Importance of innovation in business

Innovation is the execution of a unique idea in the business model, business processes such as manufacturing, distribution, sales, planning, training, management, customer support, and profit. Innovation is the reason behind the growth of the business, startups, entrepreneurship, and anything that we do creatively in business.

There are two types of innovation:

Negative Innovation: The goal here is to make more profit in case of anything. For example, in the situation of bad air quality in any city, everyone starts creating and selling low-quality products at cheap rates. For example, in Diwali when everyone knows that the demands for sweets are higher, they will start creating and selling sweets made of low-quality material and mixture of many non-healthy ingredients.

Positive Innovation: The goal here is to make a change from negative to positive. In the situation of bad air quality in any city, companies create complete plans that help to reduce bad air quality by selling high-quality products at genuine prices and they market not by low price but by higher quality. And similarly, sweet makers sell on quality, not on prices.

But in the modern world, it’s not working due to the poor values of society and leaders. Today, innovation means to earn more profit and get benefits from people as much as possible.

I believe that 50% of businesses and leaders are just focused on negative innovation around the world. And most of them exist from 30 years. Yes, but few are great leaders, creating and executing business visions and innovating eco-friendly products, services, process, and systems.

Actually, students are taught to make a profit also in the worst situations of society in business schools. And that’s why 50% of innovation and development is negative. Negative innovation means destructive innovation.

The question is or topic should be why positive innovation is important in business. So let’s get started why positive innovation is important in business:

1. Innovation break the monopoly:

Innovation in product/Pricing/Features: Innovation is important for the market. Innovation brings new products, services,  pricing model in the market. That help to break the monopoly by a few companies and business. There are various strategy to break the monopoly and lead in the market. One that I am sharing with you is that bring some part of the product in the market instead of the complete product of a competitor.

For example, There is a graphics design software leading the 80% market. In the software, there are many features such as graphics design, photo editing, website design, brochure design, animation, and many other things.

The software is targeting web and print markets and consumers. But the problem in the software is that it’s very highly priced that low-income level designer unable to pay for it. And many features in the software are not useable for that person. So here is the point of innovation. Innovation starts from here and it’s the best example for innovation especially in the IT industry.

Existed product: Priced e.g. $300 with all most all graphics design features. And renewal is necessary that is priced the same as actual price $300.

Now the innovative idea is here:

New product:

Product A: Focused on Logo Design Features. Priced $20 and with $10 renewal. SAAS(Software as a service business model).

If there are 100000+ professionals around the world use this software for logo design work then the gross income for sellers will be around $200000 per year. It can be priced $20 for a single user.

It’s a great idea, in which software producer can focus more on logo design features and quality improvement. The profit can be higher in 2nd year if followed by the following conditions:

  1. Renewal after 12 months.
  2. New customers in 12 months.
  3. Updates and support.

Now the add-on (priced/free) innovation can be following for logo design:

– Logo design portal for Freelancers/Clients.

– Logo Design Course/Training (Free/Paid)

Now the same innovation idea is possible in many other features such as:

Product B: Focused on Photo Editing Features.

Product C: Focused on Vector Based Graphics

Product D: Focused on Web Design/Apps Design

Now above is just an example of innovation and the benefits of doing this are the following:

1.) It will make break the monopoly of the market leader, no matter how strong the company is.

2.) It will bring new opportunities for employment.

3.) Product cost is now low so that every professional can acquire this.

4.) The profit from the market is divided now 5-10 parties instead of 1.

Now it’s an open competition, where the consumer is king.

Now understand, why innovation is important to break the monopoly. And even market leaders can innovate the product/services by using similar innovative product strategy.

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2. Innovation in pricing or revenue model make product/services purchasable for every income level people:

I need to pay $500 each month for certain services in my business. As per the SAAS business model. No matter I use the product or not, I have to pay in all the conditions. Now in this condition, the customer is the looks like a slave of the IT company and customers need to pay each year $500.

Now, this price is suitable for many but not for all. But then here innovation starts in business. The innovation in pricing can be by the same company or competitor. So let’s take an example of company B, how to capture the market through innovation in the pricing.

Company A is selling the product in $500 with yearly renewal or repurchase rate $500.

Now Company B can innovate with different pricing strategy who is getting less customer such as:

Company B can be priced as per the use of the product/services. And there are no renewal fees. The more people use the more they can pay and if they are not using they don’t need to pay.

How innovation makes a difference in business, Following are the examples:

Using the product of Company A:

  • The software is used to create $100 value.
  • Used only in 30 days in all 365 days.
  • I paid $500
  • I need to pay $400 for repurchase or renewal after a year to continue.

So by using the product of Company A, the customers getting the non-transparent loss but companies keep earning a profit it’s because there is no another pricing option for the consumer and there is no transparency.

And it’s happening with many professional and companies these days by using various IT related or cloud computing services.

Now with Company B (Innovation/Startup/Idea)

Using the product of Company B:

  • The software is used to create $100 value.
  • Used only in 30 days in all 365 days.
  • I paid $500
  • But my balance is $490. It means I can still use the product without paying. Just like we pay as per the duration of a mobile call.
  • I need to pay for repurchase or renewal.

Now with Company C (Innovation/Startup/Idea)

Using the product of Company C:

  • The software is used to create $100 value.
  • Used only in 30 days in all 365 days.
  • I paid $50 once for 30 days.
  • I don’t need to pay for repurchase or renewal.
  • I will pay again when I need to use.

So in this example, Company B, C or D, E can compete on pricing models and system. And it’s highlight the importance of innovation in pricing the product/services.

The benefits can be following by innovation in pricing for customers:

1). The customer is satisfied and doesn’t feel cheated.

2.) The customer doesn’t have to pay $500 for $100 value work.

3.) Improvement in the speed of execution or use of the product.

4.) Option for marketing strategy in pricing for business.


That’s why innovation is important in business to compete with big brands and competitors and provide great value for customers.

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3. Innovation in setting market to provide profit to all:

Those markets don’t grow where everyone is selling the same or similar products. That’s why you can see in small cities and villages that markets don’t grow. And these markets are captures by bigger shopping malls or big bazaars. It one is the king in between 10 business, it’s because 1 is selling more and marketing more.

Now the innovation is important here to divide the profit or create an entry for more customers and businesses in the market:

In this case:

In Cloth Market A:

Business A: Selling all kind of trousers.

business B: Selling all kind of Shirts

Business C: Selling all kind of shoes.

Business D: Selling complete trending fashion style included hairdressing and makeup.

In the IT market B:

Business A: Selling Laptops

business B: Selling Computers

Business C: Selling CCTV Camera

Business D: Selling Accessories

Business E: Selling installation services

Business F: Selling Website Design Services

Business G: Selling basic computer courses


Now, this is an example. but the benefits are the following:

1) All business get income and customers and it’s a series or customer journey. It can be by one company in a mall or 3 businesses in the small market.

2). The customer gets all the solution in one place.

3.) 1 Customer purchased items from all 10.

4.) Everyone is happy.

Else 1 business is making more profit and others are just there for the business adventure.

That’s why it’s important to build a market or think about innovation and product launching as per the market. In which the others don’t get affection from my presence and instead I can get benefits from all those that are already existed. That’s why innovation is important in business not only to grow business but to start a business.

4. Innovation in business create opportunities for startups:

The success of one product creates add-on products. Google is the best example of this. Google Inc or parent company own google ads, google translator, Gmail, google trends, google news, google for education, google academy and google analytics and many other mobile apps and operating system along with search engine.

Now we can learn three ways for innovation from google:

  1. Create add- on products/services that add value. Such as Google Ads, google keyword planner, google trends, google analytics and google AdWords fundamentals is a group.
  2. The 2nd focuses on customer/users while thinking about innovation.  Such as google assistant that is a very great experience for those who can’t type for many reasons.
  3. Expand business, reduce risk and over dependability on one product/services/business models. The investment in cloud computing/ cloud storage. Android and some of the latest such as in Google home hub, pixel slate, and Google car and hundreds of others.

Now today, due the consistent thinking and execution of innovative ideas Google Inc or parent company Alphabet Inc. is stable and here in the market for the next 100 years. It’s because users/people are dependable on them for information and solutions.

If they thought that the search engine is enough then they can’t grow the business to this level like it’s today.

Still, they are walking towards success and investing in innovation after achieving a milestone.

That’s why innovation is important to expand the business. And business expands it creates opportunities for new people and startups. Such as Google Ads or PPC advertising services, online advertising and marketing and monetization methods.

You can say it’s about big business. But innovation is also important in small business. Innovation is important for almost every professional and human being. We can’t’ be the same all the time. And we’re not. We change as per the situation and demands.

Creativity and innovation are almost similar. Creativity is more original and it’s about a new invention that does not exist before. But recent innovations are mostly from the copy and paste or reinvention of the wheel in different color, size, structure, price. Each of today’s things connected with each other for profit making.

So innovation is important in business to grow and to produce new solutions and ideas into the market that is valuable for customers and society. Tomorrow the new invention can be flying machines, robots in health management and search engine without links. And anything can be possible when someone thinks to grow, expand, start. Everyone (mostly leaders/business leaders/starters) have to think differently but the majority follow the working formulas then creativity and innovation.

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5. From failure to success in business

Innovation is not only important when you’re successful in your business but very important when you’re failing.

For example, you’re making a marginal profit from 3 years and at the same cost. And when you make a change in pricing the marginal profits goes even down.

But at the same time if instead of making a change in marketing, if you reduce production cost, speed up the delivery and market or sell creatively by introducing unique selling plan things can work and possible to grow the business.

This just an example, but what I mean here is that if you keep innovating and launching your new ideas even with macro level, it will work.

And in the situation of loss, innovation and creativity is the only option to bounce back.

Innovation includes risk too, such as over innovation in the product can reduce the quality of the product. Such as today’s operating systems visibility and functionality are more complex than previous versions.

The SAAS cloud computing business model is innovation but it’s also negative and more profitable for companies than customers. And there is a higher possibility that it will fail or will take time to grow. It’s because the pricing model is monopolistic.

But whatever that is positive and negative is because of innovation and creativity. Technology has more disadvantages than advantages but still, everyone uses it and becoming slaves of artificial intelligence that have no moral, social, environment values or humanity.

In conclusion, I can say that governments can increase GDP and Employment by creating innovative business policies. Innovative thinking in business leaders improves the living standard of societies. Innovation in IT can provide business opportunities for non-IT people. Innovation in education creates environment-friendly new business leaders and entrepreneurs. And innovation in training/skills improves speed in execution and quality in business. Innovation in quality increase the demand and position the brand in the market strongly That’s why innovation is important in business.

That’s it what I know so far!

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