16 ways to utilize your time to become a smart housewife

Smart housewives manage their time, family, and own career goals very wisely. As you know women are the most important pillar behind the development of family, village, city, and country. But it starts with time management and the selection of the right priorities.

Housewives are being occupied with their house chores for the whole day. Though you are busy enough in between your whole day’s work, you get some time for yourself. After sending your kids to school,  when husbands go to the offices, and after finishing some of your regular works you got some time. You spend that time watching the serial, gossiping, sleeping, or scrolling on a social network.

When you are alone at home, you start chatting on the phone. This is human nature no one likes to be alone. Spending time alone is very difficult. Loneliness makes people dull, it could lead to depression too.

Well, there are some smart women who don’t like to spend that time uselessly.  Some women have the zeal to do something productive, at that time but you don’t know how to utilize those idle hours/time by engaging in productive activities that can keep housewives occupied & productive as well. You can work from home, study further, make handicrafts, can own your small business, and indulge in social work.

There can be many reasons behind women quit their job. Might be some have got married and some might have moved to another place where they don’t find a job, some might have babies or some have to look after the aged parents at home. You are educated, want to work, and contribute equally with their husbands in the earnings & saving.

We are here sharing some Activities/Ideas, you can follow any of these to utilize your spare time  to become more productive:

1.Work from Home:

You can do work from home in her spare time. There are various jobs available on the Internet and classified sections of newspapers. You can grab this opportunity and work from home. After spending a little time in the comfort of the home you can earn and utilize that free time.

Such as Selling Insurance, Typing, Data Entry job, Tele calling, Tuition, Online coaching,  Youtube videos, etc.

2.Pursue your hobbies:

A hobby is something that you love to do.  Hobbies, interests, and passions make us spend time on them willingly. It’s quite easy to get distracted, with the responsibilities and busy dealing with routine life. Hobbies are something that keeps us motivated and focused.

Hobbies work as a stress buster. People who follow their hobbies do not suffer from anxiety, rage, depression, and other negative feelings. It gives relaxation to the mind. The creative forces are present in everyone, it should be utilized rather than laid it useless.

Hobbies like painting, writing, sewing, cooking, practicing yoga, reciting poetry, singing, dancing can be used as earning as well.

3.Start your own Business:

It’s Never too late to start,  housewives are skilled enough that they can start their own business. Even If you have a couple of hours, you can plan for your business and work in those hours.

It’s not necessarily, you have to start something very big. If you cook well you can start for tiffin servicing, if you bake well you can take orders from the bakeries, you have handicraft skills you can directly sell your handicrafts to the stores. You can start your own business enterprise no matter it’s big or small.

You can start your online mart/store too. First, think over it again and again, make plans wisely, do share your ideas with your family, and arrange funds for it then execute.

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A freelancer is someone who decided to become independent without serving a boss or working under a company to collect a salary every month. Freelancer offers skills in which you can perform your best. If you are good at writing, coding, grammar, different language,  Software Developing, Translating, IT & Networking, etc you can start your own journey of financial independence.

If you are a beginner as a freelancer, it takes a little longer to become successful. But once you become proficient in your freelancing you can earn as per your services to the clients.

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5.Further Study:

There are possibilities that some of you couldn’t have completed your higher studies due to some of your problems, or some of you want to study further. During your free time, you can make a schedule to cover their syllabus and study, follow it accordingly.

In your free time, you can prepare for competitive exams which need a huge amount of time and effort. And you have the time and opportunity. It’s up to you whether you want to avail it or waste it.

6. Do online courses:

There is no age to learn new things. You can do any online courses as per your requirements. There are various online courses and you can select any of them as per your interest. The best part of these courses you can learn them whenever you are free and in the comfort of your home. You do get certification from them which helps in online jobs or works.  

For instance:

It will help you to boost up points in your resume that might help you to get a job in the future.

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7. Learn new languages:

Learning a language is always a great way to pass your free time. Nowadays the internet costs you very cheap, and there are various sites through which you can learn a new language. This costs you very little or you can learn it through any book. If you spend some time on it regularly you might become proficient in that language. Spending your time on language learning might reward you a home sitting job in the future eg. a call center job, typing, etc.

8. Join NGO(non-government organization) :

The service of humanity is the ultimate religion. You can use your spare time by joining NGOs to help you to keep busy and serving humanity, which in return also gives peace of mind to you.

NGOs work for the welfare of society, to bring a positive change in society, or work for development. NGOs have activities to serve orphans, impoverished and elderly people. You can involve in those activities and earn some goodwill from the needy.

9.Remain updated:

It’s quite difficult to remain updated about what is happening around the world. But reading newspapers or generals, read news sites that might help you to keep you updated. Knowledge of the surrounding world is necessary. It’s not necessary that you should remain updated only if you are working somewhere. It’s necessary for your own personality. Remain updated of what is happening in the world around increase your IQ level as well. You can also subscribe here to get regular career development tips. 

10. Watch Documentaries: 

Instead of watching useless serials, you can watch the documentary with your kids related to science, historical personalities which increase your knowledge base too. It helps you and your kids in the studies, you can incorporate all the stuff/content you have watched into their studies while teaching them.

For Instance: Einstein and the Theory of Relativity, Thunder run on Baghdad, etc.

11. Reading:

People who love to read books. Books are their best friends. Books are the best source to gain knowledge about anything or everything. No matter whatever book you read in return it teaches you something. People who don’t like to read must give it a try. Spend initially only ten-twenty minutes or read-only two pages. Reading books will increase your concentration and also increase your knowledge. In this way, you can utilize your free time in a productive way.

“ A reader lives a thousand lives” that’s indeed true.

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12. Spend some time with plants (Gardening).

In the metro cities, people live in flats for them, it’s not possible to have their own garden. So try to make a small garden in your balcony by growing some small plants, some flowers, and some leafy veggies in the pots. Taking care of these plants utilize your time more productively. It is beneficial for you and the environment too.

If you have a garden do grow veggies there. If you have kids then take them to the garden, take their help on holidays. It will also raise their interest in gardening too. They start caring for plants instead of playing games on the computer or on the phone.

13. Artistic activities:

Everyone has some talent hidden inside him/her. Staying in bed or lying on the sofa can give you nothing in return. Find out the talent hidden inside you. Might be you can be a singer, dancer, painter, clay modeling, dress designing, etc work on it and become more productive.

14. Try to learn new things:

Spend time learning new things will kill your boredom and utilize your free time. It’s great to spend time learning new things you are passionate about. Homemakers are so busy with in-home chores that you don’t have time for taking care of yourselves. Though you are too busy, feel lonely sometimes due to a lack of community.

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Cooking does not mean feeding your family during mealtimes, but there are a lot of things that you can do with it. Learning cooking from a professional, helps you to knack you deeply.

Gardening is not associated with relaxing recreation only, but it has many benefits you can grow veggies without much effort.

If you have the creativity or artistic bent of mind then give it a try to learn photography.

Sewing, Stitching, and Embroidery help you regain motivation. These things not only keep you occupied but is also a great way to de-stress.

writing, painting, and teaching can work as a great stress buster.

15. Self-care:

Pampering yourself is a must. Looking good encourages self-confidence. Self-care means to love yourself. Self-care can be done in any way like take a spa once a month,  grooming yourself, even applying nail paints or having a haircut, etc.

16. Give time to your health and fitness:

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. We can not enjoy life until we are not well. To keep your body fit you can choose any way like yoga, Zumba, aerobics,  workout, gym. Step out and begin the fitness journey. There is not any certified way to keep your body fit you can do yoga and meditation, dance, or play any sport. Scientifically proven, working out releases dopamine that’s a happy hormone.

In short, I can say if you are reading this post, it means you want to keep yourself busy which is an amazing thing in itself. Most of the housewives who stay at home waste their time in useless activities, which in return give nothing like sleeping, watching t.v. serials, gossiping, scrolling down on social media, and so on. Find your potential take it out and live your life liberally.

I hope this post must have motivated you to find your potential and utilize your free time to work on it.

Good luck!!!!!!  lovely ladies out there.