Best skills you can learn online: These skills will help in job, income, and business

Best skills you can learn online: You can learn online almost anything that is useful in your daily life, career, and business. Teachers, Trainers, and Experts use the internet as teaching platforms. All educators get a variety of options to connect and communicate with the students around the world. The form of education is online courses, degree, free video tutorials, articles/blogs, social media, podcasts, eBooks, live class, and many others.

Learning and getting educated in this technology era is more personalized. The Internet is not a replacement for schools, colleges, and universities. Apps, websites and digital content are addons for students and it makes them more powerful, educated, connected.

So, what are the things that you can learn online? The answer is simple, search on Google whatever you want to learn and start. But is it that easy?


Millions of people have internet access today, but not all know, what to search on Google. It’s very easy to follow, what others are telling you to learn. But what you need to learn is more important.

For example, you’re learning about how to create a website, YouTube channel, online course, etc. But you can also search for how to create the next version of Social Media Websites. How to solve current and future problems.

But learning is a stepwise process. You can learn anything. But it’s not sure you will understand that. For example, before learning or knowing about the basics of computers, it’s not that useful to learn about online business. First, you have to learn the basics of anything that you want to learn and work for.

I have found this problem in thousands of students. They have tools, laptops, the internet and almost all the facilities of learning. Even they are already learning computer skills online. But still many find it clueless what to search on google, what to learn related to their skills.

And another problem that I found is that they only learn that is in the syllabus and degree. They don’t learn extra from the training module. I know the online courses/degrees are developed by experts and professors/teachers. But they have created that 1 year, 10 years ago. Today, things are different.

The training module that was important yesterday is more advanced today. Within 24 hours, many things change and get updated. Students have to connect themselves with the right information and educational sources.

So that’s why I thought to write this article. So that I will give you examples and my personal views on what you can learn online related to your online degree, online courses and offline degree and course. It’s not the replacement of what you’re already learning. But it’s an addon (extra, but important) concepts that you can also follow.

So, let’s start:

Following are the skills that students, professionals, freelancers, housewives, entrepreneurs can learn online:

1. Entrepreneurship skills:

The world is facing thousands of business, economics, and environmental problems. Learning about entrepreneurship helps you to understand the various concepts in which you can help people through new products/services. Your goal of learning entrepreneurship online is to research, test your ideas. So that you can start a service or product that will help thousands of people per day. If you want to become an entrepreneur then learning about business process, delegation, risk management, leveraging, management will help you to create your business plan and also helps you to understand the methods in which thorough you can help more people around the world.

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 2. Digital Content Creation:

Digital Content creation is the most demanding skill and method to communicate with people and customers. Images, articles, videos, advertisements, branding and marketing material are used to inform and educate people. If you learn how to create any of these then it will be helpful for you to get a job, start a business and use this in your own business.

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 3. Online Business / Part-Time Business:

Everything that you use/see/learn on the internet is a part of business, profit, loss, and creativity of people. There is nothing different in online and offline business. Both are equal. The only differences are communication, speed, variety, cost, business models and competitiveness.

Everything that was offline now coming online.

There might be something that you can provide to other people on price online or people need that. You can fulfill needs or desires through your skills, knowledge, product, services. It can be videos, articles, products, and services.

You can entrain people, you can motivate people, you can develop people, you can help them to learn, you can help them to buy the car, you can help them to manage finance, you can help them to earn money and you can help them in daily life, career and business.

If you learn about online business concepts it will make you knowledgeable, it will good investment of your time, it will give you an option to start your own business full time and part-time. And most important learning about the online business will give you the ideas and knowledge to innovate and do new things in your life, career, and business.

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4. Graphics Designing:

Graphics designing is an important creative skill that is used in digital content creation. Every visual element on the web/apps/social media, print, videos are a part of graphics designing. Learning about the user interface, user experiences, website design, 3D design, typography, drawing, color combinations, photo editing, logo design, decorations and creation of various illustrations will be beneficial that create a job, business, and income opportunities.

You can learn it online through YouTube free tutorials, practicing, online courses. You can also do graphics design related diplomas and degrees online. If you practice on live projects or samples minimum for 3 hours daily then it will take 1 year for you to become proficient in graphic designing.

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5. Programming and Web Development:

Not matter in which profession you are in if you learn programming/web/apps development you will give yourself the opportunity to become a creator. The computer, mobile, internet, and many other technologies and services that we’re using today are because of programming. The use of languages in a manner to process, create, store, distribute data into information is programming. The use of C, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and many other programming languages explore new logics to improve business processes, systems, and services.  That’s why today, we’re using a search engine, windows, android, Facebook, and many other websites/software and the internet.

  • If you’re an accounts student or in accounts related profession, then you can create accounts related apps/websites for personal work. And later you can launch it as a service for other accounts.
  • If you’re a math teacher then you can learn to program. You can create new math applications for students.

You will say that everything is already built and if you’re struggling for new apps, business, web ideas then it’s very useful to learn new things or programming. When you practice various logics, you will get ideas. And any small idea can change the world.

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6. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence:

Machine learning or artificial intelligence is a method in which almost everything is designed and created to work automatically without human inputs. The notification, automatic emails, SMS, chatbots, instant search suggestions, and many reporting and communication tools are automatic. It’s the part of programming, web/apps development. It’s just a programming concept.

 7. Digital Marketing/SEO/Online Advertising:

Marketing is a never-ending process for every human. Marketing is the way to communicate about the product/services/opportunities with people. So that people know you’re providing the solution that they need.

With the use of the internet, computers, mobile marketing is now digital. It is used to promote and market the product/services on the internet. If you’re sharing your products/services on facebook then it is called Facebook marketing. If you’re advertising on search engine results then it is called search engine marketing such as google ads, if you’re educating your customers through articles/blogs then it is called content marketing.

Digital marketing is not only beneficial for businesses but it’s also very helpful for professionals and students. So that they know how to market their skills online and get more clients.

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8. Basics of Computer and Internet:

Knowledge of basic computer and internet is very essential for almost everyone. It’s because every one of us using and need internet to do various daily life, career, and business-related works. So to do it, and to do it effectively and identify new income opportunities, it’s very important to learn essential basic computer skills.

So not only you can learn computer, internet, business, and career-related skills online but you can learn and become an expert in many other professions and expertise.

For example, If you’re a student then you can do business/computer science and many other degrees online along with your offline degree.

Other than this: Just type anything that you want to learn on YoutTube and Search Engine.

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Some other thoughts on what to learn online?

  • If you’re struggling in earning money, then learn about marketing, sales, business.
  • If you’re struggling in your career, then learn about how to become successful in your career.
  • If you’re getting loss in business, then learn about how you can make your business profitable.
  • If you’re not able to control your expenses, then learn to save and learn about how to earn more and how to create multiple income sources.

The human was never that much power it is today due to technologies. But it’s important to use the power for human, environmental development. If not then that power can be damaged with 1 second.

So, in conclusion, start learning about what you need to do today, tomorrow, this month and year related to career, business, job, and profession.