Top 5 Microsoft Word Courses Online to become master in document writing and editing

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If you want to create and edit all kind of personal and business documents professionally then you need to learn and practice Microsoft Word. One method of learning Microsoft Word quickly at home or any device and any time is that take Microsoft Word Courses online. The use of this word processing application is in every field. Microsoft word application is included in basic computer courses by all kind of Institutions and schools. There are various logical reasons why every computer users need Microsoft word skills or document writing and editing skills.

If you haven’t read my old valuable posts in which you will find practical information about Microsoft word then please read once after that you will be able to understand how effective it is to learn Microsoft Word. Following are my posts:
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After learning all about Microsoft word features, functions and uses in our daily life. I hope you want to know how you can become a master in Microsoft word. And I know that’s why you here.

In this posts, I will suggest you best Microsoft word online courses. In these online Microsoft word classes, you will be able to learn practical methods to create documents, design books, create a business card, use of templates, template creation and many more things in Microsoft word. And some main things such as how to create a resume, how to create letters and reports and how to use various advanced functions such as macros, tables, page setup, diagrams, smart arts etc.

Following are Best Microsoft Word Online Courses for You :

1. Master Microsoft Word Beginner to Advanced
Master the most popular Word Processing tool, Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016
You can learn to use Microsoft Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016 all in one online course. This course will help you to create dynamic documents such as business and academic applications, financial reports, templates etc. it will help you to learn various formatting tools such as styles, fonts, colors combinations and many other things. You can create a school document and official documents professionally and accurately after the course. You can be able to set up various pages margin, alignment, font faces, sizes according to the goals of the document etc. Please take a look at the following course link:

Master Microsoft Word Beginner to Advanced

If you’re just starting or you haven’t had any kind of Microsoft word knowledge then you can start with the above course.

2. Microsoft Word VBA Macro Programming – Introduction

In this course, you can learn to automate various Microsoft word tasks by using Microsoft Word VBA Programming. Automation means you don’t need to process various commands each time when you create and edit documents. It means once you setup Bold, Font Size, color, Page setup etc. in macros then next time you just need to run one macro and after that, all the commands will work automatically. It means you don’t need to use formatting and various others functions and features each time. It will not only save your time but you will be able to delegate such documents for more productivity. Please take a look at the following course:

Microsoft Word VBA Macro Programming – Introduction

3. Learn Microsoft Word 2016 For Beginners – Basics to Advanced

Become a Word 2016 power user. We start at the very beginning progressing with more than 80 helpful videos.

This is another basic Microsoft word course. In this course you will be able to learn the basic functions of Microsoft Word that is used in 90% document writing and editing works, such as columns, first line and hanging indent, header and footer, watermark (picture & text), mail merge (to send one mail (one template) to many people, business card, alignment, bullets and numbers, invoice envelopes creations, document protection, insert image in paper (shapes), and various insert and formatting and file options in Microsoft Word 2016. Following is the course link:
Learn Microsoft Word 2016 For Beginners – Basics to Advanced

4. Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2016 for Beginners

This is three in one online course to learn mostly used Microsoft office applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint. You can learn Microsoft Word to create and edit professional-looking documents, in Microsoft Excel you can learn to perform various mathematical calculations, analyze information and visual data in charts and tables and in PowerPoint you can learn to present data and information or documents or calculations by using slideshows in PowerPoint. And course content is based on Microsoft office version 2016. You can use these functions in Microsoft office online.
Following is the course link:

Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2016 for Beginners

5. Comprehensive Microsoft Word
This comprehensive Microsoft Word training course will teach you how to design and customize professional documents.

If you want to learn demanding and advanced uses of Microsoft word then this is another best Microsoft word course. In this course, you can learn to write newsletters that you can use to send to your blog readers, as well as you can provide newsletter writing services. In this course, you will learn how to format and create own or clients books (eBooks) that you can sell on Amazon and various other things. This course looks more product-based learning or exercise based learning. And that’s why I suggest this course for you. Following is the course link:

Comprehensive Microsoft Word

How to learn and practice Microsoft Word?

If you want to develop Microsoft word skills that employer value then Microsoft word tutorials, Microsoft course or online classes are not enough. You have to create and need to do various Microsoft word exercises. I just mean create as many as exercises based on the Microsoft word online classes. Here I have written the List of Microsoft Word Exercises for Students and I hope you will do these exercise along with your online Microsoft word classes.

The above Microsoft word online courses are from third party provider and teachers. I have suggested these courses because it looks good to me, but you can also do a little research on your own.

While there are many free online HD video tutorials about Microsoft word in which you can learn the most useful options and features of Microsoft Word 2010, 2016 and Microsoft word online. But the only thing that I suggest you more is that if you want to learn Microsoft word faster and want great knowledge of document editing and writing then DO AS MANY EXERCISES AS YOU CAN.

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