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Microsoft Office Courses Online: You need the best Microsoft Office Courses Online to learn document writing skills, mathematical calculations and data management skills, presentation skills many more daily life office skills. And you need to learn these practically with exercises.

For that in this article, I am suggesting you the most powerful, practical, effective and easy online courses that are so much helpful for students, freelancers, teachers, and everyone who have to do daily official works.

Microsoft Office Applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook and Office 365 Administrative tasks skills help to increase the speed of productivity, quality. 

Currently, Office 365 is more popular to create, edit and share files online. It’s a new and more productive version that provide ease to edit documents in less time with more quality. There is a latest and similar version of MS Office such as Office 2016, Office 365 for Windows and Mac Operating system. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a few other applications are the most important member of Microsoft Office.

This post has two parts, the First Part contains and explains essential Microsoft Office Applications Skills and 2nd Part have suggested Online Courses to learn the mentioned skills in the 1st part.

So let’s get started:

1. Microsoft Word – Document Writing & Editing Skills

Microsoft Office- Microsoft word skills

Basic Home Menu functions such as fonts, bold, underline, color, bullets, numbers, text alignment, styles etc. important to create any professional documents. After that certain documents required to use tables for data reports, picture in newsletters, links in eBook or technical guidelines, comments for collaboration or point of view in a certain paragraph, header and footer in eBooks.

And for printouts, you have to learn page layout or page setup. Page layout is used to set up predefined or custom margins to print the document. After practicing the above functions, you should learn templates option in Microsoft Word that you can use to create event flyer, resume, business cards, reports and project planning documents etc. on pre-designed or created documents.

These are the essential Microsoft Word Skills that required in almost all kind of official jobs and works. And for that, if you’re interested in learning only Microsoft Word then find the best courses here Top 5 Microsoft Word Courses Online to become master in document writing and editing

2. Microsoft Excel Skills – Data Calculation, Analysis, and Visualisation Skills

Microsoft excel skills and online courses

In Microsoft Excel, you have to perform, analyze and present calculation. For that, you need to learn about cells, worksheet, formulas, charts, conditional formatting, sum, sorting, filters, currency conversion, data management, and reporting etc.

If you use and learn these functions or options you will be able to create a personal and professional budget, to do list, salary calculation, project planning, and cost calculation, monthly sales and purchases calculation, data analysis, charts, reports, data organization, daily progress reports etc. These are important skills that I think in today’s time important for students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and managers.

So go here, if you want to be master in excel operations: Best Online Courses to learn Microsoft Excel 2016

3. Microsoft PowerPoint – Data, Information & Idea Presentation Skills:

powerpoint skills and online courses

To be a master in presentations of data, information, and reports it’s important that you learn Microsoft PowerPoint.  But to be master in Presentation you need to learn essential PowerPoint skills.

The goals of the presentations are to present and communicate your idea, product info, plans or data & information to the audience. Now the audience can be students, teachers, employees, investors, and managers.

In Insert menu, you should practice inserting tables, picture from the internet or computer, shapes, links, text boxes, smart art to showcase certain relationship in data. In the design menu, it’s important that you know which color combination is good for a particular presentation. Such as transitions menu help you to set up change effects between to slides and animation helps to set effects in shapes, text, images, and data so that presentation attracts and engage people.

4. Microsoft Outlook – Communication Management

Outlook skills and online courses

The 4th essential Office skills are Microsoft Outlook that is used to connect, manage communication between two or more people online. Microsoft Outlook email application used to send and receive emails helps in setting updates in the calendar for particular meeting and events, daily task managers and contact book.

The benefit of using and learning Microsoft Outlook that you can insert and edit emails professionally and more effectively and you can configure your own custom domain or custom Email ID and that help to work on everything using Microsoft Office.

5. Office 365 Administration: Collaboration, Sharing and Monitoring Skills

Office 365 administrative skills and online courses

As you know about Office 365 that you can run it online, share documents, collaborate with team members, assign tasks and see the work in real time. It means there are various things that need to learn to use office 365 for business purposes.

Such as you need to learn user management such as you have 3 employees or students working on a project, Office 365 deployment, the creation of custom domains, methods to use office with Skype for business, Yammer, SharePoint, hybrid active directory etc.

The above are the essential Microsoft Office universal skills. No matter you use Office 2016, Office 365, Microsoft Office Online or any upcoming updates such as 2019. You always need to learn the above-mentioned applications, options, menus, functions that will make you skilled in official works. And you will be able to become a master in data entry, data management, document writing and editing, data and information presentation, management of remote employees, licensing, logs and deployment.

So I am suggesting you the following all in one online courses to learn these essential Microsoft Office 2010, Office 365, 2016 and 2007 skills. I hope the following online office courses will be helpful for you. 

The Best Microsoft Office Courses Online that is effective, practical and powerful: 

1. Microsoft Office 2016 Essential Training: 9 Course Bundle

Comprehensive, all-in-one training to get the most out of Microsoft Office 2016. 9-in-1 courses with 70 hours of video.

2. Office 365 Administration (Exam 70-346)

This course is designed to give users a tour and understanding of the administrative capabilities in Office 365.

3. Microsoft Office Essential Skills

Learn the essential Microsoft Office skills employers want from a Microsoft Certified Trainer!

4. Mastering Microsoft Teams (Office 365)

Conversations, Channels, and Chatbots: Learn How To Get The Most from Microsoft’s New Communications Hub – Teams

5. The Ultimate Microsoft Office 2016 Training Bundle

The Most Convenient Way to Boost Your Confidence And Learn MS Office 2016 Inside And Out—Quickly, No Travel or Classes.


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