15 Ways to make your website more popular and increase traffic

To make any website popular needs creative and consistent efforts in the execution of marketing plans. There are various reasons behind the popularity and high traffic on the website.  So, before I will explain and share my ideas to make your website popular. Let’s find out the reasons why websites become popular.

Various types of websites become popular and they get millions of visitors per day due to the following reasons:

  • When a website or any app or application provides a unique or competitive solution or solve a problem faster, effectively, low cost, or free that people are facing then it becomes popular without much effort in marketing. For example, Google Search Engine or google.com helps internet users to search for information, product, solutions across the internet with relevant results. Similar to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others helping internet users or people. That’s why they are popular.
  • The next type of website or apps or software becomes popular that inspires and attracts people to use for innovation and to do specific tasks. Such as Twitter is the best method to communicate and share specific ideas and to build and connect with people who have similar interests. Similarly, it’s with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, WhatsApp.
  • The next type of website become popular which provides education and information. It can be a community blog such as medium, online course platforms such as udemy, YouTube Channels, Personal Blogs such as klientsolutech, forum or community (questions and answers) such as Quora. And there are so many educational websites that are popular.
  • The next type of popular website is a tool or application or feature based on which users can solve specific problems. For example, Google Trends helps to find information about trending things across the world. Similarly, keyword research tools, website SEO analysis tools, directory websites, chat apps, email services are solving and working on specific things that people want to use.

There are billions of websites running on the internet network. Each website small or big is focused on specific goals. It can be a tool, blog, educational platform, business website, app, directory, marketing platform or anything.

All the websites, apps, tools are created to become popular and it’s a business. If it’s not popular or not getting customers or traffic then it’s not a business. So, let’s start and understand the ways or strategies that you can use to make your website popular.

1. Focus on the reasons:

To make your website popular you have to focus on the reasons and have to build the vision from the answer that you will get from these questions Why you started it? Why you created it?

For example, you created a blog to educate people about personal finance. Now your focus should be on educating more and more people about personal finance. And you have to keep doing it forever.

Another example, you created a website to get more customers and sell your products online. Now your focus should be getting more customers and doing those things that help you to get customers.

Normally, no website become popular in one day. It takes time and effort. You have to work on its growth daily. You have to define or have to make a list of things that you can do or will do to make it popular. And then you have to execute or work on the list. It can be social media marketing, guest posting, and blogging.

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 2. Provide solutions to the people:

A website or any business becomes popular when it’s solving a local or international problem. For example, a small local directory website helping small business owners to promote their business or list their business for free and get found by customers into a search engine.

So whatever type of website you own. You have to work on solving the problem faster, effectively, and at less cost. You don’t have to solve all the problems in the world to make your website or business popular. You just have to work on the things that you know and you can do it today.

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3. Inspire and attract the world to visit your website:

Your personality, branding, service, products have to be inspiring and attractive not only for the public but also for you and your family. You have to believe in your skills, works, services, and products. If your product and service are really helpful, beneficial, and inspire people to use then you automatically become confident. And after that, you will able to promote and market your products and services confidently on the internet and the local market.

So, if you’re confused about certain products and services, then don’t do that, instead focus on the one or two services and products that you can deliver with high quality and efficiency. Do not copy others. Just use what works for you.

If you’re providing service then focus on each customer one by one. Each customer will make your website or business popular when they are satisfied.

4. Add your website URL and Logo on your business branding content such as business card:

If you’re already doing the above things then now you have to promote your website all the way possible. So that people visit it once.

Not all will stay on the website longer than 5 to 10 seconds, but those who stays or need that product or service will stay and analyze. After that, they will contact you or buy.

So, add your website URL in business cards, brochures, and all kinds of branding and marketing material. But make sure that your website home page communicates effectively about the product and service that you provide. It means you have to explain on your website the home page what you do, how you do, and what price you charge.

Not only that you also have to list the services, feedbacks of existed or old customers, experiences, contact information.

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5. Advertise your website on Social Media – Such as Facebook:

Social media is an important part of digital marketing. But you can start by promoting your website on the local Facebook and Twitter networks. In the beginning, no one will care. But you have to keep sharing your websites, products, content with creative and inspiring messages. And you also have to track your website visitors and sources. For example, if you’re getting more traffic from Pinterest then you have to put more effort into Pinterest. But also analyze the reasons and then use a similar strategy to Facebook and Twitter.

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 6. Advertise on Internet platforms:

You can also use paid marketing to make promote your website and products. You can advertise at a low cost on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s the fastest way to promote your website.

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7. Create viral videos or educational videos related to your website content and upload on YouTube:

Create digital content related to your products, services, feedback, and solutions. And then distribute it on social media or the internet. It can be a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Pinterest board. Content is consumed by people on the internet like water. And people use social media, YouTube to consume more content. They want new information, solution. So, if you can use content then it’s a low cost and high return content marketing strategy.

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 8. Blog on the topics that matter in the life of your visitors or people:

The blog is also part of the content marketing strategy. In which you write and publish articles relevant post those are providing education to your target customers or helping them.

When you do it, it will also increase the traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing. Not only that people will share your content on social media and with their followers. They will also subscribe to the email newsletters.

With all these efforts, within a few months or after 40 to 50 posts you will get getting 100+ visitors per day.

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9. Contact with local celebrity related to the group of your audience:

Celebrities are a public influencer. Politicians use celebrities in their election campaigns to influence voters. Similarly, in each city, there are popular people. They have not known celebrities on media. But they have great influence in their local area.

If you’re targeting local customers or if you want to make your website popular in your local area then it’s great to contact them and talk to them about promoting your website.

 10. Sponsor local talents related to your website content:

You can also contribute to sponsoring local talents. There are thousands of talented people, students, and small kids, who need financial support or tool or books or education. These people can make your website popular, along with their growth. Similarly, you can sponsor a school, sports programs, events in your local area. And there are chances that you will get the attention of the media. In that way, your website and business will also become popular.

11. List and Submit your website on directory engine or business directory websites:

Listing your business website or website on the local directory website will increase the popularity of your website on search engines. List your website or business in directory websites that are relevant and have good traffic and rank on their own.

 12. Optimize your website with keywords:

Keyword optimization on a website is the most important part to make your website popular on Google or Search engines. In this, you have to focus on specific keywords related to your website and business goals. And after that, you have to optimize those keywords in your website home page, services pages, and blog.  It’s called search engine optimization.

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 13. Advertise through Media and Television

Advertising on TV makes your website more popular than any other method especially in a country where people spend more time on TV. If your products or services related to middle-level income people then advertise on TV. Or you can say without paid advertising it takes many years to make a website popular. You have to invest in Media advertising to make your website more popular in a quick time. After that people will just search the name of your website on a search engine to visit. And with that traffic, your other keywords will also get a high rank. It’s because search engines analyze the traffic and content of your website before ranking it higher.

14. Implement all these website promotion strategies one by one and stick to the one that gives you results:

You have to implement the above or your own strategy one by one. As per your website goals. But one thing that is important to remember, that it will take time especially if you want to make your website popular without investing money in the paid advertising or content creators.

But if you use content marketing or blogging or YouTube and social media to promote your website, then you have to do it consistently and faster.

It means you have to produce high-quality content daily. Even in the beginning, you will find that your content is already good, but still, you’re not getting traffic. In that case, you have to forget what is done, instead focus on the next. It takes time to get to identify the relevancy of website content by people and search engines. So be committed and stick to the plan.

15. Consult with an expert before you give up:

There are thousands of people who give up after trying various methods to make their website popular. And it’s true that making a website popular and attracting visitors to the website is not an easy task. It’s the most competitive work on the internet.

So, when you’re confused, then talk to the experts. But identify the experts not based on popularity but also analyze their own website traffic or experiences.  Consultants or experts can analyze your website with their own expertise, experience, and knowledge. And then you can understand or analyze their suggestions through your own intuition.

I hope the above explanation is helpful to you. If you need more suggestions specifically for your website then you can also contact.

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