What to include in a resume

What to include in a Resume – 11 Resume Writing Tips

The answer about what to include in a resume that help to get a job ? Employer want to know about your skills, talents and experiences. Your resume is a…

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Upwork profile

Why you need to promote your upwork profile and how to do it

You don’t necessarily need to promote your profile in order to attract more clients if your skills and quality of services are extensively appreciated and recognised by a majority, but…

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working as a freelancer

Top 4 advantages you can get by working as a freelancer

Freelancing business provide great work advantages for freelancers. Freelancing mean you are free. Anyone can hire you because you are free. Anyone can talk to you because you are free. Free…

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get your first client

14 Tips that will help you get your first client on Upwork Quickly

Upwork is the number one freelance website for clients and freelancers at present. It is the world’s largest online workplace. Upwork connects clients with top freelance professionals. Upwork value a…

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uses of Internet in our daily life

Uses of Internet in our daily life – Everyday Internet Impact

Uses of the Internet in our daily life is depending on desires and goals. Activities in our daily life are decided after the use of Internet.  Internet innovated our daily…

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importance of internet in education at school

Importance of Internet in education at schools

An importance of the internet as a learning tool is significant. The development of Internet technologies has raised the education level in all countries and it has changed the way students…

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use the internet

List of 14 things you can use the internet for

“List of 14 things you can use the internet for “ In this topic, I am trying to build a list of internet activities in micro level.  I think 70% people…

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Upwork freelancers

Backup Plan for Upwork Freelancers

Hi friends, how are you? How’s is your Upwork freelancing experience so far. Don’t worry if it is average. You’re on right path from average freelancer to a great. And…

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Hyperlink Example within Microsoft Word Document

The World Wide Web is working because of hyperlinks. Internet businesses are depends on the quality of hyper linked images, products and advertisements etc. Google search engine is giving us…

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Importance of Data in Business

Importance of data in business is determined after seeing the results based on true facts. Data is important to take calculated risks in business. In simple words if your post…

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Benefits of using facebook for business marketing

50 Benefits of using facebook for business marketing

Facebook is one of the most used social Media marketing platforms on the internet for business.  You can get outstanding benefits when marketing on Facebook pages, groups, and ads. Why…

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How Google Analytics Helps Businesses Websites to Grow More

Google Analytics is a web application (website) developed by Google Inc. to track website visitor’s activities, behavior, demographics etc. on any website. Websites owners create Google Analytics account in which…

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