Ways for College Students to Make Money Online

ways for college students to make money online

Personal Website, YouTube Channel, part-time services and Freelancing platforms are the best and genuine ways to earn money online for college and school students. These online money making methods not only will help you to earn pocket money, college fees, money for books but one day it can turn into lifetime business.

The key to earning money online for students are depending on how well they manage their time and motivation for learning and execution.

So for that, I am including few ideas from my experiences in this article, I hope it will help you to provide some kind of guidance and tips.

Learn and update your skills

Learn and gain confidence in most trending IT or any skill. Use google trends, google keyword planner and search on Google what kind of skills are in the trends. Such as graphics designing, logo designing, photo editing, content writing, flowering, toys making, agricultural, social media marketing, website designing, blogging, data mining, data analysis and programming etc.

Even you can do basic computer courses before you plan to earn money online. If you have already some kind of skills and then you should update it. If you’re in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh then you can contact to me for consultancy and training. And use your free time after or before college and find someone who can trend you offline in your selected interest or skill.

Else there are various online courses and degree programs you can do in your free time at home. And many online courses are free. Use your free college time to learn one or two skills online. And after a month or two when you start gaining the idea behind the skills and use of that skill online then the right time to think for few days, how you can I use these skills to earn money online.

If you already know something and have some kind of plan to earn money online by doing something such as content writing, social media marketing, SEO, apps development and programming etc. then I suggest you that learn the skills required or helpful in this to earn money online before you start.

Create a Website or app

I think after the skills, it’s time to create a website. And I think this is the smartest and genuine way for college students online. Remember, Facebook.com is created by college students. Apple Inc. is started by college students. Google is started by college students and the list is big. Now today those students are in top 100 richest people. It’s just about how you find the opportunities, how you use technology, how much you believe in your idea and what is your career development plan.

If they can do it, you can do it. Richest and smartest people are not god, they don’t have special powers. Not in you and not in me. But it’s about how we use the things that we have for our career and business development. No matter it’s an old book or new app on the mobile phone.

Following are commonly known/unknown ideas for websites so that it can help you to earn money online, while you’re studying in the college. I am just adding my solute to the following methods.

Create website or apps based on your skills and interest. Such as if you like flowering then builds a website in which you can educate people about flowering and its importance. Following are some examples.

  • Personal Blog – Write/Add min. 20+ blog posts.
  • Reviews Website – Review 10-20 products or services. Such as WordPress Themes Reviews.
  • Local directory website – Add min. 100 local businesses.
  • Coupon Website – Publish content
  • Social Content Website – Create and design Content for social media sharing.
  • Services Website – Provide services on the basis your skills. Such as website designing services in your local area. If you know how to build websites using WordPress then create websites for business. Contact to the people in your area, friend circle etc. to create a website for their business.
  • Portfolio website – Create a portfolio website, in which you can showcase your skills. So that when someone searches for skilled people in the area, your portfolio get clicked.
  • Notes websites: – Write notes on the website.
  • Essays website – Write essays
  • Sell images you capture from your mobile.
  • Create and distribute business content for the money. Such as the content that is consumed by Whatsapp and Facebook users.

For example: if you’re a graphic designing student or if you have graphics designing skills. Then on your personal website, you can create your own profile that is around your skills. You can also showcase the portfolio design. You can also publish the designs for free. So that you get traffic to your website and potential employer, clients can hire you.

Add the content on the website. Submit website to Google search engine, if you’re providing services on your physical location, or have an offline store, then list on Google my business. It’s helpful in Local SEO. Add Google Analytics Code to your website.

Get targeted traffic to your website

Now it’s time to promote your website through content and creativity on a search engine, social media and offline. Try to get min. 300 to 400 targeted users per day. Just spend min. 2 hours regularly on the website.

If the content is unique and top quality you don’t need to follow all SEO practice, just make sure that it’s good for organic traffic. For that please check and add your roboto.txt file, sitemap.XML correctly and use Yoast SEO plugin. Speedup the website, make it responsive and follow the best website designing practices.

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Monetize the website/Add revenue method

Now when you have that you can monetize your website with Google Adsense. Affiliate programs. You can also write sponsored posts. Once your website starts getting people from a search engine then companies and people automatically contact you to promote their services and products. Here are some tips:

Freelancing jobs/website

Create a profile on freelancing website. Apply for projects daily. And get paid after delivering services.

Learn more here:

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YouTube / Video Content

Create entertaining, educational and informational content. Get it popular and monetize with Google AdSense.

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There are also various others ways too to earn money online as a part-time such as online surveys etc. but I suggest you that start from the 1st point that is learning and updating your skills first.

Technical, marketing and communication skills are really important to earn money online as a college student. In college time knowledge and skills development can play a big role later in the career and money making methods.

So use your time to learn and build something that helps you to earn money and that you can turn into business after finishing your college. Start from 0 but do not comprise your studies.

I hope it will be helpful for you.

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