demanding online programming courses

Essential Online Basic Computer Courses for Beginners

Best online basic computer courses for students, job holders, house-wives and senior citizens. These online courses will help you in learning most important basic computer skills that are required in…

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Best Online Programming Language Courses for future Demands

Best Online Programming Language Courses for Future

The continuous growth in the use of information technology worldwide is the evidence of higher demands in future for programmers. The price of hiring a programmer is around average $10…

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Best programming languages to learn for future

Best programming languages to learn for future

There are various programming languages, every language has its own advantages and disadvantages in information technology. Java, PHP, Python, HTML 5 etc. programming languages are similar to our daily life…

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computer field for career after 10+2

Types of Demanding Computer Fields after 10+2

The use of computer skills is different in various IT and non-IT fields.  Computer-related Career security, income stability, and path depends on you today and on the environment around you….

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why students should learn to code

Why should students learn to code

Learn in this article about the Importance of programming skills for students. How students can obtain leadership and discipline through coding and programming in school, college and after basic computer…

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How technology has affected communication

How Technology has Affected Communication

In this essay you will learn how technology has affected communication in our daily life, what are its effects on face to face communication and how it has affected us…

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our minds are harvested by social networks

How our minds are harvested by social networks

Have you noticed how popular certain mundane and even stupid ‘surveys’ on social media have become? Like “What is your Chinese name?” or “Who is your gossip friend?”. These quizzes,…

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why programming is important

Why is Programming Important

In this article, you will learn about why is programming important, what are its uses in technology and how it impacts business and career. Programming is important for learning to…

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Top 10 Essential Computer Skills for College Students

Essential Computer Skills for College Students: There are various computer skills such as document writing and editing skills, presentation skills, communication skills, financial management skills, social media skill, English and Hindi…

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uses of artificial intelligence in daily life

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

We are all using artificial intelligence in our daily life in one way or another. We are using it, managing it and responding to artificial intelligence every hour, a minute…

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uses of cloud computing

Uses of Cloud Computing in Daily Life

Uses of Cloud Computing: For users, Cloud Computing is an operational technology in which computer/mobile/tablet users can store, calculate, arrange, manage, host, create, publish, delete, share, edit and manipulate remotely…

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benefits of creating and running a website for students2

Benefits of creating a own website for students

School and college time is very precious for students. It needs academic skills, technical skills, sports skills, information, data and knowledge for extreme survival situation in a career. Keeping that…

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