39 Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Online Effectively


Get the most reliable online marketing ideas to promote your business online quickly. These 39 best Creative and Innovative online marketing ideas can increase your website traffic if executed properly. You will get more audience, leads, customers and clients. Use these ways to promote your business online internationally or even locally. You will learn in this article about Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, online marketing through the blog, online marketing by forums, QA sites and online marketing using images, content distribution channels and various online marketing strategies.

List of 39 most innovative ways to promote your business online

1. Create a website for your business to promote your products and services online.

promote business online using website - online marketing quotes


A website is an online shop for your business. You can advertise, sell and use it for customer support. It’s really important in the modern world to connect with your customer worldwide by creating a website for your business, large or small. It means your business is accessible to users from any country by using any device which is a great advantage. You can create a business website on your own or you can hire website designer online and offline to get yourself a piece of internet real estate.

If you decide to build the business website yourself, you can use WordPress.org, Wix, Tumblr, WordPress.com, Joomla, Drupal to create a responsive and faster website. You can also hire a professional website designer online or offline to create a website that helps to promote your business online.

Learn more about it: – Explanation, Why you need Website for your Business

2. Optimize your website for high value keywords that people are searching on Google.

Optimize your website with keywords people searching on google - Online marketing quotes

People search on Google when they need something. They need clothes, electronics, books, luxuries, online courses, learning materials, web designing services, customer support and much more. They buy online, they chat with customer support online, and they know that they can do everything on the Internet if they have the right keywords to search with. And for that, you have to optimize your website for the keywords. You can search keywords related to your products using Keyword Planner and then place those keywords in your website. Use those keywords optimally while you are explaining the benefits of your products and services on the website and social media networks. Be creative and improve the customer experience.

Following are the tools help to optimize your business website for organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner


Keyword Spy

3. Connect with your customers using a blog in your business Website.

Build trust through blog and sharing helpful tips - online marketing quotes

Business blogging is just like marketing your business by using your diary. You note down your experiences in the business world and then share it with the world on your business blog. Write a blog post for people searching on Google. Show visualized data and managed data that enable people to differentiate the advantages of using your products and services in the blog post. So your prospective customer can compare benefits they will get after buying and using your services. A blog is the method that will make people aware about how much you care about your customer and brand. Prove by action, that you’re not only doing business to earn money but at the same time providing great value in your products and services.

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4. Publish more than 3 articles on your website every week.

More fresh content - more organic traffic - #online marketing quotes

Customers and consumers want new, interesting and valuable experience each time they come online. Consistent blogging on the business website gets a higher rank on Google. It’s because you’re using various versions of same keywords in your blog post to reach more people looking for similar things. They connect with brands more than anything else, so this way, blogging is a method in which you remain updated with the brand experiences of the users. When you share your business or promotional post on social media you get free traffic to your website. Also the more you update your website with new and fresh material about your services the more traffic you get from search engines.

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5. Find directory submission websites and list your business on free or paid promo sites.

list your business on promotional websites or directory websites

There are more than hundreds of directory and listing website on the Internet for every city and country. You can make a list of 40+ directory site in excel sheet and then list your business on those all sites. This way you can have up to 25 live ads on the free listing and if you get good results from listed content, you can buy silver, gold or premium packages to promote your business online using directory websites.

Here are the lists of all directory websites: 2100 High PR Directory Submission sites list 2017

6. Upload products images on Pinterest Board.

distribute free creative images

Create 10 or 100+ images of products and services creatively and then upload those images to the Pinterest board. People will also find and like your business by Google Images and Pinterest Boards. Use keywords in your images when describing the image content. This is a creative method to promote your business online.

You can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel draw etc. to create, edit and manipulate images for online marketing. But you if you want to create images online, then you can use picmonkey, canva, befunky, pixteller and Infogr.am etc.

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7. Tweet daily about products and services.

tweet and share information daily about your products and services

Day to day marketing is like food for your business and customers. They will sample fresh content every day and it’s up to you to serve them the best you have to offer. Daily marketing is important because your business is hungry each day for growth. This food is generated by Twitter tweeting about your products and services with different keywords and phrases daily. Also, do not forget to add hashtags. You will get something, like one new follower, 1 new website visitor etc. Never miss any chance or any channel to market your business on the internet.

8. Post and share your blog post daily on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

blog sharing on social media websites - online marketing quotesAfter publishing a blog post on your business website, share a small part or a preview with free images or creative images on Facebook groups, Facebook pages, personal profile, Google+ profile and communities with the hashtag and also on Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest etc. Keep doing it. It’s free. You will notice how easy it is to build a community around your business. Within 3-4 months hard work, you will start getting leads and loyal customers.  You can use social media management tools such as HootSuite, Mention, Buzzsumo, Buffer, and Tweetdeck etc.

9. Lead your business personally and use your own image while promoting business on the Internet.

Lead your business personally to promote your business online - quotes about online marketingStock images are good, but your own image with your product and service is a great way to promote your business. Adding a human face to the product or service lends it credibility and trust from the user. You can use various methods to promote your business using images. But my point is that you should lead your business personally. Be involved directly.  Like BABA Ramdev marketing and promotional strategies 

Learn more about this here: Internet Marketing Strategy 1.0 – Why Lead Your Business Personally

10. Create interesting, unique and valuable Facebook pages and groups related to your products and services.

target right people for right products on social media pages - online marketing quotes

This is another social media marketing strategy in which you can create separate social media pages for each of your business products. And you only have to share marketing content related to that product on related Facebook pages and groups. It will not only help you to target right people for the right product but it will provide you more customers in less time. This is possible because your marketing message is targeted at the right people. Without doing much, you will get valuable data of users who like your page such as their reactions, feedback and other behavioral details on certain products and services.

Create more than 10+ pages and groups for each product and services separately on all social media website. Creating 10+ pages to promote your business on Google+ is easy but you have to share high-quality content on social media communities for it to be successful today. And for that, you can research on their existed likes, +1 post, and their profile description. After that create and share the content important for them, handcrafted perfectly for them.

Learn more about this online marketing strategy:-> Social media marketing ideas for small business

11. Find and follow people on Twitter you think will be your future customers.

find and follow people on the internet - online marketing quotesIf your targeted customers are CEO’s, Marketing Manager, Social Media People, writer, then follow those people. Share likes and re-tweet their tweets. Create some influence among people who are considered online influencers. It’s a method of marketing in which you can inform them that I am here with such services and I agree with your business principles. When you follow your targeted customer they get notification by email and they can see your profile image or logo and profile description. And this is another free method of online marketing.

12. Use Google Adwords and PPC ad campaign for quick sells.

use google adwords and ppcGoogle Adwords PPC and all other types of the PPC ads campaign are great methods to sell your products and services quickly for the people searching Google. For that, you have to research on long tail keywords and try to find out exact match of key phrases that you can use on Adwords Ad campaign and on landing pages.

Learn more about  PPC Introduction and Google Adwords.

13. Check website traffic and followers of blogger related to your industry and ask them to publish review posts about your business.

check website traffic and ask for review post - online marketing fundamentals quotes

There are thousands of blogs getting more than 1000+ users per day from search engines and social media. You can contact those people to write and publish review post about your business. For writing reviews and endorsement of your business on their business blog, they can ask you for money and other things. You can approach them to lend a helping hand, especially those bloggers using Google Adsense on their website.

You can compare website traffic and statistics analytics on similarweb.com, kissmatics and clicky etc. and various other websites analytics applications.


14. List your Business on Google My business, Yahoo, Bing

List your business on Google My business or Google Map. After that notify or request your existing customers to write feedback reviews about your business on Google My business.  You can get your business name at the top of the search engine when people search for local services on Google. Also, use Yahoo and Bing local listing services. And add your business details so that people can find you easily in the city you’re doing business. Add photographs to your Google Maps page and respond to the customer reviews in a pleasant manner.

Learn more about it:

How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps?

Now You Can Fix Your Yahoo Local Listing without Paying for Yext

15. Ask and answer questions on public forums such as Quora using your company account or personal account.

answer people with your knowledge and experiences on public forums and QA website with link promotionYou can create Quora account with your name or with the company name.  After that find question, people are asking related to your industry, services, and products. Answer them and add the website link at the end of the answer to learn more or buy a complete solution. If your answer is helpful they feel happy, if they are satisfied then it will create great chances that they will click on the link and visit your website. This is another method to promote your business online using your knowledge and products benefits.

You can use Reddit, Quora, Stack Overflow etc.

16. Upload Tutorials, user guide, buying guide and benefits of your products on YouTube.

upload tutorials, benefits and how to guide about your productsCreate a tutorial related to your website and business. This can be a user guide in which you can explain how to buy products on your business website and how to write testimonials etc. The more how-to guide you write the better it will be for people to understand how they can get advantages of using your website and from the business. And also add a link to your post or product pages in Video description.

Learn more about here: How to increase views on YouTube videos – Ideas to Follow

17. Find Email on directory websites and social media networks or Buy email marketing software to promote your business by sending a promotional emails to users.

use email marketing strategies to promote your business

You can find email ids on listing websites and phone numbers on social media websites. After that, you can use Email Marketing Software or create promotional emails manually. Then send a minimum of 1 promotional and useful guide to those email Ids in a week.  Also, add the website or product link in the email. Be mindful not to overdo it or you risk getting negative reviews.

You can use MailChimp for marketing automation, Campaign Monitor,  mailrelay, email marketing platform etc.

18. Add subscription widgets in your websites and ask people to subscribe.

use customer retention strategisesIt’s important that you have loyal customers or visitors to be successful in online and offline business. You can do it by retaining customers for more profit. And for that, you add subscription plugin on your website. After that, you can ask people to subscribe to get monthly or weekly newsletter. When they do it, you will get their email ID. This also means they are interested in your services and product. And they are satisfied with whatever they learned or purchased on your website. Now you can send them similar guide or product once a month. If you get 1000+ subscribers on your business website, it’s easy for you to sell more and at less cost.

You can use MemeberPress, RestrictContentPro and Google Feedburner subscription plugin in your WordPress website to retain visitors and customers.

19. Sell 5% parts of your product or services in Free or demo version after people subscribing or signing in with email

share small parts of to sell more

Some people do not subscribe even they are satisfied or not. Even a satisfied customer does not share your blog post or product and services within anyone many times. In this case for this type of person, you can sell 5% part of your product or services in free. But for that 5%, they have to use their Email Id and whatever data you want to collect. After that create and use email marketing strategies to inspire them to buy 95% part of your products. If they are serious or if they really want a solution they will buy100%, but you have to do it.

20. Call or message about your products and services to those people who share, like, +1 and tweets your articles, products, and ads on social media.

call and message people got inspired with your promotional content

You can call or send a message about your website and products, combining offline and online marketing methods. You can call those people who liked, shared and re-tweets your products and services. They liked it means they may be interested. So, try this method too. Do not miss any opportunities to market your business online.  Integrate the power of online marketing in your business.

21. Use Google Analytics code on your website or blog and find keywords ranked well on the search engine. Then write articles based on those keywords to get more traffic to your business website.

use google analytics search query function and create more content around those keywords

Almost all people use Google Analytics code on their website. But not all are getting benefits from the data they are getting. In this case, you can use Acquisition, search queries and find keywords you’re getting a higher rank on Google. Also, you will get the information and data about what people are searching on Google, before visiting your website. So, use that data and create more content around those keywords.

Learn here about this SEO strategy: – blog Optimization: How to Optimize Your Blog


22. Ask popular motivational speakers, business leaders, or leaders of your industry to endorse and taste your product and services then share it with their followers and subscribers.

Almost all the leaders are promoting their own and other products on YouTube, blog and social media. They are doing it because they know about the quality or benefits of the product they are promoting. They are promoting it for free or payment. But you can also contact and find such people online who have big fan followings. Ask them to taste or use your product for free. If they like it, please share it with other people, so that they will get the benefit too.  For example, if you’re selling books, give a free copy of your book to the leader. And if leader/influencer likes it they share it with others.

23. Find and connect with targeted customers on LinkedIn.

target customers on linkedInYou can write a blog on social media, you can create a group or pages with the people you want to be part of your business directly or indirectly. They can be your customers. Use your website link in the LinkedIn profile. Post small parts of the article on LinkedIn and try to market your products and services at the same time in the article. You have to be creative to promote your business online. And LinkedIn is a professional’s network and that is to market your business to the right customer.

24. Create a responsive and mobile-friendly website to rank higher on Google.

responsive websites help you to rank your website on googleGoogle search engine is enough to market your business online. Just create a responsive mobile-friendly website. Make your website as fast as possible so that loading time remains around 3 seconds on mobile and computers. Faster and responsive websites have more chances to get more traffic from Google. But never forget about the product quality content and value in your marketing content.

Learn more about here: Why responsive website is important for your online business success

25. Create an advertisement in PowerPoint and upload slideshow on Slideshare.

Answer people with using power point presentation to add value in your marketing

Create marketable slideshows about your business and upload it to Slideshare or slide sharing website. Add descriptions and keywords. For example, if you want to give answers to your audiences then share it by making a presentation. You can also create and distribute a free PowerPoint presentation using your brand name.  Look at on already existing material on Slideshare and generate new ideas. Slideshare is the world’s popular content sharing community. So take the advantages of everything that you’re getting for free or paid for promoting your business online.

26. Create and sponsor short animated movies and upload it on YouTube.

online marketing quotes - upload animated movies on YouTubeCreate short animated stories or movies that describe your product features or services coverage and upload it to your business channel. In this case, your business is sponsoring the story or animated movies. In the end, people come to know about something new and gain useful information. But they also learn or get responsive about who is producing such stories. And that’s a great method to promote your business using animated movies on the Internet.

I am talking about The Aim – Motivational short film this kind of movies to promote your business online using movies or videos.

27. Add live chat plugin or real-time chat options on your website and try to communicate with people visiting your website from Social Media or Google.

convert website traffic into paying customersNot all visitors to your website are coming to you for buying products and services. Some of them just check and watch what you’re producing and offering. In this case, try to chat with such people visiting your website. So you can convert your website traffic into customers. You can use tawk.to, livesupporti.com etc. chat applications. Create creative images with your brand name and upload it

28. Create creative images with your brand name and upload it to social media or free images websites.

share free images and get backlinks

Capture the best shots from your mobile camera and add your brand name then upload it on free images site or create your own website for free images with the brand name. You can provide free images for bloggers, social media marketers or for your targeted customers on your own website. In this case, you will get traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines with a lower bounce rate. Here you can also notify users to provide backlink or credits.

29. Create and use all social media and content distribution websites.

promote business online using targeted contentUse all websites on the Internet in which you can participate in a discussion, you can comment, you can write and engage with other people. That content should be targeted to influence people.  You can comment with your brand name, you can join online forums and discussion groups and at the same time, you can promote your business.

You can use Scoop.it Content Curation, Medium – Read write and share stories etc.

30. Likes, Share the articles and social media content of your targeted customers.

like, share the content of your customers and they will promote your business online indirectlyLike, Share the content of your targeted customer on social media. When you share other people’s content they will share your content. Try to keep it relevant to your interests and your targeted audience. Share for Share is a great way to co-promote related businesses.

31. Record and market your podcast related to your products and services.

promote your business using podcastAnother popular method to promote your business online is to Record and distribute your podcast. You can record podcasts related to your business. You can also create podcasts related to any other interesting topics and sponsor those podcasts with your business and brand message.

Learn more here: How to Use Podcasts in Your Online Marketing Strategy

32. Create inspirational, social skill development, business development, education development, and funny quotes and add your website URL or business name at the bottom of each image and share it daily on social media.

share inspirational quotes that belongs to your businessYou can create motivational, marketing quotes, business development, career development quotes to promote your business online. People are looking for quotes images for various things especially to share on social media. You can hire a writer, copywriter to write quotes around your business. After that, you can place your business name in the image at the bottom. Like this one. 

33. Create Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter profile cover page with your brand name.

social media cover pages can promote your business onlineThis social media marketing strategy in which you can create creative and top quality banners about your business. Then place those banners on your own Facebook profile, Facebook business page cover, twitter cover page, Google+ and YouTube etc. and update it frequently so more people get notified about business.

34. Use Tumblr and post images, share posts and link back to your business website.

get backlinks from tumblr to your website by sharing images and contentTumblr is another website in which people are really interested to find new information and knowledge. So, you can create the same page or blog with your business name. Share shorter content and link back to your website. Add business, quotes images and gif images and add your business name and contacts on those websites.

35. Use Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook paid campaigns.

use google adwords for need and social media for desire - online marketing nostopUse all paid advertisements to promote your business online if your budget allows. In this, you need to find out which single paid marketing channel is best for you. To decide the best method you need to find out where your customers are more eager, creative and innovative. Do they need or desire? If your products and services are achieving desires of people then promote on paid social media channels. But if your products and services are solving the needs then use Google Adwords or PPC campaigns to promote your business online.

36. Tell your friends to share your brand images, business advertisement or business details on their own Facebook, Google+ profile.

Many people use social media for knowledge and information. Not all are there for selling and marketing. In this case, your friends can become the best social media marketer of your business. Just tell or request them to share your business page, website or images on their profile. You can also tell them that comment on my post, so it will attract more likes and shares.

37. Contact people in your city who have high traffic websites to place your banner ads on their website sidebar.

There are people in your city who have websites, blogs, and social media pages getting huge traffic. These a called social influencers and they have a good online reputation among the public. It’s great if they are from different niche. Contact them to add your business advertisement on their website or share about my business on your social media pages. Create advertising banners like Google Adwords ads and send them to place it.  It’s like a banner exchange.

38. Try to contact the authority website and publish a guest post. And try to get a backlink to your website.

You need to write on other people’s websites to get faster results from online marketing. There are various benefits of Guest posting and one is that you will get backlinks. If you get backlinks from authority websites then your domain authority numbers grow. That increases your Google Rank. Another benefit is that you will get more customers or interest users to your business website.

39. Think of innovative new ways to connect with people.

Creativity is the most important factor in online marketing. People like new and fresh content each time, just like we like our food. A little variety and creativity never hurt anyone. Provide them the immersive experience using your products and services they missed so far.

So, that’ it friends,  what I think and learned so far about online marketing and methods to promote any type of business online. Try to do some planning and implement each online marketing idea one by one and keep repeating the above process. Do not take online marketing lightly. It’s a creative business to promote other businesses and it takes a while to get it right. Just do what is possible for you right now to promote your business online. You don’t need to be perfect. But create and provide top quality products and services. And you never have to worry, about your next client. But that does not mean you can stop online marketing and stop innovating your marketing strategies.

Never Stop Helping People – Never Stop Marketing. 


Article is proofread by Abhishek Sharma

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