Best Job Oriented Online Courses after MCA Degree

MCA is a master’s degree but it’s not a guarantee that you will be a master and companies can hire you directly. That’s why it’s important for MCA students during mca and after mca to learn and become master in a specific skill such as Programming, Designing, Software Testing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Teaching. It’s the demand for Time.

Even after you’re master the above skills you need interview skills, personal development skills, and career development skills. Such skills help you to get a good start to your career after any degree.

After completion of your degree, you also need decision-making skills such as what is best? Is it a business or job or online business or online jobs etc. The situation became worse when the confusion grows even larger after finding information on the internet. But what are the solutions?

I have already explained in the following articles:

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But in this article, I will only provide you right information and guide based on personal and professional experiences, and I hope the following online courses will be helpful for you to get an online or offline job after an MCA degree.

So let’s start:-

Online Programming Course:-

I hope you have learned the basics of PHP, Javascript or any other kind of programming language in your MCA course. But that’s not enough it’s because what you have learned is not up to the market trend. That will be I think 1 year or 2-year-old syllabus than current programming trends. And the 2nd reason you haven’t got practical knowledge. Even many students don’t have their own websites. It’s strange that students not even have their own website after completing a mca degree or and investing 4-5 lacs rupees. Who will hire them?

Obviously, it’s not your mistake. The system works like this. MCA is just a degree and a basic qualification that is required in most jobs. But it will give you a direct job without any prior experiences or portfolio, I don’t think so. That’s why it’s important for you to learn practical programming skills, develop your own portfolio websites, develop 1-2 applications as a sample before you go for the interview. You can choose PHP, Python, Javascript, etc. for specialization.

Visit the following link recently written by me, only on programming:

Best Online Programming Language Courses for Future 

Online Web Development Course:-

The benefit of doing an MCA degree is that you will be able to move towards any direction in your career. You can be a programmer, developer, designer, marketer or anything that you imagine. It’s because you’re now masters of computer applications. It means you have a basic knowledge of computer applications and now you can do specialization in any trade or skill.

And front-end development backend development, designing is another biggest part of the web. It will give you extra advantages over other interviewers if you have practical development skills. It will also help you to get a job in small and big web development companies. And if you learn web development online it will save you time and money.

Visit the following link, written by me, and select the best online web development course:

Best Online Web Development Courses for Beginners

Online Digital Marketing Course:-

Marketing and Sales Jobs annoy beginners looking for jobs. Students think very negatively about marketing. I know it’s a very challenging job. But it’s also a very good job for someone looking to earn money faster and help others. Marketing means helping other people to choose the right product and services. it’s a creative job, very interesting and required less technical but more written and verbal communication skills.

After mca you can do this job. The job can be in any software and web development company in which you’re advertising, promoting, marketing and selling software, apps, website designing, and development services and products to the world online.

Digital marketing skills and digital marketers are required by almost all kinds of companies. Digital marketing skills also help you to advertise and promote your own skills to potential managers and companies. So nowadays the digital marketing course is not only a requirement for a job but also the necessity of time.

There are various digital marketing skills such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, and content marketing etc. that will be helpful to get a job after a master’s degree.

If you’re interested in helping people and want to earn money faster than following the online digital marketing course will be helpful in this case:

Master Digital Marketing: Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube, SEO, Email, Google Analytics & More!
IF you want more information about the list of best online courses with explanations then please follow the link below:

Best Online IT Courses that can help you to Get a Job

So, friend, I hope the above information and guides will help you to select the right direction. 

But whatever direction in your career you choose, you have to work hard. There is a lot of competition in the market for jobs. So you need focus and the right mentor. Once you focus on your interests & basics you will find direction. And for mentorship KLIENT SOLUTECH is the best place.

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