The Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress for Your Business Website

The Pros and Cons of Choosing WordPress for Your Business Website

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that anyone can use to build websites without licensing and yearly subscription fees. It is a software that you can use to create a website quickly and easily. Nearly one third of all websites on the internet are created using WordPress and a majority of these are business websites.

You just need to install WordPress on your hosting server or local host and start creating and building almost any type of website. In this article I am discussing my experience about & Self Hosted WordPress website pros and cons, I hope it will be helpful for you.

Pros of choosing WordPress to Create your Business Website

  • The main advantage of using WordPress CMS is that it is quick and easy to use.  Anyone can use WordPress to create and manage digital content, without any prior experience. Digital content includes text, images, videos, animations and special landing pages. Now almost every professional and business needs something that helps him to market and advertise his product and services. Quality digital content helps him to attract more visitors  to his site, and WordPress is the most effective CMS software to distribute and publish all types of content for users/customers/clients worldwide by creating website. Any kind of business can use WordPress CMS.


  • You can use wordpress to create any type of business website by using free and premium themes and plugins. Themes are pre-designed templates for niches websites, containing features needed for these nices. For instance, if you need website for your fitness center you can choose a pre-designed theme like Fitclub, replace the demo content with your business content and it’s done. And if you need more functionality you can use add on function or feature that we call plugins.


  • Using WordPress for Business website is the simplest method that anyone with basic computer knowledge can use to build their own website by watching online wordpress tutorials.


  • Digital Content on WordPress website is easy to upload, publish, edit and share worldwide.


  • You don’t need advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS and programming to create a website in WordPress. You can do it all without writing a single line of code


  • You can create online store or ecommerce website in WordPress by using WooCommerce plugin and various other online store plugins. You can also integrate payment gateway code using wordpress plugins. WooCommerce alone powers 28% of all online stores worldwide.


  • WordPress is SEO friendly. Which means that using wordpress for your business website is a great way to attract more traffic from google, bing, ask and yahoo search engines than other sources. This is because WordPress follows the key CMS rule of keeping website design and content separate, making indexing by search engines easier.  Another reason is availability of many top quality WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO plugin and All in One SEO plugins.


  • Using WordPress for business website and blog will be really effective for getting visitors or customers on your website by using optimized keywords. It’s because of the above mentioned SEO plugins, that helps you to use optimized keyword in post, pages, titles, url, paragraphs, meta description and in images.


  • Using WordPress for making a Business website is very easy, even in one day you can get it live, if your business content is ready to be uploaded publicly.


  • In WordPress it’s very easy to create special landing and sales pages and campaigns. You can create as many pages as you want.


  • In WordPress you can copy and edit the theme and plugins code. For that you can use child theme as well. Since the design and content functionality are isolated, changing the theme design will not require modifications to the content


  • There are millions of websites created using WordPress. According to the latest information available on the internet,  more than 30% of all websites are created using WordPress. At last count, nearly 19.5 million websites are powered by WordPress. So naturally the support and reliability already exists.
  • You can find all kind of themes with various layouts, features and category based selection. So if you want grid layout, one column, two column layout with specific features such as custom colors, buddypress, custom menu, featured images for e-commerce business website, business blog website, news website, you can do all that easily in wordpress theme directory.


  • There are various free and premium plugins that can add any type of functionality in your business website as per the demand. At the time of writing this post, there are 55,145 plugins available on WordPress.


  • You can also start any type of online business by using WordPress themes such as blog website, classified website and photography website.


  • WordPress is suitable for both small and big sized business website, having scalability features to keep pace with business growth.


  • WordPress is best for students to practice and build website. Resources to learn are easily available on the internet.


  • Students can create and build their own portfolio website by using themes and plugins and using self hosted server.


  • On WordPress you will get support and find specialised blogs that help you setup, build and customise any type of WordPress website.


  • On blog you will get various guides and tips related to wordpress. So that there is not a lack of knowledge about the business website.


  • WordPress is easy to use. It means everyone from students, housewives, freelancer, bloggers, writers, to affiliate marketers, teachers and graphics designer with very basic computer knowledge can design and build a website to promote their skills, knowledge, services and products worldwide.


  • There are lots of Information and Tutorials on the Web for WordPress than any other method of website building and CMS application. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that the word “WordPress” alone is googled more than 2.8 million times in a month  

Cons of choosing WordPress to Create your Business Website

  • Free themes are not very well coded and don’t have so many professional features and that can be a big con if someone is looking for a business website with competitive advantages and monetary gains.


  • Some Premium wordpress themes are also not as effective as they show in the demos. So it can be difficult if there is no tutorial or resources to learn from, or if dedicated and expert support system is not available.


  • For best and top quality functionality and features you need to buy premium themes for business website. But you can’t make it much more unique except changing colors and little variations in layouts. It’s because 1 popular and best quality theme can be used by more than 2000 business websites.


  • You are not able to build or design specific website with lots of functionality and dynamic features, like the ones you find in feacebook, google+, twitter, tumblr, amazon, make my trip, ola or uber type of website and apps.


  • You need to re buy theme and plugin support after your free updates plan got expired.


While there are various pros and cons of wordpress, but the truth is there are no other effective system to build business website than wordpress. You can search or research the entire web the thing you will find that there are more pros of wordpress website than cons. There is a reason why WordPress is the number 1 CMS for the 7th year in a row.

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Personally my experiences with WorPress.ORG is great and i am still using and building websites for freelance clients using wordpress. Even the clients from overseas ask me to build websites for them using wordpress specifically.

I started using wordpress 5 years ago to build my own computer institute website. I found that it is a much faster method of building a website for my own business rather than using HTML and CSS from scratch.

Before that I used various free website builders, but wasn’t satisfied. I found out pretty soon that I have to learn about coding and HTML skills to create a website. I wanted to create a website blog with business details in the same time on different pages, like a dynamic website that I was looking to monetise with Google Adsense.

I learned and installed WordPress on my localhost server on the computer, which I initially found somewhat complicated. Then I switched to Dreamweaver and started learning and using HTML, CSS and PHP. But I was looking for quick methods. And I was stuck in HTML, CSS and PHP in that time.


Then I looked again on WordPress after that, I did it and got what I was looking. But basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP helped me in a great way to understand and customize my WordPress website.


This website is my first website I created using WordPress. It was different when I started, I started with free themes. After the first website, I created 50+ websites using WordPress free and premium themes for my clients including e-commerce stores, travel blogs and much more. Some of the business website that i have created using wordpress are,,,,,, etc. It was not easy, but I learned to make it easy only by learning from other people’s websites and watching YouTube video tutorials.

So I will suggest that WordPress is the best method for beginners to learn and build their first website. And also for business owners if they are looking for a website in low cost.

But I also recommend that if you have knowledge about HTML/CSS and PHP or any other programming language, then its an added benefit to your business website.

Technology is not static, it changes according to time and constant development in web. So you can’t say that the thing we’re using today will be relevant few years from now. There might be a time when better, faster, reliable, secure and stable method to produce digital content on the web are developed in the future, but at present, is the best method to create any type of business website.

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  1. WordPress is indeed a powerful platform, even for business. However, it doesn’t scale well to meet the demands of a growing business or a growing customer base without a lot of investment into a private server and then, there is the ever-present risk of security holes and brute force attacks. SEO is another place where things can get trick since, without a proper child theme you can lose a lot of the SEO juju on the backend. Even with a proper child theme, some of those updates may not be properly applied to platform updates without a sharp eye.

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