How to improve your basic computer skills

improve your computer skills
The more you learn, work and practice the faster you will be able to improve your computer skills. You have to create as many samples or exercises while you practice. And you also have to work on bigger and difficult…
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Introduction to computer skills with examples 5 (1)

Computer skill is the practical knowledge to use the computer in which individuals or teams are able to complete the task effectively and efficiently. The task can be anything such as resume writing, application writing, email, social media marketing, website…
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Importance of open source software and it’s development

Importance of open source software
What I know so far is that open source software/web applications are created/maintained by the web/software developers/organization/communities for free to use, practice, compare and develop. In which users are granted to the rights to use, study, modify, test, and distribute…
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How to keep yourself motivated before the Success

How to keep yourself motivated before the success
To become successful entrepreneurs, freelancer, blogger, graphics designer, web developer, and teacher, etc. or anything that you want, you have to keep yourself motivated and focused in difficult and successful situations. But it’s not that easy as it looks. Sometimes…
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