Best Online Courses to learn Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016 running on computers around the world with new features. As you know online courses are the best way to learn Microsoft Excel 2016. To perform data analysis, visualizations and business calculations need to done faster than before to get competitive advantages.

That’s why it’s a time for users to update their skills by selecting the best online courses. If someone is beginner than it’s also great to start learning directly from excel 2016.

If you haven’t, you’re missing out. There is much more to Excel than plain old spreadsheets and pie charts. Excel 2016 is more advanced and versatile than ever before.

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Did you know you can calculate the URL-Depth and reveal a site’s Directory Structure using Excel? Or that Microsoft Excel 2016 lets you create advanced charts such as Gantt and Waterfall charts? If you are intrigued, you’d be glad to know that there are countless online courses available that can teach you exactly what you need to learn, be it basic or advanced level.

This post is about the best online courses that you can use to learn Microsoft Excel 2016. These have been handpicked online courses after in-depth research. These online courses on Microsoft Excel are practical and teach you essential data management and analytical skills. By using these online courses you can update your skills which help to perform better, faster calculations and management of big data.

As such almost all versions of Microsoft Excel are good but Excel 2016 is much improved then older versions. The demand for Excel skills is growing day by day for online and offline jobs. Because the use of excel is really important for business.  Continuously learning demanding skills in this new era of technology. If you think you know everything about Microsoft Excel, think again. The internet has a lot more to offer.

There are so many Microsoft Excel tutorials on the internet. Almost all are trying their best to teach essential spreadsheet skills. But it’s really important to select the best course that teaches you more practical skills in less time. So, we are trying to share with you some of the best-selected courses that we hope help you to become a master in Microsoft Excel. These online courses and tutorials are best for beginners as well as for Excel experts.

Free Microsoft Excel 2016 Course

This is one of the best websites to learn free Microsoft Excel online.  You can learn Microsoft Excel from basics to advanced level. In this website, you can find great tutorials, in which you can learn how to work with cells and worksheets, most used formulas & functions, data management such as freezing panes, sorting, filtering, charts and tables etc. You can visit this website to get the knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2016: Microsoft Excel 2016 Basics

Simon Sez IT: YouTube Channel to Learn Microsoft Excel 2016

On this YouTube channel, you can learn Microsoft Excel free. The best thing that we liked is the “How to Tutorials” They are very basic in which anyone with little knowledge of English and computer can learn Microsoft Excel 2016 basic functionality and operations. It’s good that you can also analyze this course. Here is link to visit the YouTube channel: Microsoft Excel 2016 Training Tutorials for Beginners

The Teacher: YouTube Channel to Learn Microsoft Excel 2016 from Basics to Advance Level.

In this channel, you can learn Excel in easy to understand the English Language. The Teacher YouTube channel contains 40 videos (At the time of writing this post) about Microsoft Excel. Just visit this link and see how it can help you to learn Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial

Excel Exercises – Free Microsoft Excel Exercise Online.

The more excel exercises you will do on the electronic spreadsheet the better you will learn and understand Microsoft Excel. The source we’re sharing with you is specialized in excel exercises. This is one of the best websites to learn practical excel skills:


Microsoft Excel Facebook Group/Pages

People use facebook for very different reasons. Some people use it for Time pass, some to connect with friends and many of us use Facebook for marketing and advertising. But here we are trying to highlight the ways that you can use Facebook for Knowledge. Keeping this in mind we’re sharing few sources available on Facebook related to Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Tutorials: This is a Facebook page dedicated to Excel tips and tutorials. If you know the basic excel skills and want to get the latest or new updated knowledge about what’s going with Microsoft excel then you can like this page. If you have any question regarding Microsoft excel you can ask on the page they will reply to you instantly.

Microsoft Excel:  This is the official Microsoft Excel Facebook Page in which you can get all kinds of official updates and knowledge about Microsoft Excel. This page is worth liking for professionals as well as students who want to become masters in Microsoft Excel and related jobs.

Excel Tricks : This is one of the best Facebook Pages dedicated to Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks. If you’re a beginner in Excel and want more practical advanced excel knowledge then like this page.

Microsoft Excel Courses on Udemy

Now after seeing above free sources, it’s time to move on to premium and more job-ready courses about Microsoft Excel. The courses we’re sharing with you are great to learn skills that are in high demand for online jobs and business. All the below courses are well researched and checked. The Excel 2016 course materials are focused on the benefits of students. If you want to become Microsoft Excel expert then following courses are best to choose:

The Best 100 Excel Tips & Hacks with Microsoft Excel 2016 – Excel Templates Included

This excel course is best for small business owners, Managers and students. It’s affordable and anyone can learn Microsoft Excel at Home.

Excel 2016 – The Complete Excel Mastery Course for Beginners

Microsoft Excel 2016 Beginners & Intermediate Excel Training 

In this course, you can learn basic spreadsheet operations, most used formulas daily business tasks, how to use templates and table and most important pivot table chart. This excel course at Udemy will be helpful for beginners and intermediate level excel users and students.

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We have analyzed these courses but it’s better if you can check yourself about the total enrolled students, feedback, and comments of students on these courses.This Microsoft Excel course is best for executive assistant and office inventory.

As you know that almost all kinds of online and offline business use Microsoft Excel for information analysis while visually representing data and information. So, this course is great for Analyst, sales manager, investment bankers etc. If you’re looking to become a master and want to learn the skills that are most useful and productive then you should checkout this course.

We are trying to provide you best Microsoft Excel 2016 Online courses information. If anything that is not suitable or applicable to you, you can ignore. We’re not forcing you to do what we said. It’s your decision. Just think what is best for you and then do it.

Thanks, Hope you like this guide.

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