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google my business listing benefits for your business

Google my business help customers to find your business locations through map so that they can visit easily, read reviews and provide feedback. You attract more customers and by adding different content formats to your google my business listing so that you can keep the people engaged and updated about your products and services effectively.

And the best of the part is the use of data analysis options in google my business that makes you able to track the progress of marketing efforts etc. It’s free services from Google for all kind of businesses worldwide.

As you know marketing plays a big role in the success of your business. That’s why using Google My business Listing helps you to achieve online presence goals of your business. Google my business is a way that you can use to get on the top of the first page on google when your potential customers search for your business.

Powerful Benefits that Google My Business Listing brings into your Local Business


  • Help customers to find your business/store on the map:

List your business on google map while creating Google My business Listing so that people can find your business when search on Google. The benefits of this for your business is that people use computer, mobile, and tablet to search for solutions, business, product and services using the internet.

So next time when they search, your business will appear in the search results with the map and street address. It’s the easiest way to help people to find your location in the market of your business.

For example, if you have a hardware store then people can search on google. Hardware store in Darlaghat, Shimla, Chandigarh or Near me. Whatever it is related to your business (after optimization of google my business listing content) for a search engine, your business will appear at the top. That’s the way you attract more visitors to your business, website and you will be able to build strong online presence of your business.  

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  • Let them reviews/feedback:

Reviews and feedbacks by customers work like the fuel, your business needs to grow from local business to national and international business. It means when customers leave feedback and give 5 star ratings for your services and products then the first thing that happens is your business listing rank higher on google.

The 2nd you will be able to attract more customers to your business because there is the proof of five-star feedback and reviews by existed clients. If there is negative feedback it will also help to make certain changes in your product and services. Everything aligned to grow your business by Google. So you just have to use it in the right way you think will be for your business development on the internet.


  • Attract new customers by adding posts to the listing:

Google my business provide great features for your business. If you don’t have a website or if have one, you can still use google my business to post updates related to your business. You can post photos, videos, how to guide and many more things that you think will be helpful for people. So just use it for your advantages.

Adding videos, photos, events to your google my business posts, not only keep you ranked higher for local search queries but also keep your customers engaged with your brand and services.


  • Connect and Chat with your customers:

Most of us are online on mobile phones. Using the internet in mobile for various reasons. Now another reason that google my business listing brings to you and your business is that you can connect with your customers in real time.

No matter you’re traveling Delhi to Chandigarh or Canada to America. Whenever people found your business on search results, they can chat with you regarding your products/services.

It means you can communicate with them using your mobile phone from anywhere. After the chat, you can forward that chat/call to your team member or salesman to follow that customer you have recently communicated through Google my business chat.

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  • Add your business website:

Adding a website to your business listing is a great way to bring potential clients to your business website. So that they can get knowledge about the experiences you’re willing to provide them. You can also add website link in the google my business listing posts and all similar practices will increase the traffic to your website.


  • Give answers to customer queries:

Before and after purchase customers can asks many questions. It can be like ” can you deliver 70 notebooks to one of our school located in your area”? It can be like “do you provide repairing and maintenance services” etc. Answering and resolving these issues people face will bring the faith of people in your business.

And Google business listing Q/A is the proof that you’re providing great services and products to people and bringing positive change in their daily life. It will grow your business and sales exponentially.


  • Add opening and closing hours and book appointments:

Adding your working hours not only help your customers to save time but also helps you to not leave any client empty. People can see that your opening hours are 9 am to 6 pm and they can see that you’re closed on certain social occasions and holidays. It will help people to schedule their time and visit when you’re available and have the working day. It’s very essential for agencies, consultants, schools, colleges, shops, banks, and hospitals etc. to display the schedules. And the best method for this is Google My Business.


  • Analyze the performance of your listing:

Listing your business on Google provide you another biggest benefit that modern businesses are getting and it’s called DATA. Data means here, is that google provide you data about the performance of your business listing. It is how many times your business appeared in search results, how many times people visited to your website, how engaging your posts for your customers etc.

This type of customers data helps you to build online marketing strategies and you will start working on digital marketing seriously that is most important nowadays for all kind of businesses.

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So in this article, you have learned how you can benefited from listing your local business on the Google and how to get found your business on #1 on google searches by customers for the business name, services and products in the local area and internationally and its benefits.  I hope it’s helpful for you.

Here you can learn the tutorials about How to list your business on Google My Business Listing for free.

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