18 Executable Suggestion to promote your business online

Today, I am giving you some online promotion keys. These online marketing keys will unlock your creativity and business potential. They will help you to get more website traffic, a wider audience, brand recognition, more sales, and profit.

Learn these 18 ways that promote your business online. There is a lot you can do to start off. You can Market on social media by running paid and free ad campaigns. Advertise your business using Google Adwords. If you want to promote on Google for free then update your business blog daily. Create a responsive website, do SEO, and get a higher rank on Google that will help to get customers to your business faster around the world.

You can use these sites and tools on the internet to promote your business such as Google, your own business Website, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Business blog, Email Marketing etc.

There are so many benefits of marketing on the Internet. The more creative you’re in promoting your business online, the greater it will position your brand strongly on the internet. And strong brands attract more loyal customers.

How to Promote Your Business Online?

1. Design a responsive Website and make it fast.

Design or Redesign your website and make it responsive. So your marketing content will be accessible and readable on all the devices for users. Your targeted customers and clients are using mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

If your website is static, takes more than 5 seconds to load, complex layout then your online marketing efforts will fail to boost business promotion.

Responsive websites load faster, get a higher rank on Google, Bing, and increase social shares.

So, if you want to market your business online hire someone or do it on your own to create a responsive website for you. If you’re using WordPress for your business then there are various free and paid responsive WordPress themes that are easy to configure.

The website is the biggest marketing tool for your business in this decade. And it is the number one method to promote business on the internet.

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2. Optimize Your Website for Local and International Clients.

Search Engine optimization is extremely important to promote your business online in an effective manner. SEO in simple terms means selecting the right keywords, those your customers are searching on Google (Use Google Keyword Planner), then optimize website content accordingly.

You can also add your business to Google My Business. Add your business details, address. It’s free and you can promote your business without a website. List your business similarly on Bing and yahoo search engines.

3. List Business Details on Promo Sites.

Directory submission is not ending anytime soon. Even Google is like a Business directory. That’s why there are so many domain-specific directories in which you can convince your customers to call you or email you regarding products and services. Placing business details on promo sites also increase your business visibility on the Internet. Almost all promo sites or directory sites provide your free listing for a few days. Grab it with both hands.

Sign up with email ID on listing sites. Write an actual title and description of your product and services. Then select the photos that describe your product and services best. Enter the details such as phone number, email id or social links. Whatever that you think will be good for your people to know about your business.

Directory listing is old SEO practice. But still effective to get referral traffic, quick customer and brand awareness on the Internet.

4. Do Blogging Regularly on Your Business Website.

Business blogging is the best and my favorite method to promote products and services online. Business website as I told you above that it is a marketing tool.

Now, this tool needs to be updated regularly with fresh content to get a higher rank on Google. It does not matter if you’re providing consulting services or website designing services or selling decorative items on your website. Blogging on the website can work for every business. It will promote your business worldwide. A Blog is like the lifeblood of a good website.

Business blogging is an indirect promotional method on the Internet. The more you write for your customers the greater it will impact their buying decision.

5. Promote your Business, Products, and Services on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a free portfolio website for your business. On Pinterest, you can upload your product images, pin to boards your targeted customer’s images, and share video, blog posts of your product and services.

Create your own business board, create wallpaper, infographics, and consistently follow other people.

Pinterest is the best place to market your business through the use of images. There are so many wallpapers you saw, in which you find the website name at the bottom of the image. That way you can create a similar wallpaper of product benefits, services, and procedures to buy from you.

You need to be a little creative to market on the internet to get high value for your time.

Pinterest also increases your website traffic. When someone likes or pins your images, information then there are chances that those people visit your business website. And when you got the website visitors it means they are interested in your products and services. After that, you can use the chat plugin on your WordPress business website to communicate with your website visitors instantly.

6. Promote your Business on Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking or microblogging website in which your message is called a tweet. Create 2 Twitter account one for your business and others for your personal use.

Now find and follow your targeted customers. Promote your business in 140 words. It’s tough but it’s amazing when a new person likes your tweets and retweets (shares).

You can share your website link after shortening the URL, to adjust everything within 140 words.

If you’re able to inspire your customers in 140 words then it will be a great business promotion skill that will inspire even your competitors.

7. Promote your Business on StumbleUpon.

Social networking is very important to market products and services on the Internet and offline. And stumble upon is another online social network in which your targeted customers are using StumbleUpon to discover interesting and fresh content on the internet.

StumbleUpon is like a search engine for the most updated and fresh content. If you’re ready to grab this opportunity then create something related to your business and services that inspire people to like. You can share your website, other people’s websites, you can follow people. You can see what they liked etc.

StumbleUpon gives instant traffic to your website. You can promote your products and services based on user interests. But again you need to be creative to get the attention of highly busy people while promoting your business online.

8. Promote your business on Facebook.

Facebook is well known by everyone. I hope, you know already how to promote business by creating Facebook Page, Join Groups, and sharing the material that is interesting, unique, and valuable for your customers.

But even after knowing or doing all marketing things business owners and marketers are unable to get customers to their business website from Facebook. Why? I think because they promote business on the Internet or Facebook, without market research or listening.

Here you can learn: How to perform market research online.

Listening (understanding the target base) is most important to promote business online. It is no different on Facebook either.

When you think about posting your marketing content on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media website then first listen, what your existing group members are liking more, what kind of Facebook page posts are getting more likes, what kind of content is that in which people are commenting. What is engaging and what makes people respond?

After listening to what your friends, groups, Facebook business pages or competitors’ pages are talking about, create ‘handcrafted’ content that is related to similar or totally opposite. In which you can connect your business goal with the interest of Facebook Users.

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9. Promote your business on Google+.

Use similar strategies on Google+ that you used to promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and Pinterest. Google+ are more professional social networking website. People can plus one of your posts, they can comment and if they like what you shared with them, they will visit your website.

Promoting blogs, uploading high-quality product images (meaningful), creating a business page is an essential marketing process on Google+. The readers I found on Google+ users are more serious about buying products and services.  But for that, the quality of your product, services, website content, and text quantity matters the most.

Remember, you do not only share your own marketing content but also another person’s products and services whenever you got something valuable for society.

Another benefit of promoting a business on Google+ that you get more traffic to your website. For example, If you following me on Google+, next time when you search on Google after login to Gmail or Google+ in another tab, you will get my Google+ shared posts and website link, about the content you’re searching for, but If I shared something similar to your searched terms. It’s great for your business to keep connected with followers, and be available in search results when they are looking for their daily needs.

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10. Create a Whatsapp group and add your known people to that group.

You can use almost all information technology tools for marketing. WhatsApp is another application that enables you to connect with friends and new clients. While your friends know about you and your business, and you hope that they will talk to other people about your business. But they don’t’ do it daily, do they? It’s because of the benefits of your products and services need to be visible to them daily for more shares.

I think no one is interested in sharing marketing content. But they will share if your product and marketing content is created after the analysis of their daily life or habits.

When you promote business by the use of the internet then try to make it entertaining, valuable, and meaningful. Don’t push your product before opening the brain of customers. First, inspire, create images in the mind of your customers then prove your business can do it often for you.

For example:

1st line:  Life is awesome when you see it positively.

2nd line: And www.klientsolutech.com can help you, how to see it positively with our goggles that shield you from negative visuals.

This is just an example, somewhat funny.

But see the big brands’ ads on TV and social media, how they are trying to capture customers. Analyze what is common in those all ads. Then give that brand touch to your content and marketing material. And spread it on social networking applications on the internet.

My analysis of big brands’ promotions is that they advertise feelings. They create images in the user’s mind of a better life. They create a relatable story after analyzing the people’s problem, then they add Masala to that problem, and at the end of the story (Ads), there is a product, you need to buy to solve your daily life problems.

So, create a Whatsapp group for a social cause that your business is solving.  And promote your business, website, products, and services with creativity and high moralism.

11. Use PPC Ad campaign and Pay for Business Promotion after Click.

PPC (Pay per click) business promotion means you have to pay after people click. That click can be your targeted customers. They can visit your website or see ads. That will help you to get more sales and exposure. It’s paid but calculate if you’re paying $2 for 1 click for promotion it means your product price can be around $20 to $100.

If you’re selling a $50 product at a $2 promotion cost, what is wrong with that? But quality, price, and type of your product matter while promoting business by PPC. And also the keywords, bidding rate, time, region etc. need to be analyzed.

12. Contact guest bloggers to write review posts about your business.

Research about personal, professional bloggers and check their website traffic and communities. If they are getting more than 1000 users per day and they are growing in your targeted customer’s groups then contact them directly through their website.

Make a deal to promote your business on their website, In which you can pay a nominal amount. You can add their website link on your blog. If they are getting 20 people daily for that blog post, and you’re getting a minimum of 3 top quality customers to your business website at low cost (whatever is the deal) for the next 6 months then it’s great to get inspired people associated with your business.

What I know so far is that to become successful in a business you need to consistently promote your business.

Connecting your business promotion goal with bloggers is really beneficial to get a higher rank on Google, more customers, and sales. Brand awareness in online communities and trustworthiness can work amazingly for your business.

13. List Your Business on Google Map.

Google Map is the most common, known way to find your business location. But there are so many companies on the internet hiding their real address, for various reasons.  I think if your address is tagged correctly on Google Map, it’s easier for your customers to visit and verify you before buying any product and services on your website.

Also when someone else around the globe is surfing the world by Google Map, they will find your business name and address and those people can be your new customers.

The benefits of the internet are more than what we can imagine. Here is what I think about this:

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14. Share other people’s content on Social Media.

Sharing other people’s content on social media websites is an important step to promote your business online. Change the taste of your existing customer and new customers by sharing other people’s content. You are not the only one providing a solution for this world. There are so many other people sharing thoughts and ideas. Whenever you come across something interesting, valuable for your customers and readers, share it with selflessness.

And other business owners, marketers do the same for you in return. Follow people, appreciate their ideas and thoughts, visit their blog, and communicate with people. Be like a human in this world, not an alien only here for promoting your own business and ideas.

15. Join discussion forums on the internet and online communities.

Online forums help you to promote business online. People often ask questions on such platforms and you can provide a suggestion. You can discuss marketing tricks and answer difficult questions. If your targeted customers are asking the question in a public forum, and you have the solution to their problem then suggest it.

They like, upvote, endorse, visit your website, buy your suggested solution. The chances are high when others like your help or reply to you. Your message on Google will rank high, when someone from another country search for that similar solution, your forum message and links gets a higher rank on search engines.

It means more targeted customers have a chance to feel satisfied after learning the message. This means you have a high chance to convert those social signals into profitable leads.

If you’re not able to promote your business on the forums by placing links or direct messages then you need to communicate with people without links. Try to meet new people. Be a volunteer. After enough exposure, people on forums automatically ask you for your website and products. Because they trust you, when people trust you online, it becomes easy to promote business.

Digitalpoint.com, India-forums.com, Yahoo Answers, Quora are placed in which you can share your knowledge, information, and productive solutions.

16. Create a YouTube Channel and Promote your business by uploading Videos.

You can promote your business online by uploading videos on YouTube. It’s free and very far-reaching in terms of traffic. When you upload a video, remember it’s important that your personal, business promotional videos are valuable for viewers.

You can upload videos on YouTube for business promotion. You can create and upload tutorials, user guides, buying guides, benefits of hiring you, advantages of buying your products, and how your business services can help in others’ life.

You can create high-quality videos online, offline. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint to convert slides into videos, you can create images videos, and animation videos.

There are various benefits of promoting business by using videos. Because it is a highly engaging, easy way to communicate with people and people love to watch such videos on YouTube and Facebook.

17. Promote your business by Email.

You see websites, in which they are asking for subscribing or signup for using website services. That means they are collecting emails from their targeted customers. After that,  they send promotional messages to users to buy more or to try this or that.

What can you do?

You can do the same practice by placing a subscription widget on your WordPress blog. Or message them to Sign up to use your premium content.

You can also collect emails from directory websites. Then create an email marketing campaign and send an email to people about your services.

18. Use LinkedIn and create your profile and update your connection about your Business.

LinkedIn is a professional social network. There are CEO, CIOs, Project Managers, Content Writers, Website Designers, Programmers etc. almost all kind of professionals are using LinkedIn for various reasons. Such as to connect with people who have a similar profession, and with the people they know.

When you know there are professionals in the market, it means your business and services need to be promoted professionally.

What does a CEO want every morning? What does a Website Designer think each morning? When you’re able to think or predict or imagine, what kind of marketing message will attract these professionals then it’s a win-win business promotion method for you.

So friends, use the above online business promotion method one by one. Study one marketing channel. Do it with creativity. Learn daily about more online marketing strategies. Do a minimum of one business promotion experiment daily. Discuss and collect the ideas of your team. Use different messages each time. After that, do the analysis and stick to one or two marketing channels or use all. Good luck!