Importance of English for Housewives

English for housewives

Education and skills make everyone confident and help to build a career. I connect the importance of English for a housewife with the development of woman’s in society and work. Where they can protect and dominate ultraviolet magnetic rays from men’s build social rituals.

Let’s understand in details Why English is important for housewives

1. The first positive impact of English language for Housewives will be on their kids in daily life communication. In which in the morning she can say Good Morning, drink, milk and these small daily life communication.

The impact of this help kid in communication before even he/she go to school or pre-nursery. No matter if the kids are going to Private school or government school. It’s because the base has to be wider before they interact with different communication tools.

So it will help a kid in English communication. Later that will help them in schooling. And he/she get the power to understand double meaning words. Most of the parents admit their kids to private school due to English medium.

But if kid’s base is already strong or build by his/her mother in the home in English. Then it will encourage them to admit to a government school. And I believe that if one student communicates in English with teachers and with other students, then it will boost the morale of the class.  Related: Importance of English for students

(गृहिणियों के लिए अंग्रेजी भाषा का पहला सकारात्मक प्रभाव दैनिक, बच्चों के संचार पर होगा। सुबह में वह कह सकती है कि शुभ सुबह, पेय, दूध और इस तरह के छोटे दैनिक जीवन संचार।What do you want to eat? How long you want to sleep. etc.

इससे पहले कि वह स्कूल या पूर्व-नर्सरी पर जाते हैं, उनका आधार व्यापक होना चाहिए। क्यूंकि अगर आधार बच्चे की माँ तैयार करेगी तो वो बच्चा किसी भी प्रकार के स्कूल में एवं प्रतियोगिता के लिए तैयार हो जाएगा।

तो यह अंग्रेजी संचार में एक बच्चे की मदद करेगा। बाद में उसे स्कूली शिक्षा में मदद मिलेगी। और वह बच्चा दोहरी अर्थ शब्दों को समझने की शक्ति प्राप्त करेगा । )

2. Knowledge of English language for one woman’s in any area or village helps other housewives to learn from them and it will grow and develop the village. I mean educated village. In which everyone is connected with each other and helping to protect and identify their rights.

3. Important of English is important for house wives to study and work on government and private sector. I saw that many higher positioned officers do not treat women respectively. I saw that. I don’t like those and never. But if woman’s can speak, write and listen and defend and offend in English then next person always think before taking rude words in action and order.

4. English language can help housewives in the overall development of their personality and confidence. And they will be get awareness about their fundamental rights. It will help them to user internet and computer. They can use Internet banking apps. They can invest/save by understanding various schemes of banking.

5. English language can help housewives to handle any private and government related works in the absence of husband. When there are most of the documents are in English.

6. Knowledge of English language to Indian housewives able them to learn any skills on the internet such as cooking, art and craft, stitching, blogging, copywriting, internet marketing and various other business and employment education on the internet.

7. English language can help them to start online business. Such as teaching on YouTube and blogging. Even they can apply for online jobs.

8. There are many companies looking for part time internet marketers, bloggers and people who have great practical knowledge. Such as housewives are the best managers. And the most important thing in these high tech jobs is communication in English. So if housewives have English knowledge they can apply for jobs and prove the motivation in daily business practices.

9. When English writing, speaking and listening knowledge help one housewife’s in one village, it will inspire other woman’s to learn English communication. And overall development of woman’s is the development of our country (India).

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10. It’s funny but English knowledge can help housewives to debate with their husband. Especially if someone is speaking in English after drinking in home then the wife can also communicate in English. And it’s enough for the husband to remain in under skin.

11. Many housewives use Internet now days, such as Whatapp, Facebook and various other things. As you know most of commands, and content on the internet in English. Sometime there are few black online marketing, data stealing practices in which is not understandable by common people and they click on that. Without even getting idea what can happen. So if housewives have learned the English language they can handle internet of things easily, confidently and easily protect their privacy and security.

12. English language is important for housewives to grow their position in the society where few women or men’s are dominating them in their rights. So an educated woman can ask question and understand the situation and it will help them to increase the modern schemes of new India.

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Overall importance of English for a housewife looks that it’s a part of education. Yes, It is.  And educating girls, housewives in English and any other modern language particularly help them in the society practically. Else there are many educated housewives but if they are expert in English they can grow more their position in society. And all this will help any country in the development goals.

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