Benefits of video conferencing in business that matter the most

Video conferencing is the most important part of today’s business communication era. Its benefits business to reduce cost, improve decision making, expand collaboration and helps to manage business and projects effectively in real-time.

Video conferencing is transforming the way you take meetings, manage a team and monitor the operations. Cloud-based video conferencing apps benefits to remotely control business operations, teams, fieldwork, and in-house infrastructure. It’s easy, faster, secure and you can trust the security and privacy.

 Top Benefits of video conferencing in business that matter in growth:

1. Teams can communicate with each other in real-time that save cost:

It’s important to have a lower cost to make higher profits. And it’s very costly if the communication between teams takes more time. That’s why video conferencing is an important business communication method that reduces time and efforts cost. It includes travel cost, infrastructure cost involved in the project directly and indirectly. Team members can collaborate and communicate with each other from a distance place. It saves time, money and delays to complete the task.

For example, if one of my team members have to take images of new construction and then he has to print them, and then come to headquarter to show them for approvals then it’s lots of time.

Instead through video conferencing, new construction work is immediately getting approvals due to real-time testing of the infrastructure.

2. Due to instant connectivity, decision making becomes fast:

Video conferencing is the fastest way to observe, analyze the fieldwork and situation from the office in real-time. Similarly, it’s the fastest visual way to communicate with the team working on the project. In which the faster decision making is important.

For example, the team is waiting for the manager to come and analyze the situation and discuss the project. And the estimated time to make a decision is 3 hours. It’s because the manager is on the flight.

But the decision is not that much critical and complicated that required physical presence or it’s urgent to take it fast. Today, it can be handled even from another country due to video conferencing apps.

That’s why instead of wasting 3 hours cost it’s much better to use video conferencing and video calls to communicate and discuss the decisions. And that’s the way to use information technology to faster the decision-making process in the business.

3. Easy to delegate work for remote employees:

Video conferencing benefits business to hire and assign work to the remote hired employees. Even it helps regular employees to work from home.

Through video calls, I can see the person working on my project in America from Singapore. I can assign the task and I can take a group meeting of all the freelancers or remote employees working from many countries on international projects and all can be just by using video conferencing tools or applications.

It’s saving infrastructure cost, travel cost, power cost, efforts and time to get higher productivity at less cost. And because of video conferencing and business communication tools, people can work from home and companies can manage them from anywhere.

4. Video conferencing helps to monitor the system, process, and work. Like a contractor can see how supervisor and labor working on the construction site:

If the work is in the progress in 10 different sites in the city then I can’t visit each site on the same day to monitor and check the status. I need 9 other people or 9 days. It’s complicated.

But if I connect with my supervisors through video conferencing and see and monitor the site from the headquarter then it’s saving million dollars in a year by using video conferencing. And due to speed and lower cost company will grow faster. That’s what every business manager and CEO want to maximize results in lower cost and in quick time. That’s how video conferencing impacts the speed of doing business positively.


5. Very helpful in customer and sales support

Satisfied and convinced customer is the foundation of 100 years of sustainability of the business. It’s ok that sales funnels are automatic. It’s also ok that customer can buy products/services from home without communicating with sales support. Even it’s also ok to use AI chatbots.

But still, the conversion rate of website visitors is low for many eCommerce companies.

The chatbots are not effective in all the situation. Even sales and customer support automation are also not that much effective to satisfy the customer. It can be good for an established brand.

But really dangerous of a small business or growing e-commerce start-ups. A successful business can survive through automation even with a 10% conversion rate.

But it’s very difficult and challenging for start-ups and developing the company. They need 90% conversion on each customer visit.


So instead of using chatbots or robotics, they can show the live presence of sales and customer support in chat plugin or bar on the website. I mean sales support team members are live and the customer can see them on website. And due to human presence customer get excited and interested to communicate with the sales support team for the inquiry and difficulties while making a buying decision than using chatbots.

That’s why using the power of video conferencing apps creatively can grow 90% customer conversion rate in the website.


6. Recoding of messages and time savings:

Why not, when you can create chatbots by creating text messages then you can also create video chatbots by recording the real-time clips of sales and customer support staff. Video chatbots or video clips are not that much in the use. But I think it will be in the future. That will enhance and improve the sales and support process.

That will save time and cost. But it’s important that business automation is properly configured creatively. Else it will also increase the per-customer cost for the business when the customer becomes habitual in robotics.


In conclusion, I can say that video conferencing is a very effective business communication tools that benefit the business in various ways but if used creatively. It’s very effective to use in business, health, education, media, and governance. Live training, monitoring, work assignment, communication is the way of video conferencing that holds the future.


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