Best online computer courses for seniors and retirees

Best online computer and creative courses for seniors and retirees: Learning is a never-ending process. The person who learns new things daily always remain young. And the person who stops learning, becoming older before his/her actual age. Learning makes people enthusiastic and busy. The person who is busy learning and experiments doesn’t think about age, he thinks what more could be possible next.

I have selected this topic a few weeks ago to write. But that time it was about computer courses for seniors. And that was giving me dry feeling.

But today I am fully inspired to write this post not only about computers but also about various other online courses that seniors and retirees can do at home on the computer and if they are outside, they can access these courses in mobile phones.

I am 100% sure that these listed third party online courses, ideas can get back the enthusiasm and passion again in the life of seniors and retirees.

So, let’s get started:

1. Basic Computer/Internet

Basic computer and internet skills are very important these days due to technological changes in our daily life. It’s very important and challenging for seniors, retirees and aged persons to have basic computer skills and more important technical vocabulary. So that they can understand how to operate various technological devices, web applications such as net banking, cash transfer ATM machines, shopping carts, offline shopping in malls, ticketing and various other services, where little technical knowledge very helpful.

Not only basic computer skills help to understand daily technical works but also help in understanding how the world is growing and where it’s moving. So, learning basic computer skills is the beginning.

While I think you know the basics of computers and the internet. I mean how to turn it on, off, search, surf and use various applications. But in case you don’t know then the following is the online course that I think can help you to understand how the technology works.

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2. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Suite is a group of various applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and many others. Microsoft Office contains powerful applications that are used in education, business, official, and various daily life works.

From content creation to management, from presentations to sharing all these things need various document editing, financial management, communication tools, and methods.  And in all these features in Microsoft Office helps in a big way.

If you learn Microsoft Office it will help you in many things such as document writing and editing, letter writing, personal or business accounts management, presentation, and collaboration.

So, Microsoft Office and Basic Computer Knowledge are most important for seniors before they start doing something exciting, valuable and impactful.

Following are the course, I think help in this:

Here you can learn more about Microsoft Office and its applications:

Uses of Microsoft Office Applications in Daily Life

3. Teaching and Training:

In villages and small towns, there is always a need for experienced and skilled teachers. I know there are schools, colleges and training centers but still, there is a lack of skills.

You can teach in free or in little fees in your local area. You can teach computers, internet, business, programming, entrepreneurship, leadership and many other things as per your interest and experiences to small kids and those who are not able to pay higher college fees.

You can also teach and train people online. There are two ways that you can utilize on the web, one is YouTube and 2nd online courses or online courses publishing platforms. You can do it along with offline training.

Teaching on YouTube

You can create a complete syllabus to teach any kind of skills on YouTube. Don’t worry about how many perfectionists are there on YouTube. You still have your unique voice and expertise. Don’t underestimate your experiences. Make a list of the things that you did successfully or faced any challenge. Upload 1 video in a week is not a big work but it’s a good way to do something impactful and creative.

You can create any kind of content. It’s can be personal video, animations, slideshows or anything else. It will work. Just spend some time to make a list of ideas. And then selected the most interesting.

While video recording and uploading on YouTube are easier. But still, it needs many works such as attractive thumbnail, heading, description, keyword optimization, and many other digital marketing techniques. So, I think if you’re interested to teach on YouTube then learning about it is a bonus.
YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube

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Teaching Professionally through an online course

Online course creation is a little more challenging and professional that also can be a quick income source as per the course content. Almost all professional, experts are creating and launching online courses. Many are doing it for earning money and as a business. Education is always in demand. If you have something practical to teach, and if it is very helpful for people in the current scenario then creating an online course is profitable.
6 Figure Online Teaching Masterclass: The Complete Course

4. Writing

Writing is the most impactful work for seniors, retirees and age people. Not only for them but also for the young generation and students. Writing is one of the career-building skills. More immortally it’s a way of communicating experiences, ideas, imaginations in written format. Everything that you read, feel, watch, sign and listen is written. It can be a song, movie, marketing content, product description, social media post, blog post, books, and various other fiction and no fiction content. Writing or especially content writing is work in this era like a fuel. The one who knows uses are getting the most benefits.

Why I am suggesting it for seniors, retirees, and aged people?

Practically speaking, aged people have more experiences than youth, they worked more than us, they have visited more places than us and they managed and balanced their life so far. And they still want to learn.

What does it mean?

It means they can be a guide for society. They can be a family, grandchildren, career, social, economic, national guide. And especially students can get lots of benefits after reading their content.

It can be done in two ways?

  • Blogging

Blogging is treated or marketed more towards the business point of view to get more customers from search engines. But I think blogging has to be treated or promoted as a way of education. If seniors, retired teachers start the blog and post few posts in a month and share with the community and in the school/colleges then it can become a nation-building tool. Following online courses on blogging can be helpful for you:
Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2019

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  • Books Writing

Combining all the experiences and ideas in a book is a big thing. Especially when someone has faced many difficulties, successes, and failures in life. Not matter if only the family member or grandchildren read them. But it’s very important.

How beautiful it is when grandchildren download eBooks or buy or read grandfather’s books.

In India, there is one sentence that is very popular and excited that is utilized by many magazines, news channels, and online content creator it’s “DAADI MAA KE NUSKEH”. It means health tips from grandmother. Why not there is no Grand Father in the light.  It can be very beautiful “Business tips from Grandfather” Grand Father tips on Technology.”

I believe that each person deserves to publish his/her biography. Not matter people read it or not. At least it’s published. When it’s published it will read by those who learn to grow. You can also write books on various other topics and I think it’s the most interesting work that I have ever suggested to anyone.

Today, with the help of digital marketing publishing and selling a book is easier.

So, if you’re interested then I think you can take a look at the following courses:

5. Music

Good Music cleans up the negatives and clear the thoughts and make the body very relaxing. Learning to play the piano, guitar, and other instruments are very interesting. Seniors can play their times songs 70 and 90s songs and after that, they can record or upload them on social media. It will look more beautiful when someone singing or playing a song on piano or guitar from the 70s or 80s in today’s time. Old is Gold.

Not only that they can spend time or attract their grandchildren to spend time with them. Many of today’s children are just watching or using mobile phone videos.

My point is that when you learn to play musical instruments it will give you an edge in this new social media generation. And it will also help you to spend time with your spouse in a lovely way.

I found the following online courses to learn basic musical instruments, please take a look at them:

6. Song Writing

Poetry, songwriting is another creative skill that can be learned. In the ’50s and 60’s years, age emotions are stronger and mature. You can use your emotions in creative productivity. And poetry, songwriting can be very interesting. I found the following online course helpful, please take a look:

Song Science #2: The Complete Songwriting Chord Guide

7. Gardening

Gardening and farming in the home backyard and front is another beautiful work that seniors can do to utilize their time. If they do Gardening and farming with small efforts, it will not only help them to maintain and improve their physical stamina but also inspire their children and grandchildren towards gardening, flowering, and farming. It’s also a very good contribution to environmental development.
You can start as small as you can and then later you can turn it into a full-fledged business if you’re interested.
There are various government schemes in which you will get subsidy on the flowers, trees and farming activities and you can also get training from the government agriculture departments.
Following online courses can be helpful in this to learn these skills and work:

8. Photography

Photography is another creative activity that can be utilized by seniors and retirees. The images can be used and sell online. And it can be turned into a business very easily through digital marketing skills or the internet.

I don’t mean business. I just want that if whenever they travel, they can start capturing photographs, and later share them on social media. It will be a good profession for years. But it’s also a great work to explore and inspire the beauty of nature.

Following online courses can be helpful:

Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography

9. Yoga / Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and eating healthy and good quality food are very important for seniors. Along with that if they involve themselves in creative activities, they will remain physically fit. But if they treat it as a daily habit then it’s more beneficial.

There are many yoga teachers, professionals on the web teaching these yoga, meditation, exercise and various other skills. Spending 1 to 2 hours daily can be helpful.

I think the following online courses can be helpful:

Benefits of doing the above course?

You have worked in all your life for the development of kids and society. Now don’t take these things seriously, just start to learn and enjoy the process.

But there are various benefits of doing all the above courses:

Each of the above skills can be turned into a business and income source. It just requires little interest and desire to do it.

  • Learning new skills makes you enthusiastic and passionate to start doing another big or small thing.
  • The above things make you busy and you will be able to protect yourself from negative old age thoughts or controversies with family.
  • When you learn and make yourself busy, it will inspire your children, grandchildren and that will be good for their career and life.
  • You can involve other seniors or your friends with these activities with you. Not only you will get a reason to spend time together but you can turn it into a fun time again.

In India, one quote is very popular, “Sher Kabhi Buda Nahi Hota” it means that the tiger never gets old. So forget the age, just be excited and enjoy your life and make a difference in society and along with income sources.

If you want any kind of consultancy on the above things, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

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