10 ways to grow in your IT career professionally

Consistent career growth is important for every individual. Growth means to grow financially, personally, socially, and professionally. Consistent career growth is important for every individual. Growth works when you expand your talent, skills and focus on achieving the goals by helping more and more people globally and locally.

Why career growth is important for everyone?

  • Your family is depending on you for personal, economic, and social goals. If you’re not growing they have to compromise in education, living standard, happiness, and fulfilling life. Your parents have educated you and provided you every facility that is possible for them.

Now it’s your turn to provide every facility and a sense of richness to them in return. It’s your turn to make them feel proud and happy. And they will be happy if you’re happy and growing in your life and defeating obstacles. That’s why career growth and development are important for you.

You have to focus on growth so that your income, skills, and reputation in society can grow. You will learn the tips later in this article and ways to grow in your career professionally.

  • Your company in which you’re working also needs growth to remain competitive and successful in the market. but that company can grow if the employees or team members like you will grow based on the skills and values and follow the roots of the company and take responsibilities to grow the company.

It’s because the company is investing in you. It’s your duty as an honest individual or team member to work hard to make the company successful. When the company becomes successful then you too will become successful. That’s why it’s important to grow your skills, knowledge so that you will become an important part of the company and grow with them to help more people through your products and services. This is career growth.

  • It’s important to grow your skills and knowledge so that you will keep the demand for growth in the market for your talent and knowledge. If you’re not helpful for people, your clients then no one can pay you. The world salutes and respects more those people who are providing benefits for them. And it’s the truth. For instance, you’re working with clients and companies who are providing you with a higher salary and various benefits. If they stop giving you the money for your work, can you work anymore with them? If you stopped providing high-quality work can your clients or company keep you on the job or project? Can they promote you? Can they increase your salary? Can they respect you? No. No one.

That’s why consistent learning and skills development is important for you to produce quality work for the company and clients else they can hire other people. And it’s not bad. That’s why learning new skills and becoming a master in your art is important to grow in a company and with clients.


There are various reasons why you need to growth-oriented career mindset. But after knowing the basic importance of career growth now it’s time to follow the ways to grow in your career professionally.

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So let’s get started:

10 powerful ways to grow in your career professionally

1. Sharpen your skills daily:-

The more you use the more your skills sharpen. It’s wrong if you think that the more you use your skills the more it gets sharpened. Instead, it gets dull. That’s why it’s important that you sharpen your daily use skills that generate values, benefits, productivity in the project. And it makes you skilled and the best person to contact for bigger and more valuable projects or jobs when you’re sharpening your skills through consistent learning.

Any master can become dull in his talent and skills if he/she doesn’t practice and don’t improve the skills and do not innovate new ways of doing the work. No matter how much-talented someone knows. He/she will get defeated by people in the market due to the lack of demanding skills and knowledge. That’s why it’s important to grow your skills and learn daily. And it’s an important and main part of career development.

For example, a farmer before going to cut grass sharpen the blades of his cutting tools. An airplane is tested and maintained the best quality before flying. A cricketer play practice matches, join training sessions, participate in domestic cricket matches before the actual match. And preparations by the army before the battle is a part of skills development.

That’s why it’s important to sharpen your skills and learn new things daily related to your chosen field. So that you will be prepared for every obstacle, project, job, and responsibility in your career and life.

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2. Learn to forget the past bad memories:

All of us are struggling. No one can get on the top without a struggle. And the world doesn’t care about your struggling stories and bad memories. They want to see real results. So you don’t have to waste time explaining your struggles to others. Instead, forget them and keep going. Yes, Keep going. If you stuck yourself in the past memories then the past memories will waste your current opportunities and it’s not good for the future.

For example:

  • The last company hasn’t paid your remaining salary. Forget it and move to forward so that you can become the person who will give salaries to others.
  • Your last job interview was not good and you haven’t got hired. forget. and move to the next.
  • You failed in the last business. Now forget it. Now think about the new business.
  • You haven’t earned that much money as compared to your friends. And you’re feeling bad about it. No problem forget it. And think about how you can try again.
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you.  Then what? Forget and move.

What do I mean here, is that forget the past and stop sharing your past achievements and failures.  Instead make notes and principles for yourself, your career and your work that you will follow from now. There will be a time in the future when someone in a TV interview, Seminar or Class asks you, how you got the success?

In that time you will smile. You will don’t have the words to explain. But in that time billions of people want to know about your struggles and career story. So you have to become something and for that, you have to forget the past struggles and bad memories.

It’s the only way to become someone who’s career stories will be printed by thousands of others. There are examples of my friend.

So forget yesterday and just focus on today. Focus on the smallest thing that can help you to move to your next level.

And to do that successfully forget the world and forget the bad memories. Take every argument and failure or success as a lesson, and keep moving. Success is a never-ending process, it comes and goes. But you need to balance yourself and your mind so that these successes and failure do not distract you. You will become balanced when you think about the works that are important today. You have to work in your current situation, no matter how many times you’re facing this or getting problems. Just try to do your best.

So, friend, this is the way how forgetting the past and struggles can help you to move. And every positive, strategic move is the growth of your career.

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3. Don’t try to connect yourself with the network of powerful people:

You can try to network with powerful people. But as a fresher no one will give you attention. You will not get respected. So instead of following and connected with powerful people, become powerful by yourself. Become the powerhouse of your trade and skills so that people like to connect to you. It’s a difficult strategy. But it will work.

Powerful people use your talent, skills, knowledge, time for their personal benefits. And you will get less price for your hard work.

That’s why instead of working for powerful people. Make those people powerful who actually need power. Your skills and knowledge is your power. But to help others with your powers, you have to become a powerhouse. And you can’t be a powerhouse if you’re taking the power of others to yourself. So the best strategy is to generate/built/produce/market your powers. And try to connect with those who need your powers. Build your own powerful network. Choose your own network. Build the network the way you want. And such practices and methods help you to grow in your career.

Remember, No one wants to give you their seat unless you’re not beneficial for them. Become beneficial and everyone will connect with you. But be honest with yourself and others.

4. Focus on working best in your current job:

Do you like your work or not. You love it or not. But if you’re doing it then do your best. Companies and clients want the job done. They don’t care you love your job or not. If you’re taking responsibility for the work, then it’s your duty to finish it successfully. That’s the way you will get respect, money in the market and in your company.

Might be you don’t like your current job, current situation, current salary, current boss and company. And you’re thinking to leave it. But if you’re frustrated due to work then do the necessary hard work to do it.

Don’t leave the job if you’re an important part of the current project. It’s not good to leave the team and company in a challenging situation for personal benefits. Just do your best, finish the project successfully. Bet your salary and move if you’re not getting respect/salary after the hard work and producing great results. It’s the right time to move or leave the job. It’s because you’re talent, skills and hard work needs by every company and they want to hire people like you.

But if you’re leaving the job, due to lack of interest in the work, due to lack of skills, due to lack of knowledge, and because the job is challenging then don’t do it. Instead, fight to do it. Learn to do it. Acquire the skills to do it. Do everything that is possible.

In this way, you will learn to work in pressure. And without the pressure handling techniques, you can’t grow far in your career. Once you learn and practice on the methods to handle pressure and manage job/project/ in a pressure situation you will grow more in your career than any other person who just gives up on the pressure situation. It’s because challenges grow us.

5. Help others:

To grow in your career than try to help more and more people with your skills, knowledge, product, services and whatever the work you do. Always think to serve more people instead of thinking to sell to more. When you sell with the mindset of helping you will be able to sell more.

If you’re just helping 10 people, then you will grow as per the growth of 10 people. If you’re helping 100000 people then you will grow as per the growth of 100000 people. The choice is yours.

6. Save Money and invest wisely:

Every smart and rich person can get a bad situation in business or career due to lack of money or government policies. It’s unpredictable. It can happen to anyone.

But you can’t start each time from 0. That’s why making a habit to save money. And try to learn and use the best methods to save and invest. The rich are not who earn more, but it is the individual who saves or invests more.

For example:

  • You can give 10% of your income to your parents. They will save it better than you.
  • Invest 10% on fixed assets.
  • Open a monthly RD account to save 10% in the Bank.
  • Spend 10% on your health, mental, education and travel.
  • And then use the remaining money for daily needs.

Create the best financial stability plan according to your income and situation.

Financial stability is important for career development. And more important in the private sector. No matter you’re doing your job or business. It’s always a good habit to save money, invest wisely and use it carefully. It’s because it’s easy to earn, but tough to save. It takes time to become rich. But saving is the habit and method to become rich.

You also need to invest your money in your education. Make a habit to buy and read 1 book each month. Make a habit to join 1 online course each month. Make a habit to join seminars once in a month or two. And learn important skills that help you to earn more each day.

So, friend, such practices are very important to remain financially confident and secure in your career and life. It’s because without money anyone can lose its self-confidence and self-esteem. And also if you got fired from the job, or if the company gets closed then how do you and your family will manage the daily or monthly expenses. So if you have saved amount, and have invested wisely then don’t need to start from 0 or you will never face such situations.

7. Create new income and growth opportunities:

One good income source is enough to live a whole life. But due to information technology and politics, anything can change at any time in any country. So it’s good that you try to earn passive income from fixed assets, RD, FD, bonds. Or start earning online and running an online business part-time with the help of your spouse. If you sleep 2 hours less and work hard on something new or creative in your routine then it can make a big difference in income growth and your knowledge. Even you can start doing it for knowledge.

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8. Take responsibility:

It’s your career, your business, your life, your kids, your family, and your dreams then who is responsible for happiness and success.

Only you. No one care.

You have to stop blaming others for the things that happen to you. Everything that you did so far in your career is based on your decision. It’s bad or good does not matter. It was your desire, dreams, decision and you expected success. But might be you failed.

And it’s not bad if you failed. Instead, it’s good because now you can take much better decisions the past. Now you’re experienced. And now you will faster than anyone.

So my friend, don’t worry if something not as per your expectation right now. It happens. Try again and take responsibility for your own success. And do the things that are necessary:

  • Learn daily and sharpen your skills.
  • Save money and invest wisely.
  • Make other people powerful.
  • Become beneficial for others.
  • Consistently improve your prices according to the values and projects.
  • Create and capture opportunities to help more and earn more.
  • Be humble in your communication with the people that mean to you.
  • Respect others.
  • Be disciplined.


Now be responsible to follow the above habits. No one other born to teach you that what is important for you in your career and in life and it’s better known by you sooner or later.

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9. Be the leader that people like to follow:

This is my favorite. And even Leadership skills can be the only answer if you ask me, how to grow the career. Yes, I have written many articles only about leadership skills and why it’s important. And the all above points are the part of leadership skills.

But in this article and at this point, I can suggest you that try to become the leader of your own career and life. You can’t be the follower all the time in life.

There will be a time when you become a leader, but it’s a political tactic in which you will be made a follower in the hope that those are the people who will make you a leader.

So be careful who is guiding you. There are lots of information on the internet. Everyone shares their own experiences and knowledge. You can follow the lessons but you can’t become like that person. You’re different. You have a different talent. So my friend, become a leader of your career. Always think before implementing and following the suggestions from digital media. And when you will be able to think and make the decisions then you become the leader and you will be able to grow.

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10. Use your time wisely:

There are many people, who haven’t finished reading this article till this point but many gone after the 1st point or many just scanned it.

What do I mean?

I mean time will play a great role in your career growth and success in whatever work that you do. Yes, what you learn and how you learn will impact your career.

If you’re spending more time on unnecessary on social media in gossips, funny videos, while time you can focus on your learning and building your skill and reading this type of blogs and article that will help you to grow your career, who guide and align you towards the success that you deserve.

So my point is here, that manage your time wisely to grow in your career.

If you don’t have the time or you’re unable to manage your time for learning and work then it’s very tough to grow in your career. You have to learn to manage your time. Time management will help you to learn new skills, it will help you to do the meditation, it will help you to travel, it will help to start building another income source online.

So my friend, time management is important for career development.

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