, no one like to see the situation in which students say we don’t have platforms for talent, not many opportunities in the government sector, lower salary, I know this is the truth. But if it’s a battle for students in 30’s why we don’t prepare them for the battle in 18’s and 20’s. Why not?

That’s why when they learn about websites, apps development and various latest demanding information technology things it will help them in their self-improvement, knowledge, confidence, creativity and innovation.  And this is a way to implement technology in the education according to current demands.


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3. Communication skill improvements

As you learned in my previous article about the importance of communication skills for students, next point is to improve communication skills.  And students own personal website help them to learn communication skills such as presentation, expression, writing, vocabulary, listening etc. How?

When they design website, it will help them to learn how to communicate with people through designing/visualization skills (such as painting) when they will do SEO of their own website, they will learn to communicate with a search engine, robots, crawlers, AI and machines.

When they do the blogging on the website they will learn writing skills, when they sell something on their personal website, they will learn selling skills. When they market website, they will learn marketing skills.

And these are the ways students learn practical skills, along with theory or degree course. That’s why I highly recommend college and universities to teach students practically from small level to higher level. They can take help from external sources to plan and execute, it’s about student career and future of our country. We need to think on this seriously.


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4. Part-time income source

No one knows the value of money in college and school time more than students. Small dreams, little attractions, desires and interests motivate students to get the money. Parents do it, but not all parents are able to provide money for extra curriculum activities and shopping’s and for natural and unnatural habits.

And this can make students unhappy, sad and less motivation to study, it’s because students are like birds, they want to fly, they want to enjoy in right manners, they want to feel happy and prosperous, they don’t want comparison in the society etc. and to make them strong, confident, intelligent and fighter we need to redirect their time into meaningful and practical things.

And if students are successful to run the website, apps, successful to sell online, successful to earn part-time income and the income from their hard work will make them happy. And the achievement, success, appreciation helps to create and build a strong foundation for the career of students. And when it became regular income source, when learning becomes habits, the problem of unemployment and unemployment rate will decrease extraordinary in any country.   That’s it, what we need to think and act as a society, leaders, teachers and students.


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5. Helpful in resume and interviews

Gone are the days when you just submit A4 paper size resume to the employer. Now employers, companies and interviewers and HR departments are now hiring only top performers. It’s because the cost/profit per employee matter in the company and they don’t want to hire C players.

They are looking for an A+ player. And to become A+ player it’s important to learn/teach extreme job skills.

But to become a leader in your selected career field, you need to think creatively. And the website can help you to explore creativity. Your personal website, in which you have described your career, skills, passion, interest and sample works impact more on the interviewers than A4 paper size resume. That’s why a personal website in its own a sample of skills and it represent candidates learning habits. That’s what is important for interviewers.


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6. Helpful to connect with community and people worldwide

The Communication, interaction, participation with other subjective people/communication/ around the world helps students to think big and learn more. The easiest way is to create a website, blog about the cause, subject matter and get the views on the topic from other people.

In another way as an example, when Canadian students publish the article on disadvantages of unnatural habits for people, and the article is appreciated, approved by various other colleges and universities, then think about inspiration it will provide to other Canadian students.

I don’t mean that they only produce and write or become expert in educational things, they can choose their interest and desire. Then they can connect with people, think and act in various parts of the world by learning and executions.


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7. Better and bigger career scopes

Publicity, exposure, platform to showcase talent etc. are the important part of career building. When students do some extraordinary things such inventions, innovation, discoveries and development on their personal level, they will get publicity, a platform to perform.

For example, if a student able to research and experiment on polluted water and get the solution to clean the water faster than any existed things in less cost. Then imagine what will happen?

Following things can happen: Companies working in the Water Industry can contact and hire to implement the findings on our products. Government and NGO’s can take help from such inventions. And he/she on its own can start business/company or any project.

The meaning of explanation is that when you provide proper equipment, sources and lab for students to experiment. Then they will do invention and innovation else, you know the today’s results.

And a website is not a big thing, but for IT students mind it’s a greatest and most adventures platform and tool to experiment. And when they able to do something great then it will expose their skills worldwide and if they are lucky they can be hired by Google, Facebook, Alibaba and Amazon such companies immediately. That’s how things can change.

But it’s important for teachers and students to remove the old thinking pattern from the brain, and think creatively and do something good.


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That’s it, friends, I have a lot to say but I think you got my points. So just digest the information you learned in this article and then implement the suggestions and ideas using your consciousness and creativity.

Thanks, All the views are my personal and based on experiences. Sorry if you don’t like something.  🙂

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