How to Generate 100+ Ideas Naturally for Your Next Blog Post Each Day?

do not lose daily life ideas for blog post

Carry small diary to write ideas. For this, you can also use mobile apps to write small notes. If you’re on computer use sticky notes. You can also use Google sheet or word files. I just mean whenever you get ideas for your blog post, write it immediately. After that, you can research every week on Saturday to write on those or not. You can research on those blog topics using keyword research tools, Google instant results and Google Trends.

Observe and learn seriously your daily life online and offline professional and personal activities. Daily Life activities are a natural factory in which thousands of ideas are living and dying. Do not lose them.  But you can capture them and give them a life after writing on those small words. Those small words matter, every book once was a word. Capture and give attention to your words that you use to speak and listen. Watch birds, nature, water, animals, flowers, internet, Facebook, Google and technologies etc. and business problems; is there no solution to solve problems? Yes, there is and that is you. You have many solutions to solve problems people are facing. You have the power, knowledge, experience, and everything that is needed to make things better. You want that, but you think your solution is small in front of all existed solutions. But you know, it’s not your duty, what people think and reacts to your solution. Is it small, big, great or whatever is the outcome? Just do your best, whatever it is.

The first, overused method people follow is keyword research tools. And that’ great but it’s very frustrating for new bloggers or content marketer to find valuable keywords each morning. It’s because all keywords look big when you know that content on those keywords, already written.

But then what are the ways that help you to write your next blog topic about. Here is the list of creative methods that you can use to find 100 or 1000 ideas for blog topics.

1. Using Keyword Planner and Keyword Research Tools for ideas

Use keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner,, and search for keywords you’re expert in. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer, you can search for top 10 benefits of getting up early, 10 things you should do for better sleep, how to get up early without setting an alarm clock.  Now your keywords are “Better sleep”, “getting up early” etc. search for these keywords.

Another thing you can do if you’re a using Google Adsense in your blog, try to find long tail keywords with high CPC. The best practice is 100K to 1K and 1K to 10K will be best even if CPC is $1 or $20 per click.

2. Ideas from ranked keywords

Use Google Analytics and find out quires in which keywords your website is ranking for and then write a different article related to those keywords. Visit your Google Analytics Dashboard and click on Acquisition->search queries. Now see, what are those keywords your blog website is ranking for after that search those keywords with different variations on Google Keyword Planner and copy the best-looking topic in excel sheet or Google sheet.

3. Ideas from Newspaper for your next blog post

If you read the newspaper each day then you can come up with new ideas for the blog. What can you do? Just think about minimum 10 headlines and subheading. After that search on Keyword research tools for those keywords. For example, I read a variety of newspaper based on the day and content. If you want to use Newspaper for blog topics, then in India take AmarUjala on Sunday, Divya Himachal on Saturday, Hindustan times on Wednesday, Punjab Kesri on Thursday etc. Buy based on supplements. In supplement, you will get articles, and trending content from great and expert writers. This will gives your idea about what’s going on in the market.  You can also read e-newspaper.

Maximum topics on the News paper are well research based on audience. As a new blogger, you don’t have time for that much big research. So, it’s great method to utilize the available resources for new blog post.

You can read newspaper based on your expertise, profession, and career interest. That will increase profession based awareness in you. And that will reflect later when you write your next blog topic.

But remember, I am not saying copy or transcribe, I am saying read the news, article and find the subject and improve your vocabulary. Now when you got the idea for a subject, write a different article.

For example, if you’re reading in the newspaper, good habits everyone should follow in winters. Then you can write on your blog about, Top 10 items you should buy this winters for kids etc. So, the newspaper is a very good method to lifestyle niche blog, political niche blog and for anyone want to come with ideas for blog post.

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4. Ideas for blog post after communication with parents

Get and write the blog post ideas while communicating with parents. Listen to words and sentences carefully your parents are saying to you. Communicate with them, not for blog post ideas and do not tell them that you’re looking for ideas. Just be natural, and discuss the topic about your blog niche.

For example, if you write about property, land, and building or about real estate then discuss with them about the problems real estate market is facing. You can also discuss, where you think we can buy a new home for living and why? Etc.

Why I am suggesting this, it’s because they know about basic thing about real estate and more experienced in this. Never underestimate your parents.

After discussion, note down the ideas, their concerns, tips. And then search on Google. Find out is there any content written by others that you got from parents. If yes, then it’s good to find new keywords using Google Keyword Planner. But if there is no content, then it’s great and just writes and sees the results.

5. Get ideas for a blog post in your friend’s wedding and attend various other social celebrations

It’s very often the case when you’re in the wedding of your friends, or if you’re attending any special occasion with your family and friends. You found that in wedding and special occasions people discuss various such as about bride groom dress, profession, personality, wedding arrangement, foods, guest, music, and thousands of others things. Some discussions turn into negative points. In which many people start suggesting the solution. But how you can get an idea for a blog post from there?

You can get by noticing their pain points. You can find by their logical creativity. Such as if they are talking about the wedding dress, so you can get an idea about for blog post “Top 10 wedding dresses for IT professionals”. If they are talking about party arrangements then the idea will be “11 things you should consider about birthday party arrangements”. Now the ideas depend on your blog niche and target audience. But do not take these small things lightly, because these are similar people who use a search engine for information and products. Learning from their experiences and logics enable your mind to provide a solution, not only for them but the whole world by using your blog. Another most important thing, you get the idea about their vocabulary and sentence structure, so it’s for you to include the words and paragraphs inspired by the meet ups.

6. Ideas for Blog post when you’re traveling

When traveling in the truck, bus, car, train and plane, you can see and communicate with people they are feeling uncomfortable with. If you don’t want to communicate, just see the good and bad color combination, good and bad behaviors, see the greatness in the people. See the positive points. And note down the things and then write a draft with your points. Such as “Disadvantages of using Mobile phones in bus”, 10 things you should care while traveling with kids in public transport”, “20 creative things you can do, while stuck in the jam” etc. This type of content ideas is best for travel niche blog.

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7. Ideas for blog when you’re shopping

When you go shopping, keep in mind that how people behave with shopkeeper at the shop and in the shop while offline shopping. For example, if you’re looking to buy specific books, you show books title or images to the bookkeeper (people working in the shop or booksellers) but then bookseller will tell you that, we do not have these books. That’s ok; we can look somewhere else or online. It’s common method we all follow. But what will be the creative method?  How you can get an idea for a blog.

You can get an idea for a blog post or content marketing here by analyzing the situation as a customer and as a bookseller. Think, what bookseller will think in next 2 hours or within 48 hours. Think what as a customer you will think if you’re unable to find those books in the whole market.

You can buy those books online. This is ok. But you’re a writer or blogger or anyone, as you know most of the online business ideas or online marketing ideas are invention from the offline world. So the blog post ideas can be like this: – How to grow your offline bookselling business? Why your bookselling business is failing? How to sell, old books online? Etc.

My point here is that we do thousands of things in our daily life and we interact with various types of people. Each one is different and has their own limits and beliefs. We can’t fight with everyone, nor can we criticize them.

We have two choices, one, we can criticize the booksellers in the gossips. Second, we can write the solution. Might be the booksellers is not able to get those books or don’t know about the demand in the market. The case can be different. But it’s not that different, you can‘t get the idea for blog post.


To be continued…………………Soon Writing More……………………….!


I think above point will be enough, you got my points about how to get 100 or 1000 ideas for blog post.

But you can research topics and ideas later on the Internet as I told you. You need to research and that’s part of blogging. But I am talking about content after keywords. As you know we all need unique and creative content that is a solution for thousands of people. Why do you think, that people only visit your website by searching on Google? Try to build the brand with your uniqueness, so that you no longer need search engine traffic analysis for particular topics, it’s because people are interested and they know the name of your website. They are loyal customers of your blog.

But I am not saying you do not write a blog post based on keywords. I just want to give you practical methods of blogging. Thousands of people have ideas and keywords for the blog post. But then why 900 out of 1000 people quit blogging. 100 bloggers are successful not because they know keywords and ranking for, it’s because they have something to tell in between their blog post.

I mean they have ideas, past experiences, knowledge, researched materials, everything that is needed for the blog post. That’s why they are ranking for those keywords and earning from the blog and getting consistent loyal website traffic.

It’s only because they applied their personal and professional life experience with the keywords. They learned the lessons and now they are sharing those lessons with others. And you can also help others with your experiences and creativity.

When you interact with people then take every lesson and every point and experiences into the blog. When you observe what is right or wrong, you have something to tell. Do not waste that by criticizing others, just do the opposite and write a blog post.

That’s it!

Is it helpful?

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