A Time Management schedule for part-time working housewives

Time management techniques at the workplace for higher productivity

Everyday routine has different demands, expectations, and priorities. All the women whether working or housewives have many duties to perform. We women manage the home and are responsible for a lot of things concerned with the home.

We, housewives, manage home chores as per our convenience. When I used to work full time, I do all the home chores on my own. After I quitting my job I was doing my home chores, but I  became a little lazy.

I created a daily, manageable routine which you could also do, it will help you to manage your time to become more productive. Being the mother of a toddler also increases responsibilities more. When I

didn’t have a baby, I feel like I have many hours in a day. But now I feel a shortage of time in a day. But after following a schedule I am able to manage my time in a productive way.

A woman who works outside, she earns. In the same way, a housewife who stays at home she is not earning but she is saving the expanses of a maid. But a Freelancer who stays at home to do all the activities of a housewife apart from that she earns.

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Tips/Points to be considered while drafting your schedule:

  • Do advance planning for your time whether you are working or a housewife.
  • Make a time chart in written format
  • Set priorities for the day (laundry, going to market)
  • Be Realistic with Your Time (divide time as per the tasks)
  • Place time chart approaching areas like in the kitchen (on the fridge),  in your bedroom (near your bed), in the drawing room (closer to T.V.)
  • Don’t overburden yourself
  • Do the laundry on alternate days(like on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
  • Deep cleaning of a room done twice/thrice a week(On Monday deep clean one room, on Tuesday do another room).
  • Make a list of grocery at the beginning of the month and maintain stock for the month, so that you need to go out, again and again, to purchase in slots.
  • Consider time for yourself. eg. yoga, exercise, walk, etc.

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Here I am sharing my personal schedule as an example which you can incorporate into your schedule it might help you. Let’s begin.

Sr. No.Start Task End Task To do List
15:005:15Wake up, drink lukewarm water & freshen up
25:155:40Go for morning walk & do exercise
35:406:15Cleaning home
46:156:30Take bath
66:507:20Cook Breakfast & serve wake up drinks (milk/tea)/ make Tiffin
77:208:00Spend some quality time with my daughter & teach her something related to her books or moral values.
88:008:40Prepare daughter for school/ Do some home chores in between(Washing clothes)
98:409:00Breakfast time/ clean up utensils
109:0010:00Drop her to school & go to the temple
1110:0012:30Do Freelancing job
1212:3013:15Cooks lunch
1313:2013:45Lunchtime/cleanup utensils
1413:4514:15Go to pick up daughter
1514:1514:45Give time to my daughter in her daily routine
1614:4516:00Nap time
1716:0018:30Freelancing work & play time with my daughter
1818:3020:00Walk time & playing time for her
1920:0021:00Cooks dinner
2021:0021:30Have dinner/cleanup utensils
2121:3022:00Freelancing work & help her in doing her homework
2222:0022:15Storytime for her
2322:155:00Sleep time

Initially, it was quite difficult for me to follow this schedule but I started practicing on it regularly. In the beginning, I need to see the schedule thing but now I am used to it. My brain follows it on its own.

“All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that.”

Baltasar Gracian

Think over it, don’t waste your time utilize it productively.

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