Internet Marketing Services for Local & International Clients

Hi Friends, Welcome to the Shimla-India based leading Internet Marketing Services and Training Provider Company Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd. We provide internet marketing services for local and international clients.

Who are we?

We are a team of creative and enthusiastic people and we have personal and career development goals. To achieve common goals we are producing and delivering top quality WordPress Web design, Graphics Design, Search Engine Optimization Services and Training to Clients and Students in Shimla offline and online through YouTube and Blog on this website.


Our services are designed especially for small business owners such as tour and travel agents, shopkeepers, magazines, bloggers, media companies and for everyone who wants to achieve their personal and business goals using Internet and computer technologies.


Following are our ROI  Internet Marketing Services

1. WordPress Web Design, Re-Design and Maintenance Services

WordPress is widely used CMS application that is best fit for small business websites. Even anyone can build a website by their own using WordPress. But the professional methods of designing websites is little different and faster.  It’s because you not only need a website but you need it error free and traffic from search engine.

If it’s not professionally designed and have errors then how it is possible for Google or similar search engine to crawl the websites?

We learned to build websites from scratch and we know the things those are important to implement in a website.

Such as less use of Inline CSS, grouping of Java Script, plugins maintenance, and themes activation, sitemap.XML, roboto.txt, cPanel or server management, search engine indexing, call to action and proper design of the website or theme etc. are essential things need to cover. So that people or website traffic is able to get great user experiences and user interface.

And most of the people are not able to follow website basics and they use free themes or miss configured themes even this is the case the premium themes. That’s why to help such people we are providing WordPress Web design, Website Re-design, and Maintenance services.

Another reason of delivering WordPress services is that many companies and web design agencies are charging more money from clients and delivering web services in very high cost.

That’s why we are here to produce and design websites with top quality that is not a burden for website owners.


Here you can learn more about our WordPress website design services:

Are You Looking for Web Design Company in Shimla, HP-India?

Website Design Services for Shimla Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

Following are our recently completed projects: – E-commerce Store – Use of Woo Commerce + WordPress – Tour and Travel Agency Website – WordPress Premium Theme – Business Consultant – Re-designed and reconfiguration of landing pages, blog layout.


 2 . Search Engine Optimization Services

We are expert in Search Engine Optimization and we are doing it for last 5+ years on client’s websites. You can also say that we provide Google search engine optimization services for small business owners. And we’re best Shimla based SEO company expert in organic SEO.

Organic Seo is our favorite for many reasons. First reason, it is the primary source of traffic for websites. 2nd it is most demanding, 3rd required consistent learning and updates, 4th we are getting 60%+ traffic to our website from Google or organic search results, and 5th that organic traffic is most useful if someone is using Google Adsense.

That’s why we provide Search Engine Optimization services for small business owners, online stores, and bloggers and educational websites.

Learn more here:

Affordable SEO services for Small Business Website

SEO Pasta at the Google buffet-Small Business SEO

If you’re looking for proof, check out the traffic of this website and you will get the proof, how we are ranking or growing our websites or business.

If you want to implement the similar strategy that leads to excellence, then it’s our pleasure to help you.

3. Graphics Design Services

We have artistic and creative graphic designers. They have the aim to impact the user’s behaviors positively on the Internet. Our designers want to be unique, creative and spiritual in their graphic design works.

We can help you in designing Business Logo, Blog Images, Online Store Product Retouch, Photo Editing, Quotes Designing, Website Banners, and PSD etc.

Learn More:  Graphics design services that inspire people to act

So the above is our 3 Internet Marketing services so far for small business owners locally in Shimla and online for the world. We are learners and we do mistakes, but we don’t care about what else is talking or thinking about us. We are focused on delivering quality and fast services and dedicated to learning. We care what we do for clients, how we do it, so before receiving money from clients, we take it in writing that they are satisfied with our services or not.

We don’t work for money and never contact us if you have a website that is not creating any value for users or never contact if you want to rewrite or copy the content of other people, never contact us to misguide the people and earn money for you.

Our goal here is to help you to promote and sell your products and services locally and internationally the way we’re doing it and getting benefits.

Contact us if you want to be a leader in your industry, have quality products and services, and ready to help people offline and online. So you’re welcome.

Now let me introduce about our Internet Marketing Training Courses:

We train people to work with us. We train people to work with other companies or start own business and companies’ often contact us to train their staff in WordPress, SEO and in Graphics Designing.

Let’s look at following training courses.

1. WordPress Website Designing Training

In this training course, we teach clients and students about the essential things that help them to build any type of website. Mostly we teach how to build, redesign, maintain WordPress Web site. This training course contains all the necessary topics from idea to domain booking, hosting to theme installation, banners designs or content writing, search engine indexing to Search Engine optimization. It takes 3 months to learn here at Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd. Shimla. But if any case you’re not able to learn, we provide 3 month’s extra training for students without any fees.

Get essential details: WordPress Website Designing Course in Shimla, HP-India

2. Online Income Source Development Training Course

This is our favorite and one of the best training courses that you can’t find in Himachal – India anywhere other than Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd.

This is a specially designed training course in which we teach people how to earn money online and offline by using their own talent, skills, and knowledge.

Such as Freelancing, Blogging and Affiliate Marketing etc. are top most sources to earn money online. Also if students do not have any skills we teach them the basics of computer, graphics designing, website designing, SEO and social media marketing etc. This is all in one course and our most demanded course ever in Shimla.

Here you can learn more details:

Online Income Source Development Training Course in Shimla

3. SEO Training Course

Seo copywriting training course duration is 3 months’. In which we teach and train students on live projects of client’s websites. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer and internet can start learning SEO. SEO is most demanding skills worldwide. That’s why we started this course.

Here you can learn more: SEO Copywriting Training Course in Shimla, HP – India


Following are our other courses:

Basic Computer Course in Shimla, HP–India

Adobe Photoshop Training Course in Shimla

Social Media Marketing Training Course in Shimla

Our training goals are to help you so that you will be able to work from home, earn from home and able to start part-time or full time online and offline business.

Here are some samples of my training style:

Career, Income and Job opportunities in Graphics Design Field | Hindi Tutorial

How to Choose a Career in IT Field || Career Tips Hindi Tutorial

Cover Letter Writing Tips for Upwork and Freelancing Websites || Hindi Tutorial

How to apply job in Upwork oDesk – Hindi Tutorial


So friends, that why it’s great for you to find people like us in India to promote your business or build your career online.

Who am I?

Myself Vijay Sharma working in the IT field since 2006. Now I am leading the Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd. in Shimla, after a successful career as a computer teacher. I have years of experiences in training people IT skills and have more than 5+ years of experienced in designing websites. So far created 100+ websites for offline and online clients but now I am looking for great clients and people who want to learn and want to grow their business and career.

I just want to help you with my skills, whatever it is so the people can grow faster in their struggling times.

You can send us your message, you can hire us on, or you can leave a comment on this post.


Vijay Sharma (Founder & CEO at Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd.

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