Upwork cover letter writing tips with examples

Upwork cover letter

Cover letter and job letter is most important thing in Freelancing. It plays a big role to become a successful freelancer or upworker. Thousands of freelancers want to know how to write a cover letter.

Today, after very long time and I missed this in my previous articles how to write Upwork cover letter. So far I got 20 + interviews on Upwork and success ratio of my cover letter are 50 to 70 percent. I did more than 12+ jobs and few of them I am still working. I hope my previous articles on freelancing helped you  YouTube video how to apply for jobs on upwork. But today I am sharing with you the tips only about Upwork cover letter. I hope it will help you.

Tips are based on my personal experiences.

So, How to write cover letter for jobs on upwork

Before I will share the tips with you let’s look some of my earlier successful cover letters for different jobs.

Note: Do not copy and paste. These are samples and learning sources for you. Learn what you’re missing and what I covered in the job proposals.

Let’s look on my few jobs and cover letter for these jobs on Upwork.

First job on Upwork and cover letter sample for this

Job Title: Directory Site Add Placement

Job description –I am looking for freelancers with the lowest rates.  Add writing, including edits to various photos to be included with add, copywriting. Re-writing old adds. Directory site adds placement also.
If you have any Photoshop experience helpful also.

Cover letter example A: My cover letter for this:

I will do it, sir. I am currently running my own local business. My business website is www.klientsolutech.com
I am here to communicate with you about this job. I can also able to do SMM for you if you are interested. I do it for free according to your guidelines.


Samples.rar (2579.73k)

Have you Photoshop and copywriting experience?

I have great experience of Adobe Photoshop and average experience about copywriting.

After this original message from client

What’s your Skype handle?

I got this job after an interview on Skype.

I missed feedback first time or I don’t know about it that much. But after got hired for another job two months later.  I got his feedback.

client feedback after successful completed jobs

What you can learn in this above cover letter Example A:

The above cover letter looks below average and it was written 2 years ago. But some points are great in that short summary. And because of this client hired me for the job. And you know it was my first job.

Some learning points:

  1. Excitement and willingness: In the first sentence, there is excitement and willingness to do this job.
  2. Strong reference: In 2nd sentence – What I do and where is the proof.
  3. Available for discussion about the project – in 3rd
  4. Extra benefits of hiring me: in 4th / 5th
  5. Proof related to job: Sample of my work (attached WinRAR file and screenshots of my past works.

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Cover letter sample B for 2nd Job

Job TitleLogo/visual branding creation. See the job description in picture below

Vijay Kumar Artist Writer WordPress Technical Consultant Upwork Freelancer from Shimla India

Cover letter for this job:

Do you need, engineering inspiring logo? I saw this post couple day ago. I applied for the job. But may my points are not correct.
I can do this work for you as you want. I take a time to do the things that inspire your products, services to clients. Your provided links of websites are ok, as you saw these all are related to each other as compare to the design. No doubt, this is the choice, I am thinking this is the font based logo; The font is most important part of this job. As I am looking right now.

If you need the different version of similar samples.
I can provide you today 3-4 samples.
Looking forward, Thank You

Things to learn:

The level of English language is very poor in my cover letter. But I managed to get this job.

  1. I asked the question in the first sentence.
  2. In the second paragraph first sentence: willingness to do this job in any condition.
  3. Imagination and getting the idea for the logo and sharing in the same time with the client.
  4. The winning point in this cover letter: I can provide you today 3-4 samples.

The example B cover letter has many mistakes.  But client posted this job many times and I applied in that time but not hired by the client as I mentioned in the cover letter and the other completed work from other freelancers are not satisfactory for client.

So, the client hired me to test in low price and what I got at the end 5 Star feedback’s and $3 dollar.

Upwork cover letter for jobs & Projects

Dollars are not important when it was my 2nd job on Upwork but five stars feedback recognition is very important especially for new freelancers.


My cover letter sample C


Job description and cover letter see in the pic below.

Upwork cover letter

In sample C: The job title and job description very short and clear. So, I did the same when I replied to this job. Clear and state forward reply. And I got the job.

Cover letter sample D

Job: Web Development

See the below picture for job description

job description and cover letter for this

My cover letter for this job

Hi, the slowness of your site is depending on many things. Such as:

1) As you mentioned timeout it is because you’re uploading or accessing more than 25 MB hosting limit in your hosting plan.

2) The images in your site are not dimensioned properly.

3) Javascript fragment parsing

4) Plugin conflicts

5) Unused CSS

6) Domain name is conflicting

7) Spam comments and high volume of storage.

What I can do for you!

1) Fist I will check it in GTMatrix and Google page speed or analytics account

2) I will check plugins that are conflicting.

3) I will fix this if it is slow to open or server timed out. There are all above 7 reasons for slowness but might be there are other reasons too. I ensure you that I will speed up your site from B grade to A Grade or more. I am ready for further discussion little more details about the problem.

Looking forward….


After this, I got the job and done the work successfully. And the client was given 5-star feedback and money.

web development feedback after completed the job successfully

So, I think you noticed few important things that you can do next time when you will write a cover letter. There are many other examples also but I am not able to collect the details of my past works. But these samples are enough.   

Official article on cover letter by Upwork: How to Write a Cover Letter

Now it’s time that I will explain and give you few tips to write Up work cover letter.

1. Connect your knowledge & skills to the client’s problem and desires.

In your cover letter always write what is most important that clients want to know. If client writing in the job description that I want to speed up my site to 95% or A grade then you should mention the solution or skills you have to do this job successfully.

And to do this you need to quickly analyse and collect main points from the job description. A client is a customer and we are sellers. Our Upwork profile is like a shop and clients want to buy the solution.

If you’re not highlighting the skills, solutions then who will hire you? No one, if you don’t have the skills and not mentioning in the cover letter then client move on next freelancer. We are in the market on Upwork. Our profile is our shop.

The client is our customer. Our products are our skills. So, I think you should understand this.

Why do this? Because trust is important in both end. Always apply for the jobs related to your skills in which job description look trustworthy and interesting. And clients are looking for same trust and solution in your cover letter.

2. Show the confidence on your skills

If you have knowledge and skills then why do you fear? Clients are human being they are not robots. They know and they have enough experience to hire the best freelancer for their projects. Always show the confidence that you can do it. E.g. I will speed up your site. I did such things for other sites too.

Your sites have such problems etc. explain in examples.

For example, I am explaining and sharing my experiences to you how to write the cover letter in this article. I know I am not perfect but I am sharing and writing this article. Why do I need to fear? Because of that I am not master because there are so many writers or experienced freelancers.  There are always masters in everything. But you have to be with your voice and words. Be confident in your cover letter that you’re the best candidate for this job. And prove it in the cover letter that you’re the best candidate.

3. Be creative and different than other freelancers

Why copy others cover letter? Why you’re asking other people to write your cover letter? Why you’re searching for best job proposal example. Why? If it’s learning then good but if you’re copying and pasting then it will not good for long term. Clients know everything. They already spent lots of time How to hire the right candidate.

The solution is creativity and confidence. I write my cover letter very differently. I start writing my cover letter like I am talking to live person sitting in front of me. For example: “Good morning client or sir or madam.”    It is my first line or sentence. Write your cover letter like you’re interacting live with the person. Feel the pain of client or desire and please write the cover letter in your own words and sentences.

Helpful: Get a job by including these important things in your resume

4. Provide samples and reference

No problem if you don’t have past experiences. But you have to do it. How? If you’re social media marketer, then share the links of Facebook pages or other social media proof of your skills.

If you’re content writer then provide the link to your own website or blog. If you’re logo designer then attach samples of design practices. Everything is possible.

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5. Do experiments with the words and sentences in the cover letter.

Write the cover letter for one kind of jobs differently. For example: try to write 3 cover letter differently for 3 logo design job descriptions. Don’t repeat the last one. Change the flow of sentences and words. Try to explain solutions in ascending and descending orders. Read every sentence in the job description and write similar words and sentences in the cover letter with the solution for that sentence.

6. Represent yourself as a complete solution for the client.

Represent yourself that you’re complete solution. Share and write everything that you know related to the job. Mention every small detail that will be helpful to complete this job successfully.

7. Be honest and explain what you know or don’t know.

Honesty is the most important thing that helps us to do online jobs or works. For example, we believe on Google. Why? Because Google provides top best 10 results for our search query. And Google explained this Why? How? they do it. You have to do the same.

You have to example in your cover letter: How you’re going to do this job successfully? Why you applied for this job? What kind of tools you’re going to use to do this? Why do I believe you? What benefits will I get after hiring you? Are you right candidate if yes then how? Such things and questions are really important to answers no matter client is asking or not, they are looking for answers to such questions while they are reading your cover letter. And you should write some points in your cover letter.

8. Do not promise too much

Don’t over promise. For example, if you’re writing that you can setup website and install WordPress and theme in 1 hour then it’s ok. But if you’re telling that you can setup 4 websites in 1 hour then its sound doubts, it’s not ok.

Another example if a client wants 3 samples of logos in next 48 hours then you can write that I will provide you 5 samples in next 24 hours.

Then it’s ok because 3 to 5 is in the same range. But if a client wants 3 in next 48 hours you’re telling that I will create 10 logos in next 12 hours then it’s is not looking good. If the hunger is for 3 chapattis, then I am not going to buy or eat 7 chapatis. No matter it is free or paid. I am only interested in 3.

So, first find out the clients hunger. After when you know that it is for chapatti, pizza or bread then serve it with love.

Other important things to remember

  1. Don’t copy paste cover letter
  2. Always try to write short sentences and try to represent your skills in unique styles.
  3. Improve your English language. Related: Creative tips to learn the English language without any paid course
  4. Give the answers to all asked questions.
  5. Apply for the jobs in which you’re confident.
  6. Believe in yourself and work hard on your skills. Be a master in your field. Related: 10 Personal Development Goals That Will Make You Successful

If you want to learn cover letter writing tips in Hindi from me then watch this video here on YouTube.

Hope I answered all the questions about the Upwork cover letter. If I missed something then please comment below I will reply and update this post with your suggestions.

Best of Wishes!

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