Online Bidding Strategy: How to filter projects on Upwork

Filtering is a great feature on Upwork in which freelancers are able to bid on best projects, they are qualified and interested. Without filtering projects on Upwork it takes the time to find right projects. And this feature is especially best for a freelancer to have a basic plan, I mean 60 connects. And it will provide value for time.

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But today, I am sharing with you some great tips and lessons that I got recently on Upwork. So how you can filter projects on Upwork website, here are the tips:



An example of WordPress bidding plan Upwork, please see picture below:

upwork bidding plan



1. Search for the term such as WordPress or graphics designer or anything that you want to do or have skills.

2. Now click on Filter

3. Job Type: – By default, it is any job type. That is good at some points but as a new freelancer or inexperienced you can select Fixed Price. It’s because if you stuck with something as a new freelancer then you can take the time to learn and practice it. And also it will give the general understanding about how online jobs work. You can try this method once a week.

4. Experience Level: – As a new freelancer it’s best to select entry level. But you’ve experienced freelancer or have more than 10 jobs experience you can select intermediate and expert level.

5. Client History: In any client history filter option if you’re looking to learn more from the work then select 10+ hires client, but if you’re new then check No hires, 1 to 9 hires.

6. Client Info: Now the next filter option is about my previous clients and payment verified. It’s always the best option to the only bid for projects in which clients payment is verified. If you’re bidding for unverified clients then you will not get good clients or payment on time or they will ask to you get payment outside from Upwork. That’s not good. Only bid for projects in which client’s payment is verified. So, check marks this option. Another one is my previous client, you can remain unchecked it if you do not want to work with existed clients. Else it’s good to keep working with previous clients.

7. Number of Proposals: – Now the chances of getting projects are higher if you only check less than 20 proposals. By default, there is any number of proposals but it’s tough to get a job in between 100 or 1000+ proposals. So check marks less than 5 to 10, 10 to 15 and 15 to 20. The problem can be here that after filtering a number of proposals you will get a less reduced number of projects in that category. But you get quality over quantity.

8. Budget: – Any budget can be good. But I expect from an experienced freelancer that they bid on higher budget projects. And new freelancer select lower budget projects to get some quick income, experience, and positive reviews. I found that people bid on high paying jobs more especially new freelancer. If you’re lucky you can get the project but not very often. So know your limits and capacity and bid accordingly. So for new freelancer check mark less than $100 or between $100 to $500 and experienced freelancer check mark $500 to $1k, $1k to $5k and expert can bid on $5k. And there is another option in which you type the min and maximum budget projects.

9. Hours per week: – I think any hour per week is ok for both beginner and intermediate freelancer. But expert might have busiest so they can check less than 30hours per week. This option is crucial if you’re looking only for long term works and more hours. But else the minimum and maximum are also depending on the client. In starting client only provide you 5 hours, after that they track the progress and if it’s according to their expectation they increase it to 10 or 0 hours. Hourly works are most suited for a content writer, website designer and programmers and also customer support.


10. Any project length: – Less than week projects have more potential and it will give time to recharge and regroup you for next week. It also helps you to spend some time with family and friends. And less than 1-week projects are best if you’re working on Upwork part-time. But I suggest full-time Upwork freelancer that they try to bid on long term projects. It’s because sometimes on Upwork it’s tough to get a project even for experts. So, vary the filter option accordingly.


11. Select Categories: – If you’re a web developer or have the knowledge of multiple programming languages you can select 1 or 2 categories such as the Web, Mobile and Software Development. And if you only want specialization or have specialized skills such as game development, product management then you can select only one.


12. Client Location: – This is great options for a freelancer in which they can target clients based on location and country. For example, Australian client best suited for Indian freelancer who works on a daily basis or full-time. And American clients are best suited for Indian freelancer they are working on it after the day job. You can also use this option to choose clients based on countries requirements and demand.


13. Save as Bidding Plan One: – After this save it as bidding plan for WordPress or based your skills. Now you can create similarly 2-3 plans that you can try each week when you bid on projects. It will save your time. You will get good projects. You will learn new and advanced skills from specific country people.


If you’re interested it’s great to know about your bidding plan, so it will help more people. Do you want to share?

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