Earn Part Time Money in Shimla

Earn part time money in Shimla. In this post you will learn about some real ways to make money offline and online by doing part time jobs in Shimla. To earn money part time in Shimla is not an easy task but not impossible. If you know what kind of skills you have, how much money you want to earn and how much time you can dedicate for the job or work. People of Shimla are very fashionable because it is the India’s one of favorite tourist place and beautiful city. Thousands of people every day visit Shimla to see the beauty of nature. That is driving the money in the market. Because of tourist place, you can create some creative ways to earn money part time while also you can keep studying.

Freelancing Business

The best way to earn money is to earn from home and start home based business in Shimla. In which you only need computer or laptop and internet connection and start applying for jobs online such as Upwork. But you have to be knowledge of advance computer skills that are in demands. You can also learn Adobe Photoshop graphic designing software online and offline and after that start applying online for jobs. This is best way now days if you want flexibility and freedom. This work will take 2 to 3 months to setup. We are also teaching people in Shimla freelancing business in which we teach all the workable methods to earn online.

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Tourist Guide

Many my known individuals are doing this job in Shimla as part time income source. For tourist guide you need to register from the tourism department of Shimla. And after registration as tourist guide you can apply for the jobs in hotels also you can start freelance tourist guide service individually. But the important thing is that there are lots of open competitions in this work. As you see the tourist guide near victory tunnel, Tara Devi, Shogi, Sanjauli Byepass, Kufari showing banner, chasing cars by running through towards.

If you think you have very good knowledge about the tourist places in Dist. Shimla. But the quality of guiding is very poor produced by some tourist guide. Tourist guide mainly in Shimla, provide hotels for tourist in minimum prices and get commission from hotels 1000 to 2000 per placement. So, if you think you have the ability to attract tourist and have very good communication skills in Hindi and English then you can start this work and later you can also do it full time.

Newspaper Distribution

This is another job in which you have to get up early, collect newspaper from agency and then distribution in city. There are many people who are doing this work and mainly by students to earn some money to live freely in Shimla. The job is required minimum 4 hours in the morning. If you want to do this work you have to contact with the agency or already working peoples and work under their guidelines. In starting it is looks tough but you can generate enough money later.
Cyber Cafe Job: You can also work in cyber cafe s as I saw there are many students who are working during there off time and earning income that helps them to deposit fees or rooms rents etc. So, if you have some technical knowledge you can start working.

Student Provider

In Shimla the second largest business sector is education or mostly private education. In which many private computer institute and universities always are looking for more students. If you have very good friends network and have the ability to provide right guide for new students and people of Shimla, then you can work in this field and get commission in between 500 to 5000 as part time in Shimla on per student. But the important thing many computer institutes in Shimla promised big things to provide in the course and later they provide very poor education for new students. Don’t only misguide your circle only to earn some bucks for living because one wrong direction can spoils the career of students or friends. So, know about the institute from already admitted students in that institute and then you can set.


You can also work in shops and showrooms as a part time if shopkeeper is convinced by knowing you’re situation. You can also work as security guard, salesmen and as marketer.
Some other part time works in Shimla are Courier Delivery, Mobile Delivery or recharge jobs, Banner and brochure distribution or poster placements on the walls or in the public place, computer repairing, mobile repairing etc.
There are many ways to earn part time money in Shimla, especially by doing commission based jobs. Another post related to Shimla people in which I am providing Tips to do part time jobs in Shimla Himachal Pradesh. Is fully focused on part time jobs.
But my dear friend, the best advice is the start part time business and work from online. There are many ways to start low cost home based business and Freelancing Business is now in trends all over the world. But for that you have to be very good in computer and internet. So, if you want to do part time job please comment below and show me what kind of knowledge and certification you have and then I will direct you in that way. Learn the business, do the business, teach the business.
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