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Powerful Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners – Build Digital Career: Learning demanding Digital Marketing skills are always the best approach for career development for students, freelancers, and online entrepreneurs. But when it’s about digital marketing skills, then it’s most important skills of this era similar to programming.

Digital marketing includes many skills such as communication skills, content writing & marketing skills, search engine optimization skills, email marketing skills, search engine marketing, and personalized marketing strategy skills etc. You can learn more in the following post, about the essential digital marketing skills for beginners:

Top 10 Essential Digital Marketing Skills for Beginners

There are various ways to learn these skills online and offline. Following posts point out those methods:

How to learn marketing skills from the Sellers and Shopkeepers

How to learn marketing skills from Advertisements

How to Learn Marketing Skills from marketing Experts/Teachers

What does a digital marketer do every day?

But to learn quickly, accurately and systematically in low cost there is no best option to learn digital marketing skills by doing online courses. So in this post, my focus is to showcase the best digital marketing courses that you can do online anywhere on any device.

Disclaimer: The digital marketing online courses listed in this post may contain affiliate links. The online courses listed in this post are provided by third party teachers/educators and companies. I am only promoting those courses that I think will work best for you. If you select the course contained affiliate link then it will give me a commission. 

So let’s start:

1. Google Digital Unlocked:

Google digital unlocked is a free course that is provided by Google. It’s best suited for small business owners, traditional marketers, freelancers, job seekers and students to learn digital marketing skills from experts through video tutorials and quizzes with certification. The best parts of this course is it’s examples, digital marketing vocabulary, test, quizzes and assignments. The course will guide you from the beginning to the end.

After/During the course, you will be able to learn how digital marketing works and how it can be beneficial for your business.

If you’re a digital marketing student or freelance digital marketer you will learn how you can help thousands of small businesses to go online and build the online presence. And the certification is the bonus that you can use to showcase your skills to the potential employers.

Find out here, how it can be effective for your business and digital marketing career: Google Digital Unlocked

2. Ultimate Google Ads Course 2018 – Profit With PPC

This is the latest and updated courses to learn Pay Per Click or Google Ads skills online. The course contains the most important PPC skills and expertise. The course is rated 22,291 people rated 4.7 and 89375 people enrolled in time I was writing this article. The reviews are very positive from previous students and the sound quality in videos is also very good.

Please take a look here:
Ultimate Google Ads / AdWords Course 2018 – Profit With PPC!

3. Join google partner programs

If you want specialized skills in search engine, video, display, mobile and shopping advertising then you can join google partner program. It’s little difficult to start, but the benefits are many such as for a students, digital marketing professional and agencies google certification is a proof of skills. It will help to get new clients and help job seekers to find a job in companies for digital marketing & advertising works.

More than certification the skills you learn here are fresh from farms. Google is the leading company in online advertising through search, display and videos advertising etc. Learning a skills from no. 1 company in the world is in itself is a big thing especially for beginners.

Visit following links and learn more about it:

About Google Partners

Join Google Partner Program

4. Join the Facebook Marketing/Advertising Course

Facebook is no. 1 social media advertising and marketing platform on the internet. Almost all kind of digital marketing strategies have Facebook marketing and advertising plans. Small, mid and big companies use Facebook for to drive more sales, promote the business and build a strong online presence. Facebook is so much popular worldwide for advertising and marketing because it’s easy to target audience/readers/customers on Facebook based on the interest, location and age etc.

That’s why companies are looking for Facebook marketing experts especially digital marketing companies. It’s good for job seekers to learn Facebook marketing and get certified. Learning Facebook marketing is also very important for small business owners and entrepreneurs so that they can grow their business using Facebook advertising features.

Visit Following links to learn more about Facebook marketing and courses details:


Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2018 Coursenvy

5. All Digital Marketing skills in One Course:

Learning all digital marketing skills in one course is not that easy as it looks. But if there are courses available on the internet to learn social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and content marketing skills and strategy then the best decision is to do that course. And it’s also good for someone who just want to start, or want to have basic skills and knowledge of online marketing.

Following are suggested courses:

Digital Marketing Masterclass – 23 Courses in 1

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

The above courses and certification is a great way for students, freelancers and beginners digital marketers to learn real world digital marketing skills and build a strong foundation for their career development. Learning on YouTube is not enough. Even one digital marketing course is not enough. Digital Marketing field is constantly change, it change within a few days. That’s why having a advanced and strong basic knowledge of digital marketing is good for the career.

The above digital marketing courses and certification can look a little difficult for small business owners to start. But once they will start, they will learn the digital techniques that they can use to grow their business. And the above courses are more specialised and to the points and mostly provided and produced by big marketing/advertising companies. It will not only gives a competitive advantage but also increase digital marketing knowledge in you that you can use in your next project or in the business.


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