How to use Facebook for Knowledge

The use of social media depends on our priorities. Almost all the people living on this planet have a Facebook account. Even non-living things have a Facebook account such as products, services, and companies. But how to use Facebook for knowledge.

Facebook is the queen of social media. But it is an outdated topic for many people. Half of the daily new users are living it. Most people are trying to use alternatives such as what’s App, Instagram etc.  But Facebook provides different and good experiences other than any.

Too much social interaction online or offline leads us to stress and anxiety. The common use is to interact with the personal life of known people. People are sharing each other’s personal interests. Humans are habitual to see what their friends are sharing, liking, commenting etc. We are prone to status updates and notifications. We are spending intentionally minimum 1 to 2 hours daily or unintentionally even more.

Mark Zuckerberg (The founder and CEO of Facebook) never imagined the day it is today. It is helping us to interact directly with known and unknown people, groups, community, and businesses. We are getting ready made things on Facebook. People are using Facebook according to their interest and priorities. That’s why it Facebook became the source of knowledge.

What is Facebook Technically?

According to me, Facebook is social networking website which helps us to live with people remotely.

What are people doing on Facebook?

  • People sharing data, information, and knowledge on Facebook.
  • Chatting with people.
  • Creating groups, communities, business page etc.
  • Advertising business, services, blog posts etc.
  • Driving traffic to websites by using various methods.
  • Tracking people, their hobbies, personal life, interest, education, knowledge etc.
  • Wasting time on Facebook without any reason.
  • Disturbing people by sending candy crush updates and invitations.
  • Using Facebook for debates, comments.
  • Using Facebook for contradictions.
  • Using Facebook for political reasons.
  • Sharing people personal images and information etc.
  • Sharing funny photos of politicians’, actors and actress etc.
  • Disturbing people and increasing social stress.
  • Disturbing someone else personal and professional life on Facebook.
  • Adding people on group chat and then sending good or bad messages.
  • Sharing spam, illegal materials, nudity etc.
  • Sending friend request to unknown people.
  • Sharing personal photos and waiting for likes.
  • Sharing animals, god images, and other religious things.
  • Fooling people by sharing “like to see the magic”.

Etc. The list is very big. People are doing everything on Facebook. Everyone is on a different target.  Some want to get knowledge, many want to do that, some are just promoting their products. The funny parts are “we all are waiting for likes and wasting our precious time.

Everyone thinks different about Facebook. There are people who are not interested to use Facebook. Many people are avoiding and telling it is wastage of time they even don’t believe on online social interactions. Why?

 I am using Facebook from last 7 years and it is still very interesting and entertaining.

I am thinking little different. Do anything no problem but don’t hurt or disturb other people life. Do not use your freedom to spoil other people freedom. It is a bad act and one day it is very costly.


I am using Facebook for one or two reasons and using daily minimum 30 minutes. My first use of Facebook is for knowledge, what people, friends, followers; likers are sharing. I like funny things, creative and informational knowledge on Facebook.

My second use of Facebook is to create, share the information that I like the most. I am sharing my personal images, feelings. I am sharing funny things; I am sharing informational knowledge etc. I am also promoting my blog and business page. And I am doing it daily minimum 1 hour.

So, like me, you are also doing similar things. Sometimes it is boring – I know. But just enjoy it, never feel dominated.

Facebook is changing people; their habits, lifestyle etc. even health and bank balance. Facebook is now in our schedule.

It is very helpful if you want to improve your English language, computer and internet knowledge, peace of mind, inspiration etc. Also if you want to popular, want to drive traffic to your website, want to feel confident, improve your social presence etc.

If you are bored on Facebook, people do not like your stuff, you are not enjoying and feeling depressed then you can follow my steps.

So, how to enjoy on Facebook? How to get what you want? How to comment? What to like or not?

What to do to get knowledge on Facebook?

Knowledge about what: Decide what you want to know. What do you want to improve? What is your interested area, business, news etc.? It is better to know before logging into Facebook.

For Example: If you want to improve your English language, vocabulary, speaking, writing etc.

Try to find best Facebook pages, groups, and people for English learning.

  • Try to chat in English with the friends, do commenting in English, update status in the English language. Do this minimum 21 days and make a habit if it works in a great way for you. It cost us nothing, all is free and stop worrying what others think about you. If you want to improve then do it.
  • Work on every post, suggestions that are provided by Facebook pages and people about English.
  • Join English quizzes, events etc. and answers the questions. And see the result.

Etc. Here are my creative tips to improve English language without any paid course.

The process is similar to learn about General Knowledge, Technical, non-technical, motivational and funny things etc. but less is more so try to focus.

I am also following these Facebook pages, groups. Himachal Placements: 5,961 members, this Facebook groups is related to Himachal people and in Himachal placements group people are sharing about government and private jobs. It is a kind of Facebook Job Portal for Himachal Pradesh.

Song on My Mind: 8,184 members: This is the beautiful group to share your feelings while you listing any song that touches your heart. I often share my favorite music and songs on songs on my mind group.


Here is my suggested list of Best Facebook pages for you, You can use Facebook header search bar.

  1. English to Hindi Dictionary अब फेसबुक पर अंग्रेजी सुधारो लाइक करो और सीखो!
  2. Knowledge is Power covering the news the media won’t cover!
  3. General Knowledge for all All types of GK information
  4. Mark and Angel Hack Life – Practical for Productive Living A popular personal development blog featuring original weekly articles on productivity, life hacks.
  5. Dr APJ Abdulkalam’s Billion beats an initiative to inspire the youth towards realizing the Developed India Vision 2020ks, inspiration, positive living, social skills, tech tricks, wealth, health and happiness.
  6. Upwork Upwork (formerly oDesk) is the world’s largest freelance talent marketplace. Our vision is to connect businesses with great talent faster than ever.
  7. Tony Robbins Anthony Robbins is a catalyst for change and a strategist for success. He creates change in minutes when normally it couldn’t be accomplished in years.
  8. EvanCarmichaelcom I #Believe in entrepreneurs.
  9. Klient Solutech  Read creative articles on future technologies, part-time job tips for students, online business tips, computer internet tips, money management and personal development tips and updates.


Tips to find new pages:

  • Use Facebook search option right behind the Facebook logo and type what you interested in most.
  • Find more pages 
  • Search on Google for best Facebook pages and groups.
  • See what your friends are likes, sharing and inviting.

But like only those who are meaningful and purposeful for you. And you can also follow and can use get notification option near like button on any Liked Facebook page.

There are so many advantages of using Facebook that’s why it is still in No. 1 Social Networking website. Use it for your benefits and try to get knowledge that you are willing to get.

How to respond to updates, notifications?

Good people are always sharing good things are that helps us all in social development. It is our duty to share good things and ignore bad things. Always respond to those posts that are true and meaningful. Share the love, inspirational post, important news, knowledge and funny things too. Be with the truth. Share what you love and don’t worry if no one likes the truth. Be always with the truth. And also try to avoid controversial, religious, political things. Facebook is like online society. Try to make it useful. Sharing is Caring.


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Your questions and suggestions are gold for me.

Thanks! 🙂

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