Best computer courses and skills for commerce students

Best computer courses and skills for commerce students (1)

While I have already written about the essential basic computer skills that are important for everyone. But in this post, I am sharing the top computer courses, skills, and applications that will be very helpful for commerce students in studies, assignments and various other career development opportunities such as online jobs, online business, and entrepreneurship.

Basic Computer Courses or skills for commerce students:

1. English Typing skills with proficiency in a numeric pad or numerical keys:

You’re doing 6 months basic computer course or MCA, I want in students typing skills so that they can work faster and accurately on a computer. Similar to you as commerce students you have to create very assignments, applications in your career in Microsoft word or document writing software, you also have to create various financial workbooks for clients or businesses, in all these works, you and your leader (CA you’re practicing under) wants to perform these tasks faster and accurately and you have to learn and practice alphabets and numerical keyboard typing lessons.

If you’re studying computer in anywhere, then you must include or demand typing lessons in your course. Not only that, practice typing lessons daily for 30 to 40 minutes in the presence of an instructor.

Important link: English typing speed practice tips & Increase Typing Speed

2. Microsoft Word:

Microsoft word is document writing and editing application. You can create almost all kind of daily business documents for self and clients. During the practice in college or under CA you have to create a various application for clients such as MOA, Resolution letters, company directors or business partners agreement deeds, meeting agendas, organizational charts, and various legal applications, forms, letters, etc. Such documents communicate with government, business partners, distributor, suppliers.  So having the Microsoft word or google docs skills to create and edit such business document and legal papers is essential for commerce students.

If you’re already studying computer course then you must learn and practice on above-mentioned documents in Microsoft Word. If you’re looking to join a computer course, then you must communicate with the institute instructor or receptionist or owners about the practical’s as a commerce student.

Recommended online course:

Master Microsoft Word Beginner to AdvancedLearn Microsoft Word 2016 For Beginners – Basics to Advanced

For more courses: Top 5 Microsoft Word Courses Online to become master in document writing and editing

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3. Microsoft Excel:

In Excel, you can perform dynamic mathematical and financial calculation and visual the data in charts and diagrams. For commerce student excel skills or specialized excel, the course is very important. In which students can do financial practices that they are learning in school and college.

As a commerce student, you can learn to create and perform the various business and financial calculation in the computer using excel such as:

  • Invoice and dynamic billing sheets
  • The balance sheet to calculate and visualize assets, liabilities, capital, cash in hand credits and debits
  • Inventory to calculate, showcase and print a property, goods in stock and contents of infrastructure.
  • Cash log or cash register with transactions details
  • Tracking and visualization of the sales process
  • Cash flow management and visualization in charts
  • Business income and expenses table and charts
  • Ledgers creation and visualization using conditional formatting
  • Budget creation
  • Financial reports

The above business practices are an important part of in house and external accountants charted accountant and company secretaries. Every account, CA or higher financial officers have to do these things in companies, business and own business for clients.

For commerce students, I recommend that you have to become skilled in doing above-mentioned things practically in the computer using Microsoft Excel even before completion of your schooling, bachelor or master in commerce or CA degree. If you learn these skills practically then I will guarantee that your job, promotion, and career development opportunities are higher more than those who haven’t learned these skills during studying commerce.


For teachers: I think and hope that commerce and excel teachers are teaching these best commerce practices for students. But even so far, you haven’t able to do that then it’s not late, you must include these practical’s for all excel students. Not matter they are from commerce, arts, medical or MBA. Knowledge of these skills works great for their career development.

If you’re running a YouTube channel or creating an excel course, then I hope the above mentioned practical and uses of excel will provide you great ideas to create a video tutorial or online excel course lessons.

And if I missed something, then please provide your suggestion in comments for commerce students.

You can do all or choose any one of the following excel courses: 

Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation


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4. Internet Skills:

I believe that without learning the use of that subject by using the internet and information technology no computer course, diploma and degree is complete. And it’ not common. But it means almost all degrees and diploma holders around the world are still need to learn the uses of their diploma subject by using the internet for more than six months.

What do I mean?

I mean to say, that if you’re learning commerce or doing CA but you don’t know how to apply for GST number, you don’t know how to use Ministry of Corporate India Website, Don’t know the process of applying for a directors identification number, don’t know how to file Income Tax Return Online and various other research, update and download things related to commerce, then how I can certify you as a bachelor, master or charted accountant. Even it happens. These things don’t matter for many.

It’s just like, a website designer student doesn’t have their own website after completion of the website design course.

But as a commerce student, I will suggest you to start learning these skills along with course syllabus.

And if you’re really serious, then work with CA, Accountant as a part-time employee for free, if they allow. It will help you to learn practical’s modules of the theories that you’re learning in books and classes.

You can also learn these skills online from YouTube channels, there are many CA’s, accountant and commerce teachers really working great to aware people about daily life commerce.

So, having internet skills is a must for all students. But it’s also important that you know, what you can do on the internet as a subject expert.

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5. Tally ERP 9.0

Tally or Tally ERP 9 is the most popular and reliable small, medium, big business accounts management financial application used for stock management, voucher entry, payroll and taxation including GST and management of company account books.

Tally is the main software that is used by charted accounts on a daily basis for all the above works.

Commerce students should learn tally ERP 9 as soon as possible that will help to do the practical’s on the theories that you have learned or learning in 10+1, 10+2, and bachelor degree.

Recommended Tally ERP 9.0 course:

Tally ERP Complete Training in Urdu / Hindi

Tax Preparation and Law 2018 2019 – Income Tax

If you’re looking for more courses related to commerce and finance, then please visit: Online Finance Courses for Beginners & Learn the basics of business finance

Duration and Cost if learn these skills offline: If you do offline, it will take a minimum of 6 months but it’s also depended on the institute syllabus. The monthly fees can be around 1000 to 5000, fees depend on the institute and their course curriculum and activities. But make sure that they will teach you practically.

Duration and fees if you do online: Online courses consume less time and provide you the flexibility to choose your own time. And the fees to learn each skill around 700 to 1000 for each course. It means to learn all these skills; it’s just cost you 5000 rupees.

The above are the basic computer skills that are important for commerce students more than others. But if other people or student learn the above skill or do the above computer course then that will also help them, in daily life financial learning and management.

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