Tips and directions for guest authors/writers/bloggers/Teachers/Professors/Small Business owners

Let us know if you want to share your knowledge with 150000 real people across the world. You don’t have to be a professional writer, we will guide and share tips with you whenever you need. It all depends on our mutual understanding of your goals and goals of Whenever you submit we’ll review your article, if all is well we will publish it for you on

1. We accept posts related to small business growth and management, education and students career and social development. Also accepted are Information Technological Articles, Guides and Tips.

2. We accept the post written practically, creatively and uniquely- content that is valuable for people around the globe and the length of the article can be around 700 to 1000 words.

3. We accept career and business development, failure and success stories of individuals, businesses. Paragraphs more than 5 sentences are not advised.

4. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Articles must be original and written in a neutral tone. Any copied material will be detected by software and rejected straightaway.

5. Article have to pass our editorial test that is mostly related to SEO, Proofreading and Formatting.

6. We will communicate with you by email before we accept your posts for publishing. It’s important that we know your experiences, reasons for writing, your goals and your expectations from our blog.

7. We also invite teachers, professor or business and career practitioners to share their valuable knowledge with the world if they don’t have their own website.  

8. We reserve the right to not publish and to remove previously published articles if deemed necessary.

9. We will proofread and make minor edits to submissions (where appropriate) but we won’t have the time to spend hours correcting poor language or grammar. See our Writing section for some tips.

10. Please note that articles may take up to two weeks to be published.

11. You should include a writer biography with more information about you and/or the services you offer.  Bio’s are usually not more than 50 words in length and are not included in the word-count of the article.

12. We do not accept direct product selling, insurance, sales pitches and low quality written content.

13. We do not provide author login credentials like our team, but we provide you credit and recognition as a guest author and 2 backlinks of your choice + your author bio. We always open for long term relationship with our authors.

14. You need to prove to us in written (by mail) that all the content is written by you or your behalf and all the liabilities or disputes regarding the same will be yours. You also need to accept that you’re responsible for the copyright, plagiarism and any kind of offensive content.

15. Make sure that you fully own the content and thoughts, opinions and announcements in the article, if not then you need to provide source link and will not be liable/protective in this case.

16. We do not accept sensational, hyped, political & individual attacks and controversial articles. Please support our community.

17. A blog post should not have more than 2 links. The Bio can have author’s own property/social media profile or website.

18. You also have to share your past experience of writing with others or us if any. If you don’t know the technical parts such as if you’re a teacher but not technically know how to format, proofread, edit then we will help you.

19. You need to provide the article in an email with declaration of posting on our website.

20. We welcome freshers, teachers to join our community and believe that you will support the same.

21. reserves the right to update, delete an article or any part of an article any time as per the discussion. If we find that you are publishing the same article on others sites we will immediately delete your article without your permission from our site and as well as authorship.

If you’re a serious educator or writer then please contact here.