Advantages and disadvantages of internet of things (IoT)

IoT means things that we use in our daily life is now connected with the internet, mobiles, computers, and applications. Mobiles, computers are the robotic support system that we’re already using for years. But now it’s expanding its reach and the new version of innovation is called “IOT”.

It’s coming in entertainment, kitchen, bedroom, cleaning, and kids parenting. Technology already has changed our lives. Now it’s ready to make another change. And that will transform everything from our habits, rituals, ideas, and living style.

Advantages of the internet of things (IoT)

1. Robotic Support – Makes your home automatic:

You can use IoT devices in your home for various things but mainly right now, it’s more focused on home security, entertainment, and remote support. But whatever it is, it will try to automate your daily home life and activities. It means your home appliances now connecting to the internet. Obviously, you will be able to share them with others.

Let’s understand, the advantages in the following points, what will happen after home automation:

  • You will be able to enter your home zone without using any physical key. Your doors will automatically identify that it’s you. It can be in a variety of methods such as face unlock or fingerprint lock or voice unlock and password lock-in mobiles. It means you will see your mobile phone and your doors will open. It will replace the cost of hiring gatekeepers, security guards, etc. to IoT devices. But a little less.
    It’s important because in the future no one will become a security guard or gatekeeper. It’s because Gatekeepers and security guards not teaching or training their kids to become like them. And it’s great to educate them to advance the duty. Even their kids can develop and invent new technologies that secure your home remotely after getting educated.
  • IoT devices can help in home cleaning. If you don’t have time to clean the floor then you can start IOT enabled cleaning robot or device or appliance by using the mobile app. And it will automatically collect and clean the floor. And also notify you and collect the information about how clean it is, or what is the history of dust and cleaning. Not only that, it will tell you what cleaning products you need to use. Practically, it will tell your IoT enabled wallet, what things need to purchase for cleaning, and where from you can get the best deals. It will save you time.
  • You can set a timer to turn on and turn off the lights. You can switch on/off the light bulb from your app or from your voice, no matter its balcony light or bathroom light. Even lights will tell you that I am free or there is no use of me so turn me off.  You can track or see the stats of your energy consumption on a mobile phone or laptop. It means how much you’re consuming and how much it’s costing you. It will help to save energy and power.

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2.  Support for Military and LOC monitoring:

IoT enabled robots or devices can be programmed. It means that os (Operating System)will work in them. Not matter it can be just one function. IoT devices will receive input and give output. Practically, whatever you instructed them or program to do they will do that.
What can be the possibilities:

  • The sensor can identify the movements on the loc and automatically capture the images and then identify them and create a report. The report automatically received by another IOT enable device and then it will turn on the essential object that is required as per the report.
  • If it’s an animal then it can open the trap and direct it to the appropriate location. But if it’s from enemies then it will automatically turn on the defense or attack devices. And it’s the greatest advantage to prepare for the battle or save lives. It can be operated, monitored manually and automatically.

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3. Saving electricity or energy:

IoT devices will save time and energy. The cost of power sources in management and development is higher. People waste many things naturally food, water, time, money, energy, and many other things. It can be due to laziness and low memory power. And it’s a common thing today and it’s because we want everything easy and we have bad habits especially in the uses of technologies.
But whatever, the technology and especially the combination of IoT and Artificial intelligence will impact life in the future. The positive impact can be that it will save or reduce the consumption of power.

4. Innovation and entrepreneurship:

Innovation and entrepreneurship are important. IoT is a new thing or just becoming trending but the real changes are not the ways we’re seeing today.
But who will make those changes in technology and in our life in the future? Definitely, the kids who are using google assistant from age 2-3. And also the students studying computer science in various colleges and universities. They are the real game-changer. They will study and research the devices that we’re already using. And 10% of them will invent and start new business models.
The people studying today, have to study artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud computing, and various other trending things. That will have space or a gap for innovation and entrepreneurship.

But only developed countries are able to do that first. It’s because their leaders and system inspire the citizens and students to explore the inside creativity and immigration.
And also the world is getting many problems today, the innovation and entrepreneurship in information technology in developing countries will make a difference.
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5. IOT Devices will communicate and manage each other:

IoT devices are compatible with each other. For example, if you use google home then not only you can control your home but you can also use it for various other things such as google assistant. Google Assistant feature in Google home will help you to play news, music, to do list, translate and manage the calendar.
Your yoga mat will tell you about the performance and pressure in real time and you can watch that on your TV, about how your yoga practices making a difference in your body and mind.

Things will look like this:

  • You’re telling the google assistant in IOT connected car to make a coffee. You’re driving home but it will take you 5 minutes and you need to drive 5km more. But once you reached the home, google home or voice controller IoT device in your home, will tell you that your coffee is ready.
    Now the coffee machine is connected with a voice controller in your home, your google assistant or IOT device in Car or google assistant is connected with the voice controller. And they are working with each other for you.
    There are two advantages here, one is that you will save time, you don’t have to make coffee manually. 2nd you getting the coffee faster and in advance.
  • Similarly, your yoga mate will communicate with Google Home or voice controller IOT in your home, to tell you that it’s time to do the YOGA.
    Your light bulb, doors, camera, water connection, stencils, gas connection, refrigerator, etc. in the home will communicate with a voice controller or google home or google assistant and notify you about the current situation.
  • Now they will collect and understand your behaviors and as well as your family members. As result, you will be able to find out, when you’re at home, how much water or energy you consume, and when your kids are in the home, how much they consume.

6. Home and business security through:

Home and business security through sensors and connectivity of the internet with home appliances, cameras, and alarms secure and identify threats. And they will automatically message to Security services or police.
Stats of Lifestyle – IOT devices are operated through the software, sensors and AI integrated programs. The devices collect the data. It means you can see the stats of your lifestyle and behaviors such as how much time you’re spending on your YOGA Mate, how much and how well you’re sleeping, How many books you’re reading and how healthier you’re from last 30 days.
It will help you to find the pattern of your bad health, power consumption, physical fitness, and Artificial Intelligence will notify you to take certain products, solutions, and tips. And even they will automatically order it from your wallet, without your need to touch the wallet.

7. Helpful to guide about Healthy food and diets:

You can communicate your IOT Home voice controller for many things. The voice controller will be connected to the internet and a search engine. It will look like this:
You will tell me what do I eat and drink after yoga?
Now the voice controller tells you by reading the search engine results or websites or information.
And it will also tell you that these items are not in your refrigerator, will I order them?
If yes, then it will automatically order, and the items are in your home within 5 minutes from the nearest store that is connected with your home appliances.
It means you’re free from many things. And IoT devices will take care of the health and wealth without your participation. You just have to configure them or personalized as per your requirement.

Disadvantages internet of things:

1. Allowing Technology to control us:

When you use IoT devices then it means you and your personal data are connected to the internet and service provider. Whatever you’re doing at home is easily trackable. You get up, you sleep, you walk to the office, you’re inside or you’re outside, IOT devices knows all that and also those who are behind these devices and services (companies).
The devices work automatically, which means they will keep telling you until you’re not getting up or ready to do yoga. It means IoT devices will tell you that do that or this. It’s a lot of distraction if you want to live in peace.
It will be like a mobile notification. And the notification will from voice control, doors and from everywhere.

You will become slaves to follow the orders that you liked once, but now IoT devices will telling you to repeat that.
It’s because behind the information technology or IOT there is an indefinite business. And you will not be able to enter your home without paying or recharge. You have to pay monthly or yearly or repeatedly to use the full-fledged features of IoT devices.

It’s Making life more complex: Too much information and data and connectivity or dependability on IoT devices will make you and family members life complicated. They will be always busy managing and follow the notifications. And if everything is pre-managed and by default for the next 50 years then the adventure and organic growth of life will impact negatively.

2. Unemployment and disturbance:

50% of the services that we’re using today in the home will be automatic within the next 10 years. Every company trying to reduce cost by doing automation in business. Human labor is also the cost and consumes lots of time. But IoT or technology does not impact the life of rich people, but low-income level people.

And it will impact developing countries more. It’s because such products and services are marketed more in more consumable markets such as India. Where unemployment and lack of entrepreneurship is already a big issue.
Many already disturbed due to mobile recharge, bank details update, taxing, mobile notification, promotional messages, and pop-ups. And when IOT, Drones, AI come into daily life then the disturbance achieve its highest level on the earth so far.

The memory of the human is shrinking. There is no space for thinking in the brain or human hard drive. People are following the orders and content of the speech and many have no time to think critically about any social, personal, national and economic subject and objects. People will be less focused in the future and they want to do everything by using the internet.