Importance of Employment in India

Importance of employment in developing coutries

This essay is about the importance of employment mostly focused on India and developing countries. All the points are based on personal views and experiences. You can use these points in speech, debates, and creation of employment policies.

Full employment is an important part of the economic, social and environmental development process and procedure of any country. Employment provides financial freedom and decision making power.

Employment opportunities for citizens in India can help to reduce corruption, remove terrorism. And it plays the biggest role in poverty alleviation etc. That’s why employment is important if you want to build happy and prosperous environment in India and any country.

You can see the happiness and level of excitement when people get jobs. This happiness is the result of their hard work. Participating in waist-breaking content for a job is a daring work.

And those who get the job are eligible for more and further congratulations when they achieved it after fighting with the government system. Such as competitive job exams dates are extended, rackets in interviews and cancellation of jobs in after or before the election etc. are really impractical and unprofessional methods of government policies.

But winning and getting full time or part time employment in government and private sector is the happiest atmosphere in the family and sense of achievement in the life of individuals.

That’s why I think job opportunities for skilled and unskilled people, full-time employment, self-employment is so important for the development of the country.

So now let’s understand the all above points of importance of employment in details:

1. Employment is important for economic development

Employment improves the quality of living standard when an employed person gets money. It’s because the employed person works hard to achieve his/her goals. That help to improves the business of his/her employer or improve the productivity of any company. Then it speeds up business transactions and new investment comes in the market.

For example: For example on Diwali public/private, employees/working class gets a bonus and incentives. They got money and they will spend or invest it on the Diwali festival. Also when someone has money, they tend to spend or invest it.

But what unemployed people buy? Or what below poverty line people will buy on Diwali?

They also have desire and dreams. But if they don’t get opportunities to work hard and showcase the talent then, how their living standard improved. That’s why employment is important to increase the demand, production, supply of goods and services.

But the problems arise when people want to buy? But they don’t have money. They are scared to spend it’s because they don’t have full-time work or consistent work. And the speed of their cash flow is very slow.

So what they can do?

You can say they have to get an education from well-reputed colleges.


They studied in the government authorized colleges and universities and paid for 1-2-3-4-6 lacks for the study? Even what after degrees and diplomas? And skilled people do not have work and jobs.

Then it’s impossible to develop the country economically without employment.

What is the solution?

The solutions have to find out by people who have the power and authorities.  And if they don’t have the solution they have to leave chairs.

And I think, following things can help to increase employment rate in any country especially India if assembled properly:

  1. Positive and Motivational Environment for economic development more than advertisements.
  2. Lowest and minimum tax rates to conduct businesses. (Governments can afford this by cutting the unnecessary expenses, such as setting normal wages for MP’s/MLA’s, TAX on MP’s/MLA for luxuries, reducing the cost of conducting events by governments, remove the TENDER SYSTEM into Bidding System (like an interview with plan), Spending on Recycling the Products etc. I can be wrong, but I mean if the government can make policies on extra and overspending things then I think reducing tax rates will not be the problem.
  3. When tax rates are Low and conducting business is easy especially for SMEs, then they spend money on innovation and expansion of the business. And they will offer new job opportunities.

Else you can see the data provided by the government and private agencies.

2. Social Development is the result of employment

When people get jobs they get money. Money and hunger is the biggest reason of social tensions. When people get money for their hard work and efforts they feel happy. They start spending time with family and relatives. They start participating in social development activities.

But it’s impossible to participate nowadays for social development activities if someone does not have money to buy food or to spend on the child education.

You can see that people are fighting, disputation in roads, shops, buses and everywhere. It’s because people are in the stress even people who have jobs still not happy.

It’s really important to provide jobs and more important who have jobs satisfaction with salary and income.

3. Employment reduces the level of corruption in the system

When people do not have the money or when they are not getting they deserve. They feel cheated, pettiness by the private or government system. They start doing corruption.

For example, if someone is getting jobs after paying Money. What is that?

If someone is paying money to get a particular degree then what is that?

If deserving candidates do not have platform or jobs then what they do other than switching to corruption.

That’s why employment is important for everyone. It is mostly for the deserving candidates in private and government sectors in India.

When students or job seekers see that government is working transparently, providing equal opportunities then they start behaving positively.

Their positive behaviors will reflect on the success in studies and exams. When job seekers see that their elected government is with them, then they start participating in research, innovation and make the country fruitful and developed.

Students have great power if someone can align them to the right direction and if there is a platform.

4. Employment is the Unit of poverty alleviation

Employment is the unit of poverty alleviation directly and indirectly. Employment directly gives security and financial stability to people below poverty line. Indirectly when someone is on the job they learn to live and survive. They got a group of people in which many explore new ideas and daily life finance handling methods.

When anyone below poverty line people learn from other in working atmosphere then they become able to educate their children to become successful and respectful in the society. They become inspiring for their kids. That’s the difference employment create in the life of people.

If you want to test, ask the children of below poverty line people and ask them who inspire them to learn and work hard. They will tell you, Parents, APJ Abdul Kalam and many other legends.

And ask the rich people children the same question they will tell you, cricketer, movie star, politicians and mostly don’t know about it.

Another indirect benefit of employment is that it will keep people busy and productive. And they use their brain for personal and national development.

5. Only employment can stop people to become a terrorist

You can see that thieves, extremist and terrorist etc. are well educated and intelligent. But you’re surprised that why they become dangerous for the country even after education and intelligence?

It’s because they don’t get jobs. They see that the people around them without qualification are getting jobs and money. They feel cheated by the system. They aren’t able to live and provide facilities to their family. That’s why they become terrorists.

You can see that many politicians, political organization and anti-nationalist are using these innocent people. Once they start getting money for the creation of social crises then they keep doing criminal activities.

That’s why it’s really important for the government of India especially to make it mandatory for political parties, NGOs, MLAs, and MPs to showcase the income and outgoings (funding (credit/debits) details). So that the News Media can expose, citizen become aware of it and Supreme Court, ACB and government can take action on such organizations and people.

Employment is not the only method to reduce the level of crimes but it’s very effective.

While there are many points that need debate and discussion but due to the length of this article, I am concluding that in one or two paragraphs.

If government of any country wants the development of democracy and improvements in the unity of people, if they want to create educational opportunities for children’s, if they want to help and prevent child labor, make people healthy and fit and want to create new path for natural resources development and innovation then they have to work hard and plan to provide jobs and career development opportunities to job seekers.

That’s why employment is important in India and all the developing countries to become developed.

Friends, It’s also our duty for the personal and national development that we take initiative to increase the employment rate. Such as our top taxpayers people, companies can take initiative  to train and invest in the development of skilled and unskilled people if government is unable to do it, then they can provide tax rebate for such companies, who have will and skills to take initiatives in skill India, startup India such programs etc. programs.

What do you think?

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