Website Basics: Build an Ideal Website

website basics: How to build a website

A website is a group of one or more web pages that are connected to each other by hyperlinks and it is hosted on a server with the specific domain name.

In other words, a website is an online shop for your business, it can be an online resume or portfolio, it can be an online diary as a blog, it can be an online degree colleges as distance learning tool, it can be online Institute as an online courses and it can be an online application such as Gmail, Google, Facebook etc. that is accessible through specific domain name from any devices and from anywhere in the world.


Why you need a website?

You need a website to get the benefits of various online opportunities such as online business, online jobs, social networking and passive income and various other reasons. Following are the reasons why you need a website?

  • If you’re business owners then you need a website to sell and market your product and services online.
  • If you’re want to do shopping but not have time to visit offline market then you visit a website select the product and shop online. For that, you need a website even for search.
  • If you’re a government and private school teacher you need a website to connect and engage with students around the world. And keep students updated.
  • If you’re a poet have writing skills then you need a website to share your imagination and creativity with the world.
  • If you’re an artist, graphics designer then you need a website to sell your arts online.
  • If you’re looking for jobs then you need a website because you can showcase your skills, talent, and achievements in a website.



Everyone needs a website but it’s depending on his/her knowledge, about the benefits of the website. I think in future students have to mention their website in any method to get admitted in school and college for particular course or degree. In this, they can do the analysis of students and their creativity before enrollment.

I believe your personal or business website is an online identity of yourself and your business. It’s not enough in future that you have a Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile. It’s because, at the end of the day, you access what others are communicating, but what about your thoughts and views.

Even at the end of the day, you’re not earning any income. Mostly passive income from your skills and knowledge, but social media websites, blogs, search engines are earning. I know it’s not about earning, but if it’s not about earning then why you work. I mean use the internet to generate passive income for yourself and your business through the website.

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What are some ideas to create a website about?

  • You can create a business website, in which you can showcase your products and services online. So, people can buy your services and products from anywhere. In simple words, more customers. That’s why almost every business owners today building websites.
  • You can create a website based on your hobbies and interest. Such as if someone knows how to play guitar then they can trained people online through their website. If someone likes to write poems he/she then create a website.
  • You can create a website to showcase your skills and talent. That companies and individuals are looking for. For example, if you’re an MBA, MCA degree holder, then you can create your own resume or portfolio website. So when companies search for best candidates for a particular job and eligible candidates, you will be in front of them to contact.
  • If you like to teach then you can create a website to educate a student through blog, videos, and subscription based courses.
  • Now if you have selling and marketing skills you can create a website to sell other people products as an affiliate marketer.
  • If you’re a graphics designer you can create a website to sell or showcase your services for people looking on the internet.


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The Internet is full of opportunities today. It’s not impossible to run an online business, it’s not impossible to educate people online, it’s not impossible to get customer online, it’s not impossible to get a higher rank on search engine.

If someone says it is impossible to get success online, it means he/she doesn’t know about it. Impossible mean lack of knowledge. And everything is possible when you learn. If something today looking impossible for me, it’s because I don’t know how to do it. But when I learn, how to do it, it starts becoming possible.

What can you achieve by creating a website?

  • You get more customers for your business around the world from a search engine, social media websites and from referral.
  • A website is accessible from anywhere it means more customers and sales.
  • More sales increase cash flow speed and growth in gross profit e.g. getting paid online.
  • You can get more customers to your website by search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing paid or free etc.
  • The cost of running a business online is less.
  • Customer reviews, feedback and data analytics help to grow, expand and in launching new products based on data analysis such as by integrating Google Analytics code in your website.
  • You will get international and national competition to rank higher on a search engine, it will help you to learn from others and it will help you to grow and it will help to you think globally and bigger.
  • You can optimize content on your website based on search queries called keywords. For quick SEO results, you can target long tail keywords. For example instead of trying to use “office furniture in Shimla” you can target “Top quality furniture shop in Shimla”, Top quality office furniture” etc.

How can you create a website?

You can create a website using Website Builder. You can create a website hiring a professional website designer. You can create a website by watching YouTube videos. And you can create a website using WordPress. You don’t need coding knowledge to create a website. But you need digital marketing or internet marketing knowledge about what to show your customers or people so they can make a buying decision on your website.

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What is domain?

The domain is the unique name of your website that you can buy on the domain registrar website.

What is hosting?

Hosting is a space on the server for your domain on the Internet.

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