20 Effective Methods to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Life

Develop Your Leadership Skills: To have good leadership skills you need to follow good habits and discipline in your daily activities. But before practicing and building any leadership skills, I believe that first, you need to understand why you’re looking to build such leadership such as communication skills or strategic thinking skills. it’s important that we have to know “where we want to go? what is our target? Once we understand this, it’s easy to develop the skill around that goal.

Let’s take an example: You want to become successful in your life, career, and business. You’re looking for a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life. You want to have enough money so that you can spare for donating to good causes and you’re also looking for some free time so that you can work for environmental protection. You want to feel you’re really living your life.

These are ideal goals but how to do them? This is the biggest question. Some may say there is no simple way to answer this, but I have a three-word answer: Become the leader.

And how to have good leadership skills to become a leader? Read on to find out:

In this article we will discuss, how you can develop leadership skills in your life organically:

1. See your Roots:-


how to have good leadership skills

See your roots by remembering the past. Recall the aspirations you had in your childhood. Recollect the attitude you had for success. Think of all your achievements. Think of all the sacrifices your parents have done for you. Cast your mind back to your strengths and attitude towards life.  

You will get all the childhood memories. You will find that in school or college, everything was possible. Nothing was of much worry for you. But today, everything looks harder, sometimes even impossible. Now a question comes into your consciousness, and the question is “Why does it look impossible today?” What has changed?

My friend, there are thousands of answers, why it’s impossible today that was possible 20 years ago?

But my answer to you is- “You were focused only on the present”. You never worried about the future or the past. You were just focused on the present moments in your childhood so everything seemed possible. It was an open world full of opportunities, without the baggage of adult world tensions. That’s why to have good leadership skills you need to see your roots, which help you to stabilize and focus your mind on the present moment.

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2. Focus on the Present:-

When you focus on the present everything becomes possible. To take the next step you should know where you’re standing right now. When you understand your current business and career situation it will help you to determine the future direction. But it’s only possible when you focus on the present. If you want to test your focus then remember, when you’re focused you will feel powerful, energetic, you will become conscious about the environment, you will start listening to your breathing. When you are focused on the present the sounds around you will not distract you.

The news, notifications, messages, worries, future aspirations, past memories, body movements, pains, and negativity will not be able to distract you when you’re focused.

But if you’re feeling these things dividing your attention span, it means you’re not focused on your present, you’re not living in the present, you’re not living practically.

To become a leader of your life then you need to be the focus on the present. Forget about the bad memories and experiences. And focus on what is possible right now.

Focus on a 1st step instead of thinking about 500 steps. If you focus and take the 1st step then only 499 steps are remaining. And this is the way to climb mountains and trees. A 2 years baby doesn’t think about 10 stairs, he/she just thinks and takes the first step and so on to reach 10 stairs within a few minutes. She is able to do it because she finds inspiration from inside.

That’s why once you’re inspired from inside, you don’t need outside motivation. That’s why in your childhood, everything was possible.

But today, you’re worrying about the future. And you’re not wrong. But to change it, to become a leader, to become a solution or to create a solution- focus on the present duties and goals. Take your 1st step. And then take the next step after 1st.

So to be a leader you need to focus on the present, you need to understand the current situation and demands. Once you stabilize your mind on your present you will start listening to the voice from inside. You will be able to identify, what needs to be done from your hands.

3. Identify your goals:-  

A leader takes steps based on goals. A leader learns based on goals. A leader talks about the goals. A leader builds teams around the goals. A leader is motivated not only by goals but also by the process. And you won’t be a leader in anything until you have goals.

And to have goals the 1st and 2nd points of this article will help you to identify your goal.

For example, you will be able to understand from your situation what you need to get done,  to become wealthy. But you also want time for environmental activities, you want time for family and study.

Now to achieve these above goals, you need to set up some activities, habits, methods, and processes to reach those goals.

Let’s consider you want to become wealthy by doing business. Once your business becomes profitable you will able to spend weekends with family. Now wealthy business attracts talent that can manage your duties and you will get time after delegating your works,  to spend time with nature and environmental activities.

Now make a plan in the direction of your goal. Make it yearly, monthly, weekly or daily. I think monthly is ok. To become wealthy seems like a big goal, it’s like you have to climb mountains. But it’s not like that. Don’t see it as a mountain. Just see and take the 1st step with full focus and determination.

So now what is your first step? Remember, from now your smallest goal, is the 1st step towards a wealthy business.

For example, if you’re running a website designing business and you want to make it successful, then the following are the possible steps:

1st step: You need to get the client by marketing and promoting your services.

2nd step: Once you got the project, you need to deliver the project successfully to 99.99 % client satisfaction.

3rd Step: Invest and use the money wisely so that it keeps growing.

4th step: Take the 1st step again, then 2nd and after that 3rd. Also known as iteration, the results of one process are the starting points of the next process. Make this process faster, more effective, accurate, and automatic

Another example: If you want to become a successful blogger who earns money from the blog. You find myriad types of knowledge around blogging, but the following can be your steps towards this aim:

1st Step: Research for keywords – Write an article about anything you feel strongly about, in which you’re most interested.

2nd Step: Complete and publish the article and do your best to share it with the world around you. Talk about it, become crazy about it. and in time keep updating when you get new knowledge around that topic.

3rd Step: Take the 1st step and 4th step – take the 2nd step.

3rd Step -> Take 1st Step

4th Step->Take 2nd Step.


Note: the above are just examples. I just mean to show here, how you can achieve big and toughest goals by creating steps wise process that is easy to follow not only for you but also for your team.

So that’s it, friend, What I mean here, is that to have strong leadership skills, you need to identify your goals, you need a directional plan and step-wise implementation. And you can only do it when you focus on the present without worrying about the future.

And to do this Karma (accountable deed), you need to be responsible for achieving whatever you decided and committed to achieving on board.

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4. Become responsible:-

Take responsibility for your life, career, business, nation, or anything you want to accomplish. No one will delegate leadership positions to you, in business and in life. When you deserve you will get it. And there is a saying about it “God helps those who help themselves”.

If you want to become a leader then take charge of providing solutions. Don’t wait till your boss will give you a charge. Ask for a charge. Don’t wait if someone asks for your help, help before others ask. Deliver the project before the client asks. Solve the problem before the customer asks.

Similarly, in your career and business, if you want to become a successful leader, you need to take responsibility for your duties. For example, You want to become wealthy, but who will make you. Do you think others have time to make you rich?

No never, No one can help you. You’re responsible for your failures and success. Mostly God provided equal opportunities for everyone. If you don’t grab it, it’s your problem.

So to become a leader, I think until you don’t take the responsibility to execute your plan no one can. For a leader, it’s important to Lead By Example, so that others can feel inspired and motivated to work with you.

For example, You know about the Gold Mine and want people to help you mine the gold. But if you’re hoping that someone will work for you, even by giving them money. They won’t. It’s because they don’t know about the Gold Mine, they don’t believe it and they can’t go. It’s because they don’t have an idea and plan. And they never thought about such things.

That’s why once you show them the confidence when 1st you go towards the gold mine with full confidence, others will follow your path.

That’s a very simple and easy formula to become a leader and to attract others to work with you.

5. Make your mind a manager

Your mind is one of the most important components of your body, if not the most important one of all. You can use it as you like but mind your steps. Because everyone around you is watching you. Some of them are your spectators, some of them appreciate your hard work and dedication. Some of them criticize. Some of them just passing time with you. And you’re the player. You’re playing. And others are enjoying.


So to be a leader, you need to understand that end result is not the goal. The goal is to do the karma selflessly. And you can’t do the Karma without the help of your mind. Your mind is very powerful. But you need to address it, you need to align it with the process. Once your mind is focused on the process, it becomes self-managing.

The process means effort that you do in your business, study, career, life. The efforts are the Gold. Not the results. So my friend, make your mind a manager so that it aligns all the senses on the process. And this way you will be able to help others and you will be able to get recognition from others, without asking.

6. Listen and filter the knowledge from noise

There are various suggestions, notifications, gossips and ideologies around us. Many people will try you to manipulate to follow their ideology. But it’s tough for new leaders to differentiate information from knowledge. Everyone looks honest, true and profitable.

And you don’t have other options to ignore them or their offers. It’s happening because you’re the target. You’re targeted to buy their products, you’re targeted to follow their rituals and their truth. And the message, marketing is so much accurate that you go influenced to their direction. And this process you lose your focus, you lose your target, you lose, change and even give up on your goal and start following the others without critical thinking. And at the end, you become a follower rather than a leader. It’s the truth I know. You can agree or disagree with.

But then what is the solution: the solution is very simple. Always live in the present. Take actions practically. Keep your focus on the goal. Keep doing efforts. And keep listening to and filtering the information, use your mind and differentiatie what is right for you, your family and your country and the world. No matter if everyone around you is telling you that you’re wrong and you’re doing wrong.

You’re not wrong, and will never be. It’s because you’re doing what you know. Now it can be wrong or right. Right for you and wrong for others. And at the end of the day, you will get the results based on your Karma. All will get the results based on right or wrong Karma. It’s in science.

So the final answer, Don’t underestimate the voice of your soul, mind, and God that is coming from inside. I don’t mean ignore everyone, I just mean follow the suggestions that appear good and execute the tips that your mentor is telling you to.  And become a follower of Good, Great or Top Leaders that you think to relate to your thoughts and thinking.

7. Watch your habits

To be a leader you need to watch your habits. It’s because you’re not alone. If you follow a bad habit than your team will also follow that. If you communicate rudely with your customers, your team will do the same.

If you work honestly and appreciate every small and big effort, then your team will also appreciate and help others with honest efforts. The greatest goal of a leader is to make more leaders, not followers. And to make other leaders it’s important to follow good habits that help to improve the quality of the process and daily life works. Following good habits enhance the leadership capabilities in you.

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8. Be creative

Sometimes your team and customers are not able to understand what you mean. They can be bored or disinterested by your leadership style in business or in life. So to clarify your message, you can also influence your team for good things indirectly. For example, the social messages in Secret Superstar, Dangal, Bajrangi Bhai Jaan and PadMan Bollywood movies is indirect. That’s why sometime to influence people, you don’t need direct speech, but sometimes you need to be creative to clarify and convey your message to the society, customers and your team. Subtle suggestions can leave a deeper impression than you may think they do.

9. Respect the point of views of other people:-

Give respect to get respect. It’s important to respect others if you expect them to respect you. To be an effective leader you need the power of people, and you will not be able to get that power without respecting others. Be kind. Be compassionate and always have an open mind for new ideas and perspectives.

10. Learn everything about your goals:-

To be a leader it’s important that you are consistently improving your knowledge, skills. Never say that you know everything, never say that you’re perfect. No one is perfect on this earth, and no one knows everything. But that is no reason for you to stop learning and improving the quality of your life, business, products, and team. It’s important for a leader to focus on growth, that focus comes from learning through books, taking new courses, attending seminars and participating in social and economical national activities. That’s why it’s important to keep learning and improving your skills and knowledge around your goals. So that your efforts and process become best in the world.

11. Be honest with yourself and others:-

Never underestimate anyone. Today’s friends can be tomorrow’s enemy, and vice versa. So tell frankly and communicate everything openly. Always remember to be honest with other people. Be honest with capabilities, your own as well as of others. If someone is only able to lift a weight of 40 Kgs then don’t put 80 Kgs weight in the very first time on him. Set boundaries that you don’t do everything, be honest that you can’t make everyone happy. Be honest that you can do what is possible for you to do right now. And do it with honesty and full dedication. I just mean don’t expect too much from yourself and others. Human beings are not machines. So don’t use them like a machine. But yes, always try to increase their talent and capabilities. It’s like identifying who is the person without hole (Paatr, Like water bottle). Here Paatr means a person who deserves. Kupatr means a person who demands but don’t deserve and that has a hole in the bottom.)

12. Think about what you can do with available sources

To be a great leader, first, you need to use the available resources, tools, software’s, knowledge, information that you have. Before asking or looking for new information. It’s important that sometimes in life, you don’t have the money and resources to take your career or business to the next level in an orthodox way. At such moments, you dig deeper and take stock of what you already have, to make the best out of it.

My philosophy is simple, just do what is possible to do with the available sources. Once you start and start walking towards your goals, you will get everything on the way. The money, people, knowledge, and success. But you need to start. And sometimes, you even have to start alone.

13. Stop convincing others for your ideas:-

Don’t convince people that you’re great, don’t convince them that your idea is the most profitable one, especially with those who don’t have any past experience or knowledge about the idea. I mean subject experts. A leader gets thousands of ideas per day for personal and national development, but most of the ideas are never executed, it’s because of the fear of rejections. Sometimes others think about it negativity. And it’s ok. I can be negative on your idea. It’s because I don’t think the way you’re thinking.

So it’s important that you don’t waste your time telling people or asking people about the idea. Instead, listen to and watch the things that are connected to your idea. And start executing, show the results, lead by example, and later everyone will appreciate you that your idea is great. Everyone is a genius within, don’t expect or don’t try to be a genius when others tell you. Don’t depend on others recognition. Once your idea and you became profitable for others, they will value you and your influence as a leader. People, society, boss, team, customers all like you, not because you’re smart, it’s because you have the solution they need. And once their needs are fulfilled they leave you. It’s the truth. That’s why never feel pride that people are liking you, one day when you’re not able to serve them they will not like you.

14. Always be thankful to people and God:-

Whatever you’re today, It’s because of the people who supported and appreciated you. Mostly your parents, teachers, friends and neighbors and many others. Always be thankful for your nation, nature and it’s services that you have used to acquire wealth, power and knowledge. To be a leader you need to create a talent acquisition platform for others to build wealth, you have to educate others to get knowledge and you have to support people so that they gain skills and powers.  

15. Never think you’re the only knowledgeable, wealthy and powerful person in this world:-

When you will become a leader or when you are able to achieve your life goals, at that time never think that you’re the only knowledgeable, wealthy and powerful person in the world. Be kind no matter how powerful you’re in that time. Never stop respecting the opinion of others. Always communicate kindly and humbly. Nothing is permanent, if others can help you to go up, they can also help you to go down. No one is God, never try to become God.

16. Be support and guide for your team:-

Support your team, guide your team and make your team principles oriented. So that even when you’re not with the team, your team can lead the business the same way you do. And all this can happen if you help each member of your team grow. And provide space, environment, platform and resources for them to enjoy, work and grow their talent.

17. Think what is possible instead of what is impossible:-

To be a leader you can’t think something is impossible. Impossible is nothing in our life. You only have to think about what is possible right now, at this moment, in the present. As I told above think only about the first step, then the next and so on, not 500 steps in one time.

18. Lead with the dedication:-

Speed, Hard Work, dedication, honesty, kindness, and goal oriented steps are the jewelry of leader. Do not present yourself without wearing this jewelry.

19. Do not think too much about the bad past experiences:-

Everyone has great struggles and bad past experience in their lives. But instead to pondering and obsessing over what went wrong, learn the lesson from your past and educate others so that they don’t repeat the mistakes you made.

20. Make your time precious:-

Every second count in business and life. Make your time so much valuable, that you don’t have time for pointless arguments, criticism. Your time should be focused on the action, not on talk. Talks can’t change the system and world. If you want to change the system of your wealth creation, if you want to change any system, you can change that by taking action in the time that you have.

That’s it friends. While there are 50 more leadership skills that I can share with you, but I think if you just first follow the above skills and habits, it will develop other skills organically within you.

The most important skills in the list are “see your roots, focus on the present, identify your goals and take the responsibility to achieve your goals”.

You will find a change in your mindset, wealth, knowledge by following any 3 of the above leadership skills for a month. If you want to learn more specifically then tell me in comments.

Thanks for your time, I hope it will be helpful for you.

Don’t forget to share this article with others. Because sharing good and valuable things is another hallmark of a true leader with real-life leadership skills.