Top 5 Free Online Courses for MCA Students

Online education is cost-effective, easy, high quality and in varieties. There are various paid and free online courses that anyone can take to learn more about the subject. If you’re doing MCA then you can do following courses to learn more practical skills & advanced knowledge.

In universities and colleges during MCA, it’s tough for MCA course teachers and students to learn more practical and advanced skills in classes. Because MCA teachers are focused on syllabus and students are focused to get passed. That’s why many students face various challenges after MCA degree to get a job.

I selected following course especially for MCA students that they take during the MCA or after the completion of MCA degree. These free online courses not only help you to get a job but also help to understand offline classes or lectures and in exams. These courses are in demand all the time because of 70% technologies and business are dependent on these skilled people.

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So, let’s start to know what courses can be helpful. I have included the important courses and free sources to learn online if you don’t like these sources you can search for others. Here are free online courses list for MCA students and how these courses can be helpful.

Free Online Courses & sources to learn

1. Apps Development (Android & iPhone) Course

There is a very small percentage of people who are not using apps in mobiles or are not using smartphones today. Mobile users are installing & using new apps daily. There are lots of mobile apps such as chat apps, Selfie apps, informational and knowledge apps or business apps that consume most of our mobile use time e.g. Whatsapp, paytm, ola, hike, share it etc.

There are lots of companies working in apps development. Not only companies but people even without degree or less it field knowledge creating and developing mobile apps and many are doing freelancing app business part-time. There are big demands on Android and iOS apps developers who understand the market and have knowledge in apps development.

It’s very difficult to learn apps development in college during MCA degree from teachers. I don’t think it is particularly involved in the syllabus. But you can learn apps development before and after college classes and also after the degree.  You can take advantage of internet education by doing free or paid courses of apps development.

Following are few free sources to learn apps development that can be helpful. But if you don’t like these then you can also search more on Google and select which one or two looked best to you.

Free sources or courses to learn apps development on the internet

Android apps development

iOS app Development

Become an Android developer from scratch

2. Python Programming Course

According to the many answers on the internet and Google searches for python programming language it is easy to learn for beginners and python code is shorter then C++ and java. And the biggest reason to learn python that demand is very high and there is no big competition in this yet. Here you can read reasons to learn python.

So, it is a good idea to become a master in python because there are many big companies such as Google, IBM etc. are using. There are big demands for Data Analyst and scientist etc.

In universities and colleges especially in India, I don’t think so that the MCA syllabus is updated according to industry demands. And also there are fewer sources offline to learn such advanced skills. The benefits of learning Python for MCA students are that they have time to learn such advanced programming languages and it can help them to get a job after degree.

Here are few resources to free classes and knowledge about python programming language:

Google’s Python Class

Python – Codecademy

Free eBook – Think Python

 3. Software Testing Course

Software testing is most important part of any web/software development company. Thousands of software and web applications are coming nowadays in the market. But not all are coming without testing the quality and instructions structure, functionality and bug testing.

Many companies prefer specialized member for this job while other prefer software testing skills in the programmer. To get a job in software/web development companies after MCA then it’s important that you have all these skills that are in demand and recommended in the candidate.

As MCA students know all the basic skills of everything but they also have to choose few skills in which they have practical knowledge and expertise. So, this is not a problem to learn software testing along with programming and learning valuable practical skills always helps.

Here are few resources to learn software testing for free:

Software Testing Tutorial: Free Course

Software Testing Tutorial

Software Testing Fundamentals – Microsoft Virtual Academy

4. Web Designing & Development Course

Nowadays and in future everyone need a professional looking website. Especially online and offline business, freelancer, job seekers have to know about the importance of a website.

Web designing is very creative and interested field for MCA students. There are many web designing companies and freelancers doing website designing in every small and big city in India. The demand is increasing day by day as people are learning and knowing about the benefits of own websites.

That’s why during MCA or after MCA you can learn about website designing. If you know how to build a website it will not help to earn money after MCA but also help to showcase your portfolio and skills in the website to interviewers. Website designing is very easy to learn and there are lots of free online classes that you can take to get knowledge about website designing.

Here is a website in which you can learn free website designing and development.

Learn Responsive Web Development from Scratch

Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites

Learn how to quickly build websites using Word press

Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website

 5. Effective Communication skills, Leadership skills and Interview skills Courses

This can be optional but communication skills play very important role in every aspect of our life. After MCA you will face many interviewers, seniors. There are many people with you or outside who have very good knowledge about technical skills but they feel very nervous in interviews and in class.

It’s so important to represent skills and knowledge in front of the interviewer in chosen language especially in English. Here you can learn about the creative ways to improve the English language without any paid course. 

During MCA you have enough time to improve your communication skills. Another skill is leadership and it’s also important to get a job and promotion.

A leader is a hard worker, honest, punctual and able to work with teammates in difficult times. This skill takes time to build as you got more experience in the company.

Here are few sources in which you learn English speaking and writing, communication and leadership skills.

 Free Englteammateslessons: A hub to learn English Language

Top Interview Questions for IT Pros

Job Interview Skills Training Course

Interview Skills Videos

How to Succeed at: Interviews

Friends, there are lots of skills that are in demand and many free sources in which you can select the best course during MCA. This is possibility the above skills you’re learning practically in your college and university. But if not then you can take these course.

The motive of writing this free online courses list is that you can think about such essential skills and sources to learn for free. If you have 1-2 hours free time daily then try to learn as more as practical skills as you can. Degree is ok but for job you have to be better than anyone else. You’re investing your time to build your career by doing MCA but it is not enough in today’s time. You have to be a great whatever you do.

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I know there are other courses and skills that are also important such as PHP, SEO, SQL, Network security etc. But choose which one is most interesting to you. And also research little bit on Google about that skill and demand. Also discuss with your teachers about your skills and interested area.

Keep learning in hard way and invest your most of the degree time in learning and execution. Don’t worry about the job. If you learn well and become valuable then no company is dare enough to ignore you.

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