web development skills

Q/A related to Web Development Skills for Beginners

Questions related to Web development are answered in this article were asked by someone on our facebook page and the questions look answerable and valuable for web development beginners.  So I am writing all these without any research and I am just including my personal point of views and experiences…
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Digital marketing skills and its uses

Uses of Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is a skill and methods to use internet platforms to market business/product/services. Internet platforms or digital channels are the websites and apps that people use daily and repeatedly in their life and business for various things. These digital channels are created by using a digital computer/internet & programming…
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uses of search engine marketing skills

Uses of Search Engine Marketing Skills

Search engine marketing is one of the most important digital marketing skill. Search engines are used to show advertisement related to the queries/keywords in the top of the search results/sidebar that people type to search for information, products. There are various types of advertisements that are mostly in use such…
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Benefits of learning and updating your digital marketing skills

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course: Digital marketing skills trending worldwide and have a bigger career and business opportunities. While there are many ways to learn digital marketing such as blogs, books, videos, and podcasts, etc. But the quickest way is to learn digital marketing by doing an online course or…
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benefits of online marketing to customers

Top 10 Benefits of online marketing to customers

Modern customers search on Google, they use Facebook, they read blogs and visit many websites and apps hundreds of times in a day. The use of the internet for them is an important part of life and there are many benefits and uses of the internet for them and that’s…
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importance of digital marketing

Importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario

Digital marketing is the fastest and most effective way to promote and advertise a business online and get more customers and leads. Digital marketing is becoming the synonym of marketing. Digital Marketing is effective and productive in relation to its cost, flexibility, campaign tracking, automation by using search engine marketing, search…
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powers of digital marketing

Powerful benefits of digital marketing for small businesses

Benefits of digital marketing for your small business: Digital marketing tools and methods grow your sales, business. Digital marketing helps you to innovate. Digital Marketing is a way to connect and help more people with your products and services. Digital Marketing is the solution to growing small businesses. Digital marketing tools…
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all you need to do is marketing - importance of marketing in business success

Importance of Marketing in Business Success – All you need to do

Importance of marketing in business: Marketing is the activity, method, and strategy that we choose to connect, communicate and help people with our products and services. It is an act of courage, confidence, and skills that inspire someone to help others through product and services. It is a strategy to…
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Digital marketing strategy that will enhance your creativity, knowledge

Digital marketing strategy that will enhance your creativity & knowledge

Digital marketing strategies with Examples: Thousands of small and midsize business are achieving their business goals by using digital marketing skills, platforms, and increasing revenue. But many are just getting average benefits and many unable to compete with other brands. There are many reasons behind the failure and success in…
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introduction of eCommerce website with examples

eCommerce Website Introduction with easy examples

An eCommerce website is an information technology method in which trader, businesses/distributor/marketers can sell products/services and the customer can purchase on that website electronically by using internet on the mobile and computer. It means an e-commerce website is an online shop. e means electronic. Commerce mean business. Website means the…
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how eCommerce has changed the business

How eCommerce has changed business

Information Technology has changed the way of doing business. It has changed the product development, marketing, selling process and communication channels that revolutionized e-commerce or online selling buying methods. E-commerce changed the selling /buying elements and bringing new methods of doing business and shopping experience. So what are those changes…
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learn marketing skills from experts and teachers

How to Learn Marketing Skills from marketing Experts/Teachers?

Marketing is the most important skill for the youth of any nation for employment and economic development especially digital marketing skills. In this series of “how to learn marketing skills” today, I am sharing with you my tips and suggestion on how to learn marketing skills from popular experts and…
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learn marketing skills from shopkeepers and sellers

How to learn marketing skills from the Sellers and Shopkeepers

Learning from shopkeepers, the salesman is a very creative and practical method to learn marketing skills. There are master shopkeepers and salesman’s in showrooms in every city and in the market. They are experienced in dealing with people. They know about the product and services they are selling. And the…
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learn marketing skills from advertisements

How to learn marketing skills from Advertisements

Marketing skills are one of the most important career, business, and national development skills that are essential for almost everyone. There are only a few common ways to learn marketing skills that are “do the marketing course or watch on YouTube and learn by doing. But the truth behind the…
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