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FreeeUp is a growing online freelancing platform for hiring remote workers. The unique principle behind what makes FreeeUp so great is that clients can save a lot of time hiring, and also get reliable workers. Hiring people remotely can consume your most productive time, leaving you ragged and unable to grow your business.

FreeeUp is becoming a favorite place for big companies and solo entrepreneurs alike to hire the best people in less time. Another key point about this upcoming platform is the reasonable cost for skilled and vetted workers. Businesses of all sizes can put more resources into growth and expansion as they work with a highly capable remote team for less.

If you’re unsatisfied with the existing online hiring platforms, you should try using FreeeUp. You will see a remarkable difference in the quality of workers that you will find there. The FreeeUp Marketplace already interviewed freelancers. They are tested manually to for their skills and knowledge. A

Hire Reliable Workers in Record Time

1. An innovative way to hire remote workers

It’s a great idea to have an online platform that helps you to build your team – a team that is available whenever you need them. This idea is not a new one, but FreeeUp helps you to build a team that is not only available for work but also works like part of your company. FreeeUp vets workers who are dedicated to supporting you.


2. Simple method to post a job

All you need to do to get started with FreeeUp is to complete a simple sign-up sheet, click the Request a Worker button inside your account, and enter a few details about the task you need to be done and the skills that you want your worker to have. The FreeeUp Marketplace then takes over and does all the work to match you up with the best worker for the job. If FreeeUp does not have an available worker with your desired skills, they will find and interview one for you, free of charge.

All of the workers on the FreeeUp Marketplace go through a strict interview and testing process, so you know that you are getting the top 1%. FreeeUp basically functions like your HR department, bringing great freelancers to you.


3. Human tested remote workers

Other online freelancing platforms have tested and showcase portfolios to identify freelancer knowledge and skills. These tests and portfolios can be manipulated, though. It’s very tough for clients, especially for non-technical people, to find the right candidate for a job. That’s how FreeeUp works for you. They use their collective experience to properly test and interview each candidate manually.


4. Tested skills and work ethics

Internet marketers, graphic designers, developers, and other freelancers out there are self-tested not only for their technical skills but also their work ethics and integrity. How they communicate, what their work principles are, and how they behave is only known to you by what they present. What their skills are and how much value they can bring to you is always up in the air until you actually hire them and test them out. It’s lots of work if you’re using one of the existing remote hiring platforms. With FreeeUp, you get only the Gold and none of the slag – I mean the pure Gold that you need to fight the competition.


5. Get workers within 24 hours

It takes 2-5 days or sometimes more to read each cover letter or resume that applicants send in. But FreeeUp has an existing pool of outstanding freelancers who are ready to work immediately on your projects. It’s very simple, you post your job and then FreeeUp matches you with the best candidates.


6. Grow your business

You are the key member of your company. All the business processes and systems are running around you. You can’t waste your time each month or day reading piles of resumes and hiring worker after work until you find the right one. It’s better for you to use your time designing strategies to grow your business. Your job is to identify income stream, marketing ideas and a process that your team can work on. Hiring talented people always takes time, and that’s why FreeeUp is here to help you. Leave the hiring work to them so you can focus on your business growth.


In conclusion, FreeeUp is a growing platform that can provide you with your next bookkeeper, social media expert, SEO copywriter, and more – hassle-free. Try them out, there’s no commitment. If you get great results, then it can be a huge turning point for your business. Our motive is to help clients and freelancers to get value for their time and business development. That’s why we shared FreeeUp with you!

If you have questions, it’s our pleasure to help you.

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