Importance of communication skills in life

Importance of communication skills in life

Communication skills are important to living a happy and prosperous life. Effective communication includes honesty, trust, love, bonding, sharing, care, and friendship between various types of communities,  religions, and people. Effective communication skills align all people in one direction that inspire development in society, culture and economic activities. That’s why communication skills are important in life.

Let’s learn in details:

  • Communication skills are the presentation of character:

Communication skills are proof about what we’re as a human. It’s about how you behave and talk with people. It’s about how you’re influencing people around you.

For example, a professional communicator or a good person knows about the ways to communicate with the different kind of people in certain situations. They know how to talk with kids, parents, wife and family members, friends and strangers. In all these cases, it’s about respect.

When you communicate humbly with all the people, it showcases how great you’re as a person. In which you don’t just communicate humbly for the sake of profits instead you do it because it’s your nature and character.

There are many people who communicate with each person differently, for example, they communicate humbly and respectfully with rich but badly with poor. It’s their character and nature. They only communicate humbly and respectfully with the people that matched to their standard. And behind that there are reasons.

So respectful and humble communication is a communication skill and that showcase the good/bad parts of the human character. And without good character, it’s tough to make an impact in the world and live a happy life. That’s why good communication skills are important to have in life that is based on humbleness and respect for others.

  • Communication skills create and strengthen friendships:

A tongue can make thousands of friends and enemies at the same time. It’s about how and when you use it. For example in anger, we forget about the words and vocabulary. We don’t care about such a situation for rude behavior with other people. We don’t care about father, mother, real friend, wife, kid, customer or anyone in anger. And in anger, we use the words that hurt people from inside.

That’s why anger, aggressive and rude communication is a bad communication skill that can make more enemies than a friend or can convert an honest friend into an enemy. That’s why it’s important to remain calm in negative situations.

For example, you’re reading, writing, working and driving or anything you’re doing. Someone distracted you in a big way unintentionally such as by playing music loudly, traffic jam, the line on ticket counter, high sugar in tea etc.

Now the bad communicator becomes angrily and vomited the words in frustration. And at the same time, the other person got angry too. Not matter they know each other or not. But they will start fighting and debating and blaming each other for the cause. Within a few minutes, the debate can turn into a bigger fight.

Now, what the cause of this fight?

The cause is a lack of patience. Patience in communication is a most important skill and it is not in the half of the humans living on this planet. It looks like animals have dressed the branded shoes and clothes and they are driving cars and working in the office. I know it’s tough to be calm all the time. But this is a test for a good communicator and good person. If someone passed in this test, he/she will become a good communicator.

Patience in communication teaches you how to talk and when. If someone is in anger, it’s important that you just listen. You don’t have to respond quickly. Just analyze the situation and time.

Listening is the most important communication skill. It is a silence. Silence have own words. That’s why I am also trying to be a good listener. It’s about receiving the input and filtering through knowledge and facts. Don’t’ talk if someone is not asking for an answer. But if they ask rudely/ badly it means they need love and trust.

In this situation, you have to communicate softly and humbly. In this way, you will earn their and others respect. It will showcase the quality of your character. It will strengthen your friendship and partnership.

That’s why I think good communication skills that are based on patience, observation and analysis of the situation is important to live a happy and prosperous life.

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  • Communication skills are important for career development:

Communication skills help in career development objectives. Learning new and any type of technical/non-technical skills required communication skills such as listening, writing and questioning. Communication skill such as the presentation of himself, methods to present study and experiences in front of employer and interviewers.

Body languages, dress, walking style, eating and drinking styles, eye contact, hands control etc. everything communicate about us. That’s why it’s important to improve communication skills for every professional. How we talk with your teammates, classmates and in workplace environment etc. help to get the promotion, appreciation and respect.

You have listened or learned that respect is earned. And to earn that respect of team members, classmates, boss, seniors, society, friends and family we need effective communication skills more than money. That’s why it’s important to have good communication skills that represent us what we are and made of.

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  • Communication skills are important in business:

Communication skills help in the business in many ways. It helps in marketing, selling, people management and to build long term relationships with customers. The way business/seller/team members communicate during the buying process make difference in sales.

For example, the effective message, words, sentences, colors, characters, objects used in the advertisement make a positive impact on the potential customers.

In marketing everything communicate such as product design, business logo, landing page message, product description, options in the application and everything that make sales and purchase possible is the communication. And if it’s effective it will work.

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  • Communication skills are important to become a leader:

Leaders tend to build positive mindset, they change the mindset of society, they drive the group of people to the right direction, they build the teams to achieve certain goals, they inspire the faster, accurate execution of the business plan and they have to lead people with examples. In all these things communication skills plays a very important role.

If a leader do not communicate positively then it’s tough to build a positive mindset in people. They have to define goals, directions, ideas through communication. It can be through digital content, blog, social media, meetups, seminars, speech, group discussion etc. In all these things effective and motivational communication plays a big role to make it impactful. And if presentation, speech, plan, application, guidelines are not effective then it’s tough to gain the trust and support from the society.

For example, the government define the law. But the language they choose to define the law is not personalized to the people. Most of the people do not understand legal/government vocabulary. And if they do not able to understand it, then how can they follow the law. That’s why it’s important not only for the government but every organizations, leader have to communicate effectively and need to show things in examples.

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  • Communication skill helps to become educated:

As I explained above that to learn any skills it’s important to have communication skills. But now let’s understand it more deeply.

Communication skills helps to become educated. Your degree, diploma and technical skills is not the proof that you’re educated. It’s the proof that you have attended the college and have done the course. But it doesn’t mean that you have the knowledge and you’re educated enough to handle the organizational plans.

So the way you communicate, the way you explain your knowledge/idea/principles/law/duties/topic with a different audience in various positive and negative situations and methods, is the proof that you are knowledgeable and educated.

There are many people who don’t attended any college and degree but the way they communicate looks they are so much educated and experienced.

I know you have visited thousands t times the government offices. You saw that how those officials and bureaucrats communicated with you. For example, if a Sub-Divisional Magistrate/and any highly ranked government employee communicate rudely, behave badly with citizens then it’s showcase the level of their education and knowledge. Some situations are exceptions.

You also saw that many doctors, government official, leaders, even peon communicate with the poor citizens very badly. In this situation, the law and order become worst than good. Only because of communication. That’s why communication skills helps us to become educated.

When we listen patiently we understand others. When we communicate with love and grace then we become able to understand the problems of citizens and it is the way to help others and it is the way to ask the right questions.  That’s why I think to become really educated, it’s important to have good communication skills.

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So in a nutshell I can say that communication skills help us to live happily, gracefully, prosperous life not only for self but but also for others. It helps to create a positive environment and make big things possible.

No one care today, how much money you earn, how much rich you’re, you will never be able to earn the respect of your kids, parents, friends, the society without good communication skills.

Effective communication is as important like food is for the body. Everyone will remember you for the behaviour. And communication skills teach us how to behave like a human.

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