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In this online basic computer course series, you will be able to learn various basic computer skills, computer and internet applications, and technology concepts and tools. Within a few weeks, you will be to operate a computer and internet confidently in your daily life. And within 6 months you will be ready to start computer-related business or freelancing or jobs online and offline.

Hi friends, this is Vijay Sharma. I am the founder of Klientsolutech YouTube Channel and this website. I am training schools and college students, professionals, housewives, business owners computer skills, and various other technical and computer-related business skills from 14+ years.

I have learned various computer skills practically while working for clients and by learning through the internet. And I am thankful to you and god that I got a chance to share these skills with other students and people.

Now I have started an online basic computer course series on YouTube that is free. I am doing it after getting a request or suggestion from the students nearby me. And I also realized that it’s not possible for all the people to understand various basic concepts of computers just by reading. They need someone who can teach them written skills practically. While I suggested many online courses for students in the past.

But personally, I was not that satisfied, it’s because the things I have written or the concepts I have shared are unable to found in various online courses. Even I suggested the way to teach basic computer skills in this article.  And also shared the list of basic computer skills. But now I will be with you, and I will try my best to train and teach you these basic computer skills online.

Here you can subscribe and join me. In this online basic computer course series, I will try my best to train you in almost all kinds of computer, internet, and computer-related business skills and techniques that I know so far in my computer field career. And if you connect and subscribe to my channel on YouTube then I am sure within a few weeks and months you will be able to take advantage of computers and the internet in your business.

If you join me by subscribing to our Klient Solutech YouTube channel then you will be able to understand and become skilled in using a computer and various other technologies.

You will be able to use the computer in your daily life confidently to do various works.

Such as typing, document writing, and editing, data calculation, and management, presentation, graphics design, and photo editing, WordPress or Website Design/Development, Search Engine Optimization and Blogging, and various other technical things and concept with examples.

The following are the articles, in which I have explained the various uses of computers and the internet. I will try my best to train you practically to learn and use these concepts.

Following is the syllabus of this online basic computer course that you can do from home:

Part -1

  1. Computer Fundamentals:
  • What is an online basic computer course? – Introduction
  • What is Computer and it’s used in our daily life?
  • What is Desktop
  • How a computer works or how we can work on computers.
  1. Typing Skills, Hindi, and English – 40 to 50 WPM within a few months or weeks.

Hindi and English – Your speed will be 40 to 50 Words Per Minutes within few months after practicing 20 minutes daily.

Here are the tips that I have written already:

English Typing Speed Practice Tips & Increase Typing Speed

asdf lkj typing lessons & Top 3 Basic Typing Lessons

But in this course and video tutorial series, I will train you practically in all these.

  1. Document Writing and Editing:

In this, you will learn about Microsoft Word and Google Docs. You will be able to create applications, resume, official documents, business cards, forms, and various other things in Microsoft Word. I will teach you all these through exercises, here is the sample: List of Microsoft word exercises for students. And you will be able to learn the uses of Microsoft Word in our daily life and business practices.

  1. Data Calculation, Data Analysis, and Data Management

In this, you will be able to use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet. In this, you will be able to use excel or spreadsheet in your daily life and business effectively. I will teach you about data calculation, charts, formulas, and various other excel related skills.

  1. Presentation, Basic Animation, and Video editing

In this, you will learn about PowerPoint and Google Slides. Here you can learn about the Uses of PowerPoint in daily life. And in this series, you will learn almost all in this course.

Not only that in this I will also cover various small concepts such as copy-paste, disk clean-up, restore, virus removal, computer maintenance, and many other things.

Part -2

Once the above part complete now, we will move to the next concepts or Next Series:

  • Basics of Graphics Designing and Photo Editing
  • Basics of Websites, Hosting, Domain and WordPress
  • WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Basics of SEO and Content Writing

Part -3

Once the above part is done, now we will move to the next part. In which I will teach you about how you can use your learned skills professionally. In this part, I will teach you about the following concepts or methods to start following online businesses:

I will try to cover all these 3 parts in this series. And along with that, you will also get personal development and financial development tips once a month or week from me.

We will also participate in quizzes, live Questions, and Answers, and many other things.

While my goal is to teach you all of the above skills within 6 months. But it might be possible that it will take more or less time. You just need to prepare yourself to practice as per my guidelines and methods.

So, friends, I hope you subscribe to my channel. I have already started or created a few videos. I will try to mix both languages Hindi and English. So that it will be helpful for every student.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know, so that I can update the syllabus and create videos or online basic computer skills development related to tutorials or classes as per the trend and requirements.

So friends share this update with everyone so that the more we connect the faster and better will be able to learn, improve, and update basic computer skills online on this Channel.

Note: All of the skills and methods that I will share in this course or series are based on my own experience, creativity, and personal point of view. Nor I am charging any fees from you and also not giving you any certificate. But I am making you sure that you will get knowledge, skills, path, and guide to use the computer and internet to grow in your personal and professional life.


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