What to do if you're not getting work from freelancing websites

What to do if you’re not getting work from freelancing websites

Freelancing websites introducing new plans and methods, it’s completely changed the ways they were 3-4 years ago. It means they have developed new and more professional methods to work online….

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difference between web design and web development

Difference Between Web Design vs Web Development Skills

Both website design and web development skills are essential for a successful website. One person can be a web designer and developer. Web design skills help and responsible to imagine…

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Tips to defeat 10 challenges as a freelance content writer

Tips to defeat 10 challenges as a freelance content writer

Content creation for the web, landing pages, product descriptions, sales pages, social media posts, slogans and the use of SEO tools to make sure that the output is relevant and…

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How you can ask clients to raise your pay as a Freelancer

How you can ask clients to raise your pay as a Freelancer?

Consistent financial growth is very important for every freelancer and business. You as freelancer want to raise the prices of your services and on other side clients want more profit…

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ways for college students to make money online

Ways for College Students to Make Money Online

Personal Website, YouTube Channel, part-time services and Freelancing platforms are the best and genuine ways to earn money online for college and school students. These online money making methods not…

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freelance guide for beginners about upwork and freelance

Tips for Freelancers based on my 3+ years of experiences

This freelancer guide is based on my 3 + years of experiences. In which I saw many failure and success online and offline while working for clients. I am sharing…

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learn Microsoft Excel 2016

Best Online Courses to learn Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016 running on computers around the world with new features. As you know online courses are the best way to learn Microsoft Excel 2016. To perform data analysis, visualizations…

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get freelancing clients

Tips for getting more freelance clients

In this article you will learn how to create and expand the sources online and offline to get more freelancing clients. I am also highlighting in this post about building…

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freelancing business

Advantages and disadvantages of freelancing

Before we begin any new work and make a final decision, we surely think about freelancing business advantages and disadvantages. It is important to weigh out both the things before…

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time management

Time Management tips that helps to earn more money

The most precious thing for a freelancer is time. Successful freelancers are very good at managing their time efficiently and utilize every minute of the day for maximum benefit. Freelancer…

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find long term freelance clients and build strong work relationships

How to find long term freelance clients and build strong work relationships

Today, I am sharing with you the tips that helps you to find long term clients. & How to build strong work relationships. If you have stepped into the freelancing business…

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Communication skills

How to improve freelancing business communication skills

Communication skills in freelancing business don’t just mean that you are proficient in spoken or written English. Having good communication skills means how well you talk to the client overall…

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