Amazing things to do on the internet right now if you’re feeling bored

I’m bored what should I do on the internet: – There are amazing, funny, craziest, productive, and money making things you can do on the internet. But if you’re bored what should you do on the internet.

These top 16 things will make you energised, refreshed, enthusiastic, and excited when you feel bored on the internet. While there are many websites you can visit when feeling bored while using computers and the Internet. But again they will make you bore again. I am exploring my own creative ideas and interesting thoughts. I used always when I’m bored on the internet.

16 Amazing things to do when you’re bored on the Internet

1. Watch Interesting and adventurous videos on YouTube:-

The first thing, when I want the energy for work in the office. And when I do not feel the excitement on Internet then I visit After that I watch videos. But I don’t watch all the videos related to my work. Instead, I watch interesting videos such as Rope swing, ice climbing, amazing skills and handstand challenges etc.

The best video series and idea that delete my tediousness are “people are awesome”. This is the line you can search on YouTube, and I will guarantee that after watching one video, your laziness, loneliness will run away.

I can help you. Visit: People are awesome and watch, laugh, enjoy and then get back to work with full dedication, excitement and energy.

2. Dance on your favourite song:-

Dance on your favourite song. If you’re feeling lonely, tired, and sad or anything while using the Internet then play your favourite songs. It’s better if you play video songs in which people are dancing on YouTube then it will inspire you to enjoy this movement. No problem if the world is not watching you. But during this dancing exercise, it will boost your morale and confidence. And also learning few dancing steps will help you to show your talent in friend’s marriage. So, just chill and do it.

3. Go live on Facebook:-

I did that couple of months ago when I was getting bored in the afternoon. I experienced lots of excitement and happiness after going live on Facebook. Your friends will get excited when you’re live on Facebook. They have the chance to comment and chat with you real time. It will also pass your time. Also, it can help you remove your hesitation to face the camera. They will ask different questions you never imagined, and that’s amazing to answer. Just chill, why hesitate. Let’s see what will come out after this.

4. Learn success stories of popular people:-

Learning success stories on the Internet is best practice to convert your tedious time into inspirations. You can do it in the office. I know because we all have to deal with high workload daily. But learning about successful leaders and their journey will boost our inside moral. And in a result, we will get motivation and inspiration for work. This will reflect in our productivity and workplace habits. So, search for success stories and successful people working in your field and analyse their lessons.

5. Watch a day in the life of businessmen:-

I do it often. Not when I am bored but also when I want to learn, how other people are using their professional time.  You can find such videos and blog on the internet. If you’re social media marketer, then watch “A day in life of Social Media Marketer”, “A day in life of Mukesh Ambani”, “A day in life of Website designer” such kind of video series will give you amazing inspiration, excitement and knowledge about how other people in your field working daily. How they are spending their time. What they do and how they do it.

6. Learn and practice some Chinese and Japanese Language words:-

Your time is precious so why not use it for something productive. And learning and practising on other country language is always the best way to spend your time at the office and home on the internet. So, practice some Chinese, Japanese or any other language words and sentence. Practising on Chinese or Japanese language will help you to understand the professional, culture and daily life activities of Chinese and Japanese people. This is very productive and career oriented idea to use the internet when you’re feeling bored.

7. Learn another income stream or research on crazy Business Idea:-

You’re feeling bored, then search on Google for another income stream. Multiple income streams are always beneficial in life. If you’re stuck in time daily or if you have time that you want to use with your creativity, knowledge and adventure then research on your innovative business idea. You can learn about online business, blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTube Business, Graphic Designing business, web development and various others online business that you can start from home. You can do the online business part time. And this is the way to turn your boring situation into excitement and money. You can do or focus on your online business when you feel bored and it’s not your prime time. Do it when you feel bored.

8. Unfriend, Unfollow, unsubscribes people, pages on social media:-

Check your social media followers and following list. Check the pages you liked. See, Is social media pages or Internet celebrities are updating their social media posts according to headline? If they are unresponsive then ignore and unfollow or unlike, also if any website or social media pages are updating hourly and sending you the newsletter, sales pitch daily to your email inbox then unsubscribe. Why does it? Because you need to focus on your business, career and life instead of learning unproductive blogs, posts or social media posts is just a waste of time or these are things on the internet will make you bore. You do not need everything or everyone to follow to become successful online and offline business and in the job. Just select few people, pages those are meaningful and who really encourage you to take your next step. The choice is yours.

9. Appreciate your friends, share blogs and productive information with other people:-

There are many people who share great things on social media and blog posts. Those are very helpful in business and life. Whenever you see something that is for human development, environmental development share, comment on those posts. Appreciation will encourage those people to continue good work. Also, it will give you happiness. And remove or low down your vanity level that will increase happiness, success and growth in your career and business.

10. Write a poem and share it your social media:-

If you’re feeling bored then write a poem and share it on social media. You don’t need to become a poet to write a poem. Anyone can write. Just write what you’re feeling right now after that share it on social media. I do and write Shayari very often, but I never tried to become a poet. I just do it for excitement. And poem writing will filter our memory. If you’re not interested in writing, then you can learn, read the poems on the Internet. It’s amazing to experience. Just try and you will amaze to see positivity and creativity after reading poems on the internet when you’re bored at work.

11. Close your eyes and then surf the internet:-

I mean don’t watch anything and practice to open Gmail, Facebook or any website without opening your eyes. I mean use the computer without seeing. Can you do it? I think you can practice. It’s great brain exercise. It will improve your memory. I do it when I am so much bored.

12. Message and ask something those people you’re following on Social Media:-

We follow people every minute and second. But we don’t follow what we believe. We believe on others more than ourselves. So, if you want to focus on your work and dream. Then ask the question from those experts you’re following on Twitter and Facebook. You can ask any business and career question. What is the benefit you’re getting by following those people if you’re still getting bored if you still don’t know what to do next?

When you ask they will answer and solve your business problems. There are many people who’re ready to help you. But the first step is yours.

13. Take Selfie with your favourite website and blog:-

We take selfies outdoor and indoor. But you can take selfies with your own website, your favourite blog, social media page or with Google. Then share it on social media. Let’s see, what the response you will get. Also, it is the creative way to promote your business and services on the Internet.

14. Search on Google, How to save and invest money:-

We earn money after lots of hard work. But we’re not able to save that much we need to save. Why? There are various reasons, and the one reason is we don’t know about how to save and how to invest. Learn personal finance and business finance, when you’re feeling bored. Also, money is a great object if you see and think about it, it will help you to get out from the boring zone. Do it now!

15. Find trending skills and explore another talent or hobby on the Internet:-

Visit Google Trends and search trending IT skills or your interested skills list. Then take an online course that is in trending or can be demanding in future. You have thousands of talent inside you. You never know until you not try to work on one. Just explore your hobbies, take a new course, find new friends, follow some great people, and learn business intelligence.

Keep exploring yourself on the Internet. There are thousands of courses for you and just take anyone and explore your another talent. Learning new skills and education is important in life. If you’re feeling that you’re expert in your field, and so then it’s a signal for you to update career and business skills, you need to learn new skills to keep expert tag. Because the more we learn, the more we know about our ignorance. And the internet is a great tool that you can use to remove the ignorance from life and do it when you’re feeling uninterested in anything.

16. Upload your documents in Google drive or one drive:-

Scan your documents that you always need outside your office. After scanning you can upload such documents and files to the cloud. That is accessible for you anywhere around the world, whenever you need. Use Google Drive, one drive and upload your documents. These are cloud storage applications.

So, friends as you know there various others things that you can do on the Internet when bored. But I suggest you follow the productive things. Because time is precious and does not spend it on superfluous things on the Internet. You can learn here about: 27 productive things that you can do on the Internet.

I hope above solutions are helpful for you whenever you’re bored at work or feeling so bored, try anyone of above and see the magic.

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