Best Content Design Practices for WordPress Woocommerce Single Product Page

In this post, you will get the most effective and basic single product page WordPress wooCommerce conversion practices that will grow your traffic and sales continuously. I have practiced many of these product page optimization tactics on clients’ WordPress WooCommerce or eCommerce websites and it worked without much extra cost.

So, let’s start to understand this technically:

1. Add informational and engaging images:

Many people don’t have time to read so they see images and make their mind to buy or not. If images are attractive and it makes them excited then they click on the product thumbnail.  That’s why you have to use beautiful images and you can also use lightroom, adobe photoshop to edit and retouch.

Behind the product, the white background looks better. And you can use a 360-degree view on the image so that it becomes engaging and the customer can see it from different angles especially if it’s clothing, electronics, and luxury items.

You can use 300px for thumbnails or 1000px for higher resolutions for product images. But make sure that it works on mobile and desktop.

I mean responsive and automatically adapt its size as per viewport.

You can also set a separate size for mobile images. That’s why it’s also important that you use a WordPress theme or design for your store in which product images don’t get blurred.

When you upload demo content, also see how the content is optimized in that WordPress theme. And then upload your images as per the demo content.

So, if you want to grow your sells then start investing some of your time in improving the product images and you will see the difference in product orders from your store website.


2. Improve and maintain the quality of heading and text size:

Set the product title, description font size to make it easy to read. The spacing between words and lines have to be appropriate.

If the text size is too big or too small then in both cases it will reduce the conversion and sales. So make sure that the font size and font family that you’re using is responsive and look beautiful on the mobile, tablet, and on desktop as well.

You can test the different font size and font family, colors, and then analyze the customer behavior data.

You can use 16 px to 18 px for the title and 12 px to 14 px for the description with black color. You can use Roboto, Oswald for bold exposure.


3. Use bullet points to display product benefits:

Shorter paragraphs work very well. But you can also test shorter sentences by bullets point in the beginning.

Shorter sentences are quick to read and easy to scan for search engine bots. As mostly you will see that Google displays only 2-3 sentences below the title in search results.

If there is something more important and that improve the belief of customer on the product then you can make that bold.

4. Be creative when writing the title and promotional content:

Creativity is important in every aspect of business it’s that what makes it unique. Catchy and attractive heading grab the attention of people as well as for social media and search engine users.

For example, instead of writing “full sleeves striped pullover, write “full sleeves striped pullover for the men’s in reading”.

Focus on the exact feature of your product and that connect and communicate with your target customers.

5. Share happy customers reviews/testimonials in a gallery:

People buy based on trust more than anything technical. When they get some proof of trust, they will much confident. As you know that the internet is full of scams and fake promises.

In that to win the trust of people is very important to sell more. That’s why use everything that you think will increase the trust of people in you and your brand.

People not only buy 1 product, but 1st product is just the entry in your loyal customer base and they will definitely buy more in the future. So, help them with facts, data, information, and knowledge.


6. Improve the product page loading speed and test its responsiveness:

Responsive and fastest loading websites are the most essential thing these days. And most of the people use the mobile phone. That’s why it’s important that your website adapts its size, menus, images, text as per the device so that it won’t reduce user experience.

Also, if the loading speed of the product page is between 3 to 5 seconds then it’s best. But if it’s taking more to load then minimize the redirection, reduce the externals URL (javascript/CSS/gallery/fonts/ loading files, load JavaScript in the footer, use caching plugins and optimize images.


7. Add quick contact or add the chat plugin:

Many times, your product page visitors have the queries that they want to discuss without giving you their email and phone number details.

That using chat plugin on your website helps them to contact you immediately. The best chat plugin for the WordPress website is Tawk.To Live Chat