Website Design Services for Shimla Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

A small business travel agency can contact us to build and redesign the website. Also Get SEO and Content Marketing Help. Why? Please read the complete article and you will get the knowledge and information not only about website designing but to grow your tour agency in Shimla, HP-India.

What I know so far is that Tour and travel agencies in Shimla generating leads from web portal and using PPC and investing approximately 20000 to 1 Lac rupees per month and getting 50 leads. Is this enough?

Even many travel agencies in Shimla are using B2B sales and marketing strategies. The cost of generating leads and the cost of conducting travel business is not an easy in Shimla without unique and competitive strategies. The tour and travel business are getting highest competition to sell and market tour packages.

Office rent, electricity bill, telephone/internet bill, salary and other official expenses + salary and marketing cost, it looks like that any tour operator required as minimum 15000 to 50000 rupees per month to run the travel business in Shimla.

Travel agencies make a profit when they have more clients. And for those clients, they have to pay in advance or after the end of the tour. But it looks that all the time they are paying for customers to come and then travel.

It’s happening because all the leads and marketing is done by big brands online and offline. Only 5-10 travel websites generating 100 to 500 leads per day and then reselling or transferring those leads to small agency operators in Shimla.

That is great for short term success. But in the long term, if they want to grow their travel business they can’t, I think it’s because they get tourist when they pay money to the web portal. Is this good?

Think for a minute, that big tour agency or travel marketplace websites and travel leads resellers etc. are paying any money to anyone except advertising or promoting their brands by their own.

No, they are not paying. They are marketing online and offline. They are doing self-promotion and own marketing using your hard earned money. And you’re happy, why not? You’re getting leads.

So it means technically that they are leaders and now you’re following them. It’s because you don’t know how to lead travel business or how to dominate travel market in Shimla.

So friends, what my point is here that build your own online and offline marketing strategies for your travel business. And this marketing strategy should include Online Marketing Methods.

Online marketing is the best method that you can use to dominate travel and tour market in Shimla and become a leader. To become travel market leader you need to be creative and fast moves to build your own online presence. So in future, you don’t need to pay any money to portal websites or any other agency.

Following is the Online Marketing Strategy for startup Tour and Travel Agency in Shimla

1. Build your own Tour and Travel Website if you don’t have any yet.

You can get customers directly from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. to your website.  Then the website and content on the website will help you to convert those organic travel leads into sales. They can see your website and read tour packages. They can find all kind of travel packages, tour itinerary, testimonial of existed clients etc. and they can read your blog and many others things that will impact on them to contact for travel booking. This is the way you need to start with generating direct traffic or direct customer to your website from search engine.

Here you can learn more: Importance of having a Responsive Web Design for your Website

2. After designing a travel website, Now Invest some time or Marketing budget on Search Engine Optimization.

Now the website is not enough, a website is like a shop. But to get travel customers directly to your website, you need to promote your website on Search engine. The best method is Search engine optimization. In search engine optimization, you can do the research on keywords that people are searching on Google when they are looking for tour operators in Shimla.

You can find or target keywords such as tour operator in Shimla, affordable tour agency with a guide in Shimla, Shimla Manali Tour Package pickup from Chandigarh, Low budget Shimla Manali Tour Package, Honeymoon Package etc.

After keywords research, you need to optimize your tour agency website with keywords. And when next time people search for tour agency or travel package in Shimla, they will find you in top 10 Google search results.

So this is way promoting your tour agency on Search engines for organic quires, and its one-time investment or lowest investment and lifetime return.

Here you can learn more: Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Website

3. Tour and Travel Blog

Blogging on the website is most important for travel and tour agency operators in Shimla. Blogging is used to build an online presence and customer relationship. In simple words, if you write about the unique travel experiences in Shimla-Manali Tour package or if you guide tourist in a Blog then it will inspire people to book the tour with your travel agency.

The next advantage is that your tour agency website gets a higher rank on search engines. It’s because you’re writing unique content and article on your blog. They have keywords, and Google and similar search engines will reward your website by sending more people to your agency website. It looks relevant for a search engine when you’re promoting values and unique travel experiences with people.

These are top 3 things that any small tour agency operator or any new travel agency in Shimla has to take advantages as soon as possible. And I believe that within six months of efforts on online marketing you will be able to get customers directly to your website. And you will reduce the cost of conducting travel business in Shimla amazingly. And make it profitable.

Here you can learn more: Smart Small Business owners do not ignore these 6 benefits of blogging

Now if it’s not enough, there are various ways you can tie up your agency on the internet. Such as social media marketing, Google my business, free local directory listing, email marketing and paid advertising etc.

You can do it by yourself and you hire any web design or internet marketing experts.

But who am I and why I am writing this?

I am Vijay Sharma leading a Web design and Internet Marketing Company in Shimla. We designed various travel websites for travel agencies in Shimla. Now we’re looking for one or two Travel Agency who want to lead and dominate tour and travel market in Shimla as a client.

So we can use our expertise and knowledge to grow your tour and travel business in Shimla. We are expert in Designing business websites, especially for travel and tour agencies. We are local web design and internet marketing company in Shimla and we are best suitable for local travel and tour agents and agencies.

Contact with us and stop spending money on purchasing tour and travel inquiries from portals. Be the one. And grow your travel business and get more than 50 inquiries per day, without purchasing leads from tour package resellers within six months.

Contacts: 0177-2844969, 9817663343. Calling Time: 9 AM to 7 PM

You can visit at Klient Solutech, Narayan Niwas, Ground Floor, Dhalli Tunnel, and Shimla-HP.

You can also send your website designing or learning requirements here or chat with us on Facebook


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