Importance of planning in life essay

Importance of planning in life essay

Importance of Planning Essay: Importance of planning can be considered as one of the key reasons behind goal achievement by execution of plan in our daily life. Planning starts after dreams,needs, desires and ideas take birth in business and life. Planning is important for personal, social, economic, financial, national, career and business development.

In this article I will try to cover why planning is important in our life after consideration of our daily life aspects. So let’s start:

But before I start explaining why planning is important, let’s understand what is planning? According to Wikipedia planning is the process of thinking about the activities required to achieve a desired goal. Also planning is a fundamental property of intelligent behaviour. Learn more…

Most of the people will agree with the above mentioned definition of planning, including me and you. So Let’s understand why is planning important in our daily life?

  • Planning is important to stay focused on the goals despite the constant change around the business such as government policies, environmental changes, market competition etc.
  • One small and crazy  idea can become big business with proper planning such as Facebook and Google.
  • A idea is nothing more than brain waves if there is no plan to execute it for social benefits.
  • Planning provides speed, competitive advantages, confidence, direction, flexibility to do what someone has dreamt about. Such as making a billion dollar business, getting a job or good marks at school.  
  • Planning helps leaders and managers to set strategic action oriented goals and tasks for team to follow in an organisation.
  • 149 rupees top up 30 day validity in which you will get unlimited local, STD calls, Free Roaming, 1GB, 4G data, unlimited night data etc.What is this? This is a plan for consumers by one telecom company. It is created to provide many benefits at a lower price point for attracting consumers to buy the recharge. This plan will help company to generate more profit than other company providing same features in 200 rupees. That’s why planning is important in business.
  • What career do I choose after 10+2 or basic school education? The answer can be anything but what if a student wants 50,000 Rupees income per month after 5 years? Now the achievement of this goal, will depends on the career plan created by student, parents or his counsellors or relatives. Some cases are exceptional. But majority of those who didn’t plan failed. This is why planning is important, because when there is a plan, students will be able to follow the guidelines, learning activities, courses and degrees and expand friend circle based on the plan. Now a days planning is more important than ever because of technological distractions. That’s why career planning is important for students.
  • It’s very tough to get promotion or raise in income without planning. Because no one is thinking about your success. You need to think about yourself. For example, if you plan to get a promotion, your plan should include an updates in your coding skills or learning about certain things that will help your company, certain addition in behaviours skills etc.
  • Planning helps to direct and redirect future for self and others for efficient living standard. For example if in future you may need money immediately for family occasions or emergency obligations then what you will do? That’s why most of the people save emergency fund in banks. So that they can walk towards future confidently. That’s why planning is important to survive in life.
  • In any business, investment, marketing, career, life insurance- there are certain risks, conditions, disciplines, profits, advantages and disadvantages of plans. For example in banks, savings and investment schemes are the wealth plan for public. Such as mutual fund investment plan but it is subject to market risk. Similarly, health plan, insurance plan all are created to achieve certain goals of organization and consumers.
  • Etc.

A good plan requires certain basic things and conditions such as  IF/ELSE, AND, OR, NOT, While). Planning includes duration, time management, daily, weekly and monthly actions and activities, what to do after profit, what to do in the face of loss, what to do if this happens or if it does not happen etc. Its sheer brainstorming and It’s a lot of think tank work.

Creation of a good plan requires a certain degree of intelligence and analysis. For instance today businesses, governments, media and almost everyone involved in goods and services production and distribution use data, generated or gathered through social media, artificial intelligence, apps, surveys, inventories, populations, demographics, behaviours.

There are various tools and services available in today’s time that you can use to create business, career and investment plan etc. Such as:

    • Business plan software that help you to create step by step instructions for manager, teams, customers to follow. These business plan software is most suited for eCommerce Stores, Restaurants, Industrial services provider and all kind of profit and non-profit organizations.
    • Marketing Plan software and Services – Travel Agencies, Coaching Institutes, Web Design and SEO services provider and many other can use planners, experts, software’s, template to create Search Engine optimisation strategy, customer experiences plan, social media marketing plan etc.
    • Goal setting templates There are various free and paid templates available for students, teachers to set up career plan, budget plan, lesson plan and many other.


Etc. If there are so many business, career, life, investment planner available in the market for sell and planning expert available in the market it indicate that how much planning important in daily life.

You can use pre-designed templates, software and taking help ensure that plan will be executable. You need to remember that any plan can fail and an expert can fail in planning loopholes in project.Planning is not guarantee of success but it just stays you longer on the goal and reduce the burden from brain on daily basis.

Careful Planning after data analysis reduces the risk of negative fallout during execution. But many things are not under human control and never will be such as Nature and environment.

I also believe that students should plan their career after seeing the reports or data that they have. First they should analyse their own report cards, to see which subjects interests them and which can make a good career choice.

Secondly they should see the data that tells them about the qualities and characteristics of colleges, degree courses, universities and job market trends after data analysis. So that they can plan the career with top quality.

Who is not planning today? Everyone is planning based on his/her priorities.

  • Politicians plan election campaigns, attractive slogans, comments to win get votes and support for the agenda from public and dominate opposition.
  • News Media plan when to run what news or what to telecast at prime time. So that they get TRP.
  • Dance Shows, Comedy shows or all type of TV shows plan to increase TRP, plan every step that is important to run the competition successfully.
  • Government’s plan the TAX Policies, Subsidy schemes and public interest schemes so that citizens get good services and government will able to generate revenue from tax.
  • Travel Agencies plan trips for tourist so that people get idea and clarity of about the trips they are booking. In return better planned trip generate more revenue to travel agency and satisfaction for tourist. .
  • Universities, colleges plan academic sessions, subjects and syllabus for students.
  • Teachers plan class lessons and activities for students.
  • Architects plan a house on paper before employing engineers to build it.
  • Engineers plan a foundation for the house before building floors.
  • Electricians and Plumbers plan piping and wiring schemes while floors are being built.
  • For higher comfort and luxury people living in metros use destination wedding planner, event planner etc.


Everything that you’re doing, using, communicating, receiving and reacting online and offline is part of someone’s plan. That plan can be to collect your data, that plan can be to educate you, that plan can be to get money from you, that plan can be to provide your benefits.

Plan and planning are universal words and activities. People plan to carry an umbrella when they feel that there are chances of rain. Following are the example about the importance of planning in life from Google Keyword Planner keywords data:-

  • 10K – 100K people searched on Google monthly Worldwide from April 2017 to March 2018 about retirement planning.
  • 100K – 1M people searched on Google monthly World Wide from April 2017 to March 2018 about wedding planner.
  • How to write a business plan searched by 10K – 100K people monthly
  • Career planning searched by 10K – 100K monthly 
  • etc.

If billion people searching, learning, taking, providing, watching, creating, thinking about career, business, trip, retirement, savings, investment and health cover planning, it mean it’s universally recognised practice that can help to achieve the certain goals and dreams.

You can use pre-designed templates, software and taking help ensure that plan will be executable. You need to remember that any plan can fail and an expert can fail in planning loopholes in project.Planning is not guarantee of success but it just stays you longer on the goal and reduce the burden from brain on daily basis.

If everyone is creating, using, buying and acting on business plan, marketing plan, financial plan, travel plan, investment plan, income plan, living plan, office plan and writing & speech plan it means planning is more than just important, it is the primary object in the process of goal setting. And that’s why, it mentioned in the 2nd paragraph of this article- planning is the fundamental property of intelligent behaviours.

Most of the plans are positive and looks nice. But the execution is the key to achieve goals. that’s why step by step execution of activities defined in the plans help us to achieve goals and happiness. That’s why planning is important in life.

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