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50 blog ideas for november
You work hard to write a new blog every day. But the most difficult is to find new blog post ideas. People want to read great article. We do all the catchy title of the blog post. I’m telling you about new Ideas. I would like to read these posts also. I hope, you like 50 blog ideas for 50 days.

1. Why Indians are known for more creative and intelligent in the world.
2. Why 90% peoples are fail to do what they want to do?
3. Why rich is richer and poor is becoming poor?
4. How to vote for the leader ?
5. What is the future of politics in India?
6. 100 things politicians can do for the development of the country.
7. 100 things to do in 2014.
8. What we learned from 2013.
9. Weakness is the secret of success.
10. 100 things to self esteem.
11. Practical ideas to avoid wine drinks.
12. What would you like to do for the development of India.
13. 10 practical ideas to grow your business/
14. How to post a comment in website
15. How do i deal with my fake people?
16. 10 ways to handle business stress.
17. 100 small business tips.
18. Top 10 songs of the month.
19. 10 exam success quotes.
20. Tips to work hard in studies.
21. 10 free eBooks download sites.
22. How to live happiest life.
23. How can you help me?
24. 10 internet safety article.
25. 10 ways to request for pay increase.
26. Ways to market your business.
27. 10 best computer games ever.
28. 50 android market best apps.
29. Mobile of the month.
30. 10 ways to avoid bad qualities people.
31. 10 things you love in yourself.
32. 10 Hindi typing tips.
33. Top 10 genius in the world.
34. High IQ society living style.
35. 10 high traffic Facebook resources.
36. 10 ways to become richest in the world.
37. 10 mentors to follow on Facebook.
38. List of Sachin Tendulkar records.
39. How can i live without money.
40. 10 practical ways to improve English vocabulary.
41. What is high quality traffic.
42. Ad sense earning tips.
42. 100 jealousy quotes.
43. How to overcome jealousy.
44. 10 reason to help people in your industry.
45. 5 Good things of Greedy Dog.
46. 10 reason to choose WordPress SEO by Yoast.
47. How to choose best format for blog post.
48. 10 ways to increase focuses.
49. 10 thing you want to do over the internet.
50. 10 things you can’t do over the internet.

So, friends this is a list of my 50 blog ideas for November. You can write about these articles. I checked out all statistics in keyword planner. These all are highly traffic getting ideas. And there is no competition for my 50 blog ideas for 50 days.
If you like this post or hate this post do one thing share and comment your view. You can also read my other articles on this site. Suggestion and advises are appreciated in comment box.
Thanks & regards
Vijay Sharma

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